Gone Girl

Gone Girl

Gone Girl is a book written by Gillian Flynn. I have wanted to read this book since long but I have never been able to do so. So when I visited a book fair recently and saw this book there, I immediately added it in my book basket. Now that I have read this book, I honestly do not regret my decision.

Nick Dunne’s wife Amy goes missing on the morning of their fifth anniversary. Soon, he, along with the police start trying to hunt her down. Nick discovers many disturbing facts about his wife during this hunt and he realizes that his wife is not what he thought she was. As they progress further, nearly everyone blames Nick for her disappearance. But Nick knows he has not hurt Amy in any way. Then who could it be? Amy’s unknown ‘best friend’? Or her old stalker? Or her best friend from high school who supposedly turned out to be paranoid? All I can say is that the disappearance was very well planned.

The book is highly unusual and you will not see the end coming. It also puts a light on the justice system and how it does not allow emotion to deviate it. This is good in ninety nine percent of the cases but in a case like this…. It was hazardous to not give place to emotion.

You may find part one of the book slightly boring, but I assure you as soon as you will start Part two, you will forget the world around you and will cling on to each and every word to know how the tale ends.

I am just going to reveal that the end is very savage and not at all cliched. This book is truly a masterpiece and I don’t reckon that you will find such a book easily; it is one of a kind.

I candidly cannot praise this book enough. I cannot even express the admiration I feel for the wittiness and cunning of the book. I would recommend all of you to read this book as soon as possible. I assure you that you will not be disappointed.

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