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The Hating Game: A ‘hate to love’ novel.

The Hating Game

The Hating Game: A Novel eBook: Thorne, Sally: Kindle Store

Hey Guys! I just finished a novel by Sally Thorne: The Hating Game. It was recommended by a lot of bloggers on WordPress as well as Goodreads [most people showered praises on it like it was the best novel in the world] , so I decided to give it a go

Lucinda Hutton is a person who has loved publishing houses since her childhood and has always wanted to work at one. Hence, when she is at her dream job at Bexley and Gamin, she is nearly always happy and always ready to help her colleagues. The only time she sulky is when she is conversation with her arch-nemesis- Joshua Templeman. What makes him difficult to avoid is the fact that he sits just opposite her…. and the fact that he looks stunning. He is highly efficient which makes him even more annoying. Trapped together for nearly the entire day, they have begun playing games- the Staring Game, the HR Game and so on…. And now, they are striving to get that promotion which will let them lord over the other person. But why is Lucy starting to be weird about Josh now?

Okay, so I had really high expectations from the book as almost everyone applauds it. But I am disappointed :-(. Very much.

So, firstly, it is really clear that both of them like each other from the beginning. Thorne should have made their feelings opaque if she wanted to write a hate to love story. I mean, come on, nobody has the outfits of the people you work with memorised by heart. That only happens if you really notice that person.

Secondly, Lucy was simply annoying. For one thing, nobody acts like they are tipsy when they are sick. Most normal people are irritated when they are sick.

Thirdly, once Josh and Lucy accepted that they liked each other, the romance was going a little over the top. Okay, a lot over the top.

Fourthly, according to the novel, Josh fell in love with Lucy the first time he met her. Are all boys really so damned [pardon the language] shallow? Well, keeping that aside, Josh is my favourite character from the book not only because he is so gorgeous, but also because he is thoughtful and caring, like all guys should be.

So, this blog isn’t really a recommendation to read this novel, it is a BEWARE, POOR CONTENT AHEAD sign. I did not like this novel and I wouldn’t recommend anyone to read this novel.

Beware gif

My Rating: ⭐1/2


P.S.- I wrote hate to love in quotations in the title as I thought that this novel had no hatred in it. Honestly. A novel Meet Me at Midnight , which is often considered to be a YA version of this novel, is more of a hate to love novel than this is. It also is a better novel than this is.


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