Into the Water

Into the Water

Into the Water is a thriller novel written by Paula Hawkins. It is the second novel Paula Hawkins has written, and having read both of them, I have got to say that Hawkins has performed as spectacularly as she did in the first book.

Into the Water has a very intricate plot with many subplots that you must keep in your mind. There are four parts in the book. You might find the book to be slightly boring at first but after the initial hundred pages or so, the book turns very interesting and you will not be able to stop reading it then. As a matter of fact, it took me about three days to read the first hundred pages and I finished the rest three hundred in just a little under three hours.

Nel Abbott has just died by, apparently, jumping into the river that flows by her small village Beckford. This creates a small cloud of suspicion as most of the people in the village believe that she committed suicide. However, secrets unravel and suddenly, nothing seems the same anymore. In the novel, there are eleven characters (living) and five other characters who are dead but yet play an important in the story. All through the novel, the characters share their viewpoints regarding the situation. There is an occasional flashback and we are told the story from either from the point of view of one of the dead girls or from Jules’ (Nel’s sister) point of view. I would advise you to keep in mind one sentence, ‘Beckford is a place to get rid of troublesome women.’

The entire story moves forward unhurriedly and the plot twists subtly. We discover several things and there is one thing that Nel’s daughter Lena spoke which got me thinking. The sentence was: ‘It’s like when someone has an affair, why does the wife always hate the other woman? Why doesn’t she hate her husband? He’s the one who swore to love her and keep her and whatever for ever and ever.’ This made me realize that this was actually true in most cases. This book also comments very slightly on the patriarchal structure of our society.

The book is definitely a must-read. It will have you turning the pages rapidly after a point of time. You will never see the end coming.

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