The Distance Between Us

The Distance Between Us

The Distance between us is a novel written by Kasie West. It is a romantic comedy [not the Shakespearean kind; you actually laugh and smile at several moments in this one.] I wanted to read romance novels for a change and so I asked my friend [who by the way is an avid reader like me and specialises in all kinds of novels] to send me the pdfs of the ones she has and this book was one of the many pdfs she sent me. I am really glad she did because I enjoyed reading this novel very much.

Caymen Meyers is a sarcastic 17-year-old who lives with her mother and helps her run the doll store her mother owns. They are basically broke but Caymen manages her way around spending much of her time running the doll store. Her life begins to change when one day a stunningly handsome and rich guy walks into the doll store and buys a doll. As the novel progresses, Caymen figures out her until then directionless life and uncovers some secrets her mother has been keeping from her.

I really like the character of Caymen as she is really sarcastic. Like all romance novels, there is a perfect guy in this book [although they rarely ever exist in real life] and his name is Alexander. I also like Caymen’s best friend Skye as she is really sweet and a true friend.  

From the beginning of the novel, I loved reading it. I kind of got addicted and even though I had to attend three one-and-a-half hour lectures and complete some of my pending work I managed to complete this three hundred page novel in a day.

I did not like the end of the novel as I thought that it ended rather abruptly. I wanted to know what happens next. The novel, on the whole, is rather sweet and you pretty much figure this out when you start reading it.

I would recommend all romance novels lovers to read this novel immediately. It will make you laugh, it will make you feel sad but in the end you will feel the happiness one feels when they finish reading a good romance novel.

P.S. The upcoming posts on my blog will also most probably romance novels as I really am in the mood for them these days.

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