Meet Me at Midnight: An adorable novel🖤🖤

Meet Me at Midnight

Meet Me at Midnight by Jessica Pennington

Hey Guys! Over the past couple of days, I read a novel by Jessica Pennington: Meet Me at Midnight. It is a YA hate to love story.

Sidney Walters and Asher Marin have been sworn enemies since like…. forever. Their families have rented vacation homes at the same place for quite some summers now, and they have played pranks on each other, annoyed each other to a limitless extent between all their other summer activities.

But when their feud costs their families to lose their summer vacation homes and they are forced to live together- they decide to turn against their common enemy- the landlady who kicked them all out. This truce should have made life simpler, but six years of irritating each other isn’t so easy to disregard…. kinda like the slowly growing undeniable attraction between them.

Meet Me at Midnight is a fully-loaded novel package- it has everything! It has love, it has hate. It has happiness, it has sadness. It has Sidney and it has Asher- the perfect couple!

So, there are quite a few things that I loved about the book.
Firstly, I loved all the characters just the way they were. It rarely so happens that I love all the characters and I am glad when it happens like that. I loved Sidney who is slightly neurotic but nevertheless, sweet and sensitive. I loved Asher, who is like THE Perfect Boyfriend 💕. I loved their parents who were sensitive and acted innocent. I also loved Kara as she was a really really sweet friend to Sidney.

I also loved the setting the author went for. It was kind of ironic, since summer is the time when most people choose to relax, but for Sidney and Asher, it was the complete opposite.

I loved the sweet banter between Sidney and Asher and it actually seemed realistic. Most YA novels seem nice when you read them, but you know deep down, that something like that happening IRL is very rare. But the reader can actually imagine this happening.

One thing I found weird about the book is how cool Sidney and Asher’s parents were very . Nobody’s parents are THAT cool. I am pretty sure if I had gotten my family kicked out of a house, I would be grounded forever.

What I didn’t like about the book was the ending. It was very weak. I thought it would be BOOM! But it was not so. It was just not explosive like I had expected it to be.

I would recommend all YA novel lovers to read this novel. I look forward to reading more of Jessica Pennington.

My rating: ⭐⭐⭐.75


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