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| Tag Thursday #8 | Fall Time, Cozy Time Book Tag | Lost in Translation Book Tag | Throne of Glass Book Tag | The Memez Tag |My first read-a-thon announcement|

Hey Guys! Welcome to a quadruple feature Tag Thursday where I will also announce something new! Three of the tags are of medium length whereas the fourth one is quite short. And the announcement is super long! So, brace yourselves for a super long post! Let’s begin with the tags first!

(Also, I am sorry for such a long post but I really need to do these tags otherwise I will forget that I was tagged to do them. Hope you won’t get bored reading and if you do, I won’t mind if you skim read the tags but DO NOT SKIM READ THE TAYLOR SWIFT READ-A-THON PORTION)

Fall Time, Cozy Time Book Tag

I was tagged for this by Becca @Toastie Books. She has a fabulous blog and even more fabulous bookish content. Do check it out if you already haven’t!

Also, for those of you wondering, hey, it’s November, why is she doing a Fall Tag? The reason is here in India, it still feels like fall, especially in the day time. So, it is totally valid for me to do this tag, period.

Let’s start!

  • CRUNCHING LEAVES: The world is full of colour! Choose a book with red/orange/yellow on the cover.
    I choose….

I know it isn’t exactly the shade of red that I should go for… but I couldn’t resist. I mean come on- it is a Throne of Glass novel!

  • COZY SWEATER: It’s finally cool enough for warm cozy clothing! What book gives you the warm fuzzies?
    Well, all books by Kasie West give me the ‘warm fuzzies’ but a particular favourite of mine is The Distance Between Us.
The Distance Between Us
  • FALL STORM: The wind is howling & the rain is pounding. Choose a book that you like to read on a stormy day.
    🤔🤔… I guess I would go with The Hunger Games, stormy as it is. I might even go with Throne of Glass. Who knows?
The Hunger Games Trilogy Review – No Spoilers / Spoiler FREE | Hunger games  book cover, Hunger games books, Hunger games
Throne of Glass - Wikipedia
  • COOL CRISP AIR: makes you breathe freely~ Who’s the coolest character you’d want to trade places with?
    Lara Jean- no, don’t get me wrong- I don’t find her very cool- I mean she is cool but there are cooler characters. I want to trade places with her (yes some of you would have guessed it) because of PETER KAVINSKY! I mean he is so so so so so sweet (Get a grip on yourself Riddhi, you don’t need to rant every time you mention this book)
Fan art - To All The Boys I've Loved Before on We Heart It | Lara jean, Jenny  han books, Jenny han
  • HOT APPLE CIDER: warm autumn drink. What underhyped book do you want to see become the next biggest, hottest thing?
    I am going to name an author here- Kasie West. She is so UNDERRATED!
Kasie West (Author of The Distance Between Us)
  • COAT, SCARVES, & MITTENS: the weather has turned cold & it’s time to cover up! What’s a book cover you don’t like?
    (Don’t kill me) Throne of Glass. The books are awesome but I personally feel that the cover could have used more work.
Throne of Glass - Wikipedia


Lost in Translation Book Tag

I was nominated to do this tag by Isabella @All You Need is Love and Books, Nehal @Books and Words and Tiction @Fictionally Crazy. Do check out their blogs for awesome bookish content!

This tag was created by Eryn @Love Your Shelf. She too has a lovely blog so do check it out!

The Rules:

  1. Pick the last book you read.
  2. Put that book in Google Translate and translate it into 3 different languages, then back to English. (Please put which languages you used to translate them!)
  3. See how close (or how far) it is to the original book title.
  4. Lastly, put the original book title at the bottom and talk about your last read!

Also, since I was tagged by three different people, I will pick three different books that I have read- one book that I read recently and two others that I read before.

Recently read:

Translated title (English to Maltese to Filipino to Tatar to English) – The Kingdom of the Lake

Any guesses?

Any Ideas? GIF - Ideas Idea SuttonFoster - Discover & Share GIFs

The actual title was Kingdom of Ash by Sarah J. Maas! Like what?! YES, that is the answer! As for the book, I will be posting my review soon as I am almost done with it so stay tuned to know my views on it!

Previously read book 1:

Translated title (English to Afrikaans to Icelandic to Hmong to English)- Beside You

Any Guesses??

The real title is By Your Side. It is a book by Kasie West. You can read my views on it here.

Previously Read Book 3

Translated title (English to Uzbek to Maltese to Uyghur to English)- The Girl is Online

The actual title here is Girl Online. Yep, Google translate turned it into a sentence. It is an awesome novel by Zoe Sugg who by the way is also a YouTuber. You can read my thoughts on it here.

