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Tag Thursday #3 | The Small Joys Tag

Hey Guys! Today I am going to the Small Joys tag. It isn’t exactly related to books, but this time is all about discovering small joys, so I decided to give it a go. Besides, most of my readers don’t really know a lot about me… so I decided to let you guys get a peek into my life. I will also be doing another tag which will tell you more about me soon 🙂 [Assuming that you actually care, trust me I won’t mind if you don’t. Also, I might do that tag after a couple of weeks as I have a few other tags lined up]
I came across the tag at Nehal’s blog Books & Words. Do check her blog out, there is some really cool stuff on there!

P.S.- Under several tag posts I have commented that I am going to do that particular tag. I may not have done them yet but trust me I will get to them.


•Thank the blogger who tagged you.
•List 15 of your small joys.
•Tag 5 blogger friends who bring you joy.

15 Things that bring me Joy:

  • Reading books. Duh!
    So anyone who knows me knows that books were, are and will always be my first love.
Books ILove Books GIF - Books ILoveBooks SeriousFace - Discover & Share GIFs
  • Blogging
    So whenever I read a really really good book or a really really bad book, I need to rant. And this blog is the perfect place to do that!
    Also, I don’t need to go anywhere else to search for book recommendations!
Blogging | Animated infographic, Iphone tutorial, Blog
  • Spending quality time with my family and friends
    The pandemic made me realize that there is no guarantee of how much time we have. So I intend to spend as much quality time with my loved ones as possible. Also, I am going to college after a year and a half so…
  • Annoying my sibling.
    After reading books, this is one thing that I love to do the most. The satisfaction is immense and the feeling is so so good.
Annoying My Sister One Day At A Time Novelty Drawing by Noirty Designs
  • Baking and cooking
    So, many people might not know, but I love baking. In my spare time, I can be found in the kitchen, trying out new recipes and feeding them to my family.
Baking GIFs | Tenor
  • Playing the guitar
    I love playing the guitar. I am unable to play it very often, but I love learning new songs on it and it is really fun!
Great Acoustic Guitar Animated Gif Images at Best Animations
  • Listening to good music
    Music and books are like pieces of my souls. I love listening to good music and I love Taylor Swift and Niall Horan. I have literally fallen in love with Folklore. I have also fallen in love with Fallin’ by Why Don’t We. Do listen to it if you haven’t already.
    P. S. If you do take the pains to alter your playlist and add Fallin’, do not forget to listen to Black and White by Niall Horan. It is a beauty💙💙.
Niall Horan's 'Slow Hands' is coming... - Let's Play Guitar | Facebook
Taylor Swift | POPSUGAR Celebrity
  • Watching movies
    I love watching movies! I can watch any movie under the sun [provided it is either in Hindi or in English]
Watching Movie GIFs | Tenor
  • Eating😂
    Soooo, I love eating. Because of this I have also grown rather fat during the lockdown. I haven’t really been exercising and I have to sit on my chair the entire day, studying, so I have gained some weight ☹☹☹.
Eat Fast GIFs | Tenor
  • Being able to solve Physics questions😅😅
    So, I have taken Science this year as I love Math and Chemistry. But sadly, I suck at Physics and each time I solve a Physics problem I feel exhilarated. I am pretty sure many of you will relate😂
Giphy Wants All the GIFs | WIRED
  • When I solve a difficult sum in Math
    So, as I mentioned before I love Math. I am able to solve most basic problems, but am unable to solve the trickier ones. So I feel happy when I can solve a good one.
Despicable Me Minions GIF - DespicableMe Minions Yay - Discover & Share  GIFs | Minion gif, Minions, Minions funny
Me when I solve a good Math problem😁😁
  • Remembering something that you wanted to tell someone
    There are countless times when I want to tell a person something and when I finally meet the person, I am like- I wanted to tell you something but I forgot what it was😂.
  • Solving difficult Sudokus.
    So, I love solving sudokus. They jog my brain and enables it to think better and I just simply love solving them.
  • Knowing random facts that nobody else in the room knows
    Did you know Leonardo da Vinci, invented scissors?
Did You Know That Aware GIF - DidYouKnowThat Aware Familiar - Discover &  Share GIFs
  • When people wish me at 12 o’ clock on my birthday!
    My birthday is the day when I am the happiest and the saddest. I am happy because well, it is my birthday! I am sad because my life’s one more (un) productive year has gone by. And when people wish me at twelve, I feel all the more happy!
  • Being Overdramatic
    I know this is the 16th small joy I am listing but I cannot leave this one out. I love being overdramatic. I am usually not overdramatic in front of people but I am in front of people I trust and that is mainly my family.
  • When my favourite cricket teams wins
    This is for sure the last small joy I am listing down here.
    Every year, a cricket premier league is held in my country- IPL and I have been supporting the same team since it started back in 2008, when I was barely 3 and a half years old- Royal Challengers Bangalore. I love it when they win and this is another of my small joy. So a question to all of you- Which IPL team is your favourite??

