Spoiler Alert: A book I DNF-ed

Hey Guys! Spoiler Alert is a romance novel by Olivia Dade. I started reading it about 10 days ago and even though it was just around 300 pages long, I wasn’t able to finish it. It wasn’t the book’s fault though.

Spoiler Alert

So, I don’t usually DNF books. And I don’t DNF books that are good. And Spoiler Alert was good. But I couldn’t finish it. Because I am going into a reading slump. And I have only one hope, one book series which might save me- The Throne of Glass. I have started reading it and I am liking it and I am able to read it without getting bored. I have finished around 1/4th of it in one night! But this post isn’t dedicated to that it is dedicated to Spoiler Alert.

(Wow, that was a wee bit dramatic, wasn’t it?)

Blurb (Self-written. Yes I am back to writing blurbs on own!):
Marcus: I am a Gods of the Gates actor- I play Aeneas in this big show- perhaps one of the biggest shows. But I also have another side- a side where I write Gods of the Gates fanfiction. To fanfic readers he is known as Book!AeneasWouldNever. But if anyone ever found out about this he would be fired. Immediately.

April: I am a geologist. But something I love more is writing fanfic as Unapologetic Lavinia Stan. And talking to BAWN. But I am also plus-size.

When April posts her latest Lavinia creation on Twitter, her photo goes viral. She is trolled and supported alike. But what is most surprising of all is when Marcus asks her out on a date. Even though it ends as a disaster, Marcus realises how much he likes her. And when he realises that she is ULS, he has to hide a huge secret from her.

Read on for a rollercoaster ride!

That blurb sounds so interesting doesn’t it? And the book is rather good. It is well-written and the characters are good. I liked them all moderately.

I wasn’t able to finish it perhaps because it was too explicit but mostly because I was slipping into a slump. Anyway, I look forward to reading it completely someday. So, I won’t be giving a detailed review of it today.

That’s all for today! Have you read the book? Did you like it? Let me know in the comments!

31 thoughts on “Spoiler Alert: A book I DNF-ed

Add yours

      1. Ahh, mine are from 28th and I need to read too, but I really need to focus!(I have serious concentration issues) and the worst part is, I don’t exactly need to study that much, it’s my friends pestering me to study! It brings a lot of guilt to see people study and not study yourself.🥺

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  1. I love the subversion of expectations in your post, Riddhi!
    Thanks for sharing – I have heard quite a bit about this so I am looking forward to hearing what you think if you choose to post a review 😄

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Thanks Cherelle! Although I would love for you to expand on the subversion of expectations point!

      Also, I have shared the links of discussion posts with you over email! Hope you find them useful!

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      1. As in I thought you were going to review it but nope haha!

        Oh okay I’ll go check it, thank you SO SO SO SO SO much again. 💗

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  2. Well, I love the cover.

    I have definitely had this happen, where I set aside a perfectly decent book because I got pulled into the orbit of another book … or series. Never fear. The book will still be exactly the same a few years from now, or whenever you get back to it. 🙂

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      1. We have read the Throne of Glass series! We enjoyed it. The series has great world building and romance. If you read it, the first and second books are really the jumping off points for the rest of the story, so don’t give up! It had a satisfying conclusion.

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