Just Some Bibliophilic Things #8

Hey Guys! Welcome to another JSBT post! It is a weekly meme that takes place every Saturday here, on my blog. For all the details , click here.

This Week’s Question: Who is your favourite author? Why? Which book is an absolute favourite of yours written by that particular author?

My favourite authors are Rick Riordan and Kasie West. I like them because even though they have a different main genre- they add comedy in their books. And that my friends is an art.

My favourite book by Rick Riordan is the Heroes of Olympus. My favourite Kasie West book… hmm… I guess I love The Distance between Us. Perhaps because of the fact that it was the first Kasie West book I read.

What are your answers for today’s question?? Leave a link to your blog post or answer in the comments!!

Next Week’s Question: What do you think of my blog? What aspects of it do you like, what do you not? (I really am looking for feedback, so let me know next week! Or just let me know in the comments of the post!)


Random fact of the Day:

It is impossible to hum while holding your nose. (Go ahead, try it, it is true!). And just in case you knew that, honey cannot spoil!

25 thoughts on “Just Some Bibliophilic Things #8

Add yours

  1. Hmm. I don’t think I can answer this question. I have too many favorite authors and books by them.

    But, I’ll give it a shot …
    C.S. Lewis
    ‘Til We Have Faces

    I haven’t read either of your favorites, but Riordan’s stuff looks really good.

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  2. Rick Riordan or Anna Adams, do I really need to tell why, well then because they are AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(I still think more exclamation marks are needed)

    I think it would be Sea of Monsters, the last olympian or TOA last part, and as for anna adams An american girl in paris for sure.

    PS, I tried that but I could still hum though it sorta sounded like a growl………..

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