I would like to tag:
2. Aaliya @Aaliya’s Nook
3. Krupali @Musing of Souls
4. Georgia @Lost in Neverland
5. Amena @Nerd in New York
6. Cherelle @Cherelle the Bibliophile
7. Hayden @Following Good Books
8. Heather @Bookish Belongings
9. Jen @Books on the 7:47
10. Marjolein @Url Phantomhive
11. Farshana @Rain ‘n’ books
12. Aanya @Soaring Firebolt
13. Naemi @A Book Owl’s Corner
14. Christy and Claire @I’m All Booked Up
15. Erin @Eclectic Erin

….and anyone else who wants to do this tag!!

P.S.-1 Do check out all these blogs they are really amazing!!!!!!!
P.S.-2 If the people who I have tagged have already done this tag they need not do it,
P.S.-3 I have linked to one of the posts of all the people I have tagged
P.S.-4 I know I just had to tag 5 people who bring me joy but I couldn’t just choose 5. I love all of these people’s blogs and of course I love Nehal’s blog [I found this tag there]

This was my Small Joys tag! Feel free to do this tag or list some of your small joys down in the comments section!!

P.S. 1- This is an article authored by me that I believe everyone should read. It is about the increasing cases of sexual harassment these days and I used my platform to spread awareness about it. Please also do not think I am advertising this article under each of my posts to increase the views/likes or anything of the sort. I am doing this to spread awareness.

P.S. 2- What do you think of my new featured images? I am thinking of changing all of them to a varying colour of this one and the two in my previous two posts. What do you say people?

P.S. 3- I will be doing a ‘posts I liked in October’ in this month’s wrap-up. This is something that I will continue to do every month. So, if there is some post that you do this month and are extremely proud of, feel free to leave a link in the comments of any of my this month’s posts! However, please note that I may or may not display your post, so please keep that in mind and do not hold it against me!

P.S.- Note to self: I should use less P.S.s😂😂


45 thoughts on “Tag Thursday #3 | The Small Joys Tag

Add yours

  1. Ooh, thanks so much for the tag! This looks like so much fun 🤗 And I really loved all your answers – I related to them so much!

    I also love annoying my siblings, and the best part is that I can always rub being older and therefore right in their faces when they complain 😁 (Not that it convinces them, but still…)

    And gosh, I know exactly what you mean about those math and physics problems! My best friend from uni, who is also a math major, once said we were basically drug addicts. We suffer from withdrawal until we finally solve the problem, but the high we get afterwards is unbelievable 😅 I’m not sure what to make of that comparison, but I guess she’s not entirely wrong 😂🙈

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Haha yes!! I loveeee annoying my sister, probably the best thing to be a sibling. But when she doesn’t get annoyed and I tried very hard it annoys me back😤.

    WOAHSIDJSBDDH leonardo da vinci invented scissors WOWWW How did you even know that hahah?? Random suggestion, maybe once a week at the bottom of your posts you could include one of these random facts as I’m sure everyone here will be intrigued by them! (And thus have even more “P.S.s 😂)

    Thank you for the tag! ☺️

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Try to think of your siblings when you annoy them, it pesters them soo much……..
    Reading is the best, even I love it when someone wishes me at 12 am!! Leonardo Da Vinci invented scissors, huh, I did not know that…….
    We don’t mind the Ps’s
    Thank you so much for tagging me, but unfortunately I have already done this😐
    I am so sorry😟

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Hey…so much thanks for the tag…I loved reading this post..there was this maths and physics trouble that I could relate and then never to miss eating 😌….
        Lots of luck and love ❤️

        Liked by 1 person

  4. Omg, this is great 😄😄
    Your answers and gifs were brilliant 😁😁
    My fav team is CSK and RCB is second fav
    I can totally relate to the feeling of happiness that comes with solving a bad question 😌
    And yeah, I to see that wrap up you talked about.
    Ps nice graphics 😉

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I use Canva. There are also apps such as TextOnArt and PicsArt but I really find their graphics to be dull. I used to use TextOnArt, so if you like my previous graphics more than these you can go for it.
        Canva can be used like an app as well as a website. It is up to you really.

        P.S. A friend of mine uses Pinterest graphics

        Liked by 1 person

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