All the Bright Places Movie Review

Hey Guys! This weekend I watched the movie All the Bright Places. It is directed by Brett Haley and stars Elle Fanning and Justice Smith in the lead roles. I didn’t really like the book, so I decided to watch the movie to see how I would like it. Aaaaaaaand…. I didn’t like the movie either.

All the Bright Places (film) - Wikipedia

Theodore Finch has always been the freak, the weirdo in his high school. Fascinated by the concept of death, he spends much of his time thinking about ways to commit suicide. But every time something stops him- something good, sometimes big, sometimes small.
Violet Markey- the popular girl, waits for the days when she can leave behind Indiana, and most importantly the grief of her sister’s death.
Violet has been able to get away with anything she doesn’t want to do as she is ‘under extenuating circumstances’. But after an unexpected meeting with Theodore ‘Freak’, her world turns upside down and soon she is pushed to do a project she really doesn’t want to do: Wander Indiana with Theodore.
As Theodore and Violet complete this project, they irrevocably begin to fall in love with each other. Finch helps Violet to get over the ghosts of her past. But as Violet blooms, Finch withers…….

So, the movie was even worse than the book. A. Half the things shown in the book weren’t shown in the movie. B. The actors’ acting was annoying as hell. C. If you haven’t read the book, the movie might be a little annoying.

To elaborate on Point A. in the above paragraph, the following things were not shown:
1. Younger sister
2. Mother
3. Father and his new family
4. Theodore and his relationship with Kate is not highlighted much
5. School barely shown
6. Ryan Cross not shown
7. Finch’s physique is completely different.
8. Charlie and Brenda barely shown

The music was kinda nice but the acting sucks. I honestly do not see Violet blooming as we see her in the book. Justice Smith’s acting was not that bad but it wasn’t great either. I just found both of them to be annoying.

I wouldn’t recommend anyone to watch this movie. If you do want to, I won’t stop you either. The movie is honestly worse than the book and that is saying something.

My rating : ⭐⭐

Have you watched the movie? Have you read the book? What did you think of them? Let me know in the comments!!

P.S. Do check this link out as well- click here

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  1. This movie was annoyingly sad. Maybe because I haven’t read the book that’s why but it was wayyyy too stupid. Even last week I was at bookstore, my sister asked me to buy this book and I stopped her coz I can’t just read such a sad story when I have watched the movie

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