I tag:

  1. Georgia @Lost in Neverland
  2. Hayden @Following Good Books
  3. Alex @Mybookworld24
  4. Klaus Viedenz
  5. Millay @Millay’s Musings
  6. Evin @A Curly Sue’s Ramblings
  7. Kieran @The Blog That Must Not Be Named
  8. Chelsey @The Travelling Reader
  9. Sofii @A Book A Thought
  10. Erin @Eclectic Erin
  11. The most important tagee


The Throne of Glass Book Tag

I came across this book tag at Alexandra’s blog Reading by Starlight. She has done some really awesome tags on her blogs and also writes other fabulous bookish content.

The reason I am doing this book tag must be obvious to all my regular readers. But for all the newcomers out there (Welcome!), I love the TOG series and am just about to finish it (Can’t wait to do so)- I decided to give it a go!

So, let’s begin!!

  • Lysandra: A book with a cover change you loved
    Okay, first off, I don’t really like cover changes. Second off, hence I do not really follow when they change. However a cover change I did love was of the Hunger Games. I have an older edition, which looks something like this:
The Hunger Games : by Suzanne Collins: New Soft cover (2009) 1st Edition |  Sapphire Books

The books Catching Fire and Mockingjay have even worse covers. However, the new covers look more sophisticated, prim (Pun not intended) and proper.

Buy The Hunger Games (Hunger Games, Book One): 1 Book Online at Low Prices  in India | The Hunger Games (Hunger Games, Book One): 1 Reviews & Ratings -
  • Abraxos: A book that’s better on the inside than it looks on the outside
    I guess I will go with To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before. I don’t really like the cover of the book but I love the books! They are just so darn sweet!!
Buy To All the Boys I've Loved Before (Volume 1) Book Online at Low Prices  in India | To All the Boys I've Loved Before (Volume 1) Reviews & Ratings -
  • Erilea: A series with great world-building
    The Avalonia Chronicles for sure! The Last of the Firedrakes (The Avalonia Chronicles Book 1)  eBook: Oomerbhoy, Farah: Kindle Store
  • Rifthold: A book that combines genres
    Throne of Glass, duh! But I don’t suppose it counts.. I will go with another favourite of mine then- The Selection which combines dystopia and romance!
Buy The Selection (1) - The Selection Book Online at Low Prices in India | The  Selection (1) - The Selection Reviews & Ratings -
  • Damaris: A book based on/inspired by a myth/legend
    Hmmm.. this is a tough one🤔🤔 Oh, I know. The Ram Chandra Series by Amish- this is a book I read about a couple of months ago and it was a good book. It is inspired from the events that take place in the epic Ramayan.
Buy Ram - Scion of Ikshvaku (Ram Chandra) Book Online at Low Prices in  India | Ram - Scion of Ikshvaku (Ram Chandra) Reviews & Ratings -
  • Kaltain Rompier: A book with an unexpected twist
    Ummm…. literally every book by Agatha Christie? However, one with an extremely unexpected twist was The Murder on the Orient Express.
Buy Murder on the Orient Express (Poirot) Book Online at Low Prices in  India | Murder on the Orient Express (Poirot) Reviews & Ratings -
  • Assassin’s Keep: A book with an unreliable narrator
    I am going to name two books here-
    1. Gone Girl Buy Gone Girl Book Online at Low Prices in India | Gone Girl  Reviews & Ratings

2. The Murder of Roger Ackroyd

Buy The Murder of Roger Ackroyd (Poirot) Book Online at Low Prices in India  | The Murder of Roger Ackroyd (Poirot) Reviews & Ratings -
  • Asterin Blackbeak: A book that’s got SQUAD GOALS
    Umm…. Harry Potter?! Percy Jackson?! So many others?!?!
Buy Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone Book Online at Low Prices in  India | Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone Reviews & Ratings -
Buy Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief (Book 1 of Percy Jackson) Book  Online at Low Prices in India | Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief (Book  1 of Percy Jackson) Reviews
  • Terrasen: A book that feels like home
    Pretty much any book by Kasie West. Oh and Harry Potter too.
  • Aelin Ashryver Galathynius: A book with the power to destroy you
    I honestly think that any book which has a death of an important character or a character that I love in it destroys a piece of my soul. So, there isn’t really a book in particular. Although in the Tower of Nero, I was close to tears when that character died. (I said that because of spoilers, but I think you know who I am talking about.)
  • Manon Blackbeak: A book that intimidated you
    All non-fiction and horror books intimidate me.
  • Rowan Whitethorn: A book that makes you swoon
    Anna and the French Kiss! Etienne St. Clair is so cute!
Buy Anna and the French Kiss Book Online at Low Prices in India | Anna and  the French Kiss Reviews & Ratings -

Chaol Westfall: A book that challenged you to see things differently
Umm… I guess I would say Everything, Everything. At the time I read it, it was out of my comfort zone as I didn’t read YA back then. However, it is a unique novel and I am glad I read it.

Buy Everything, Everything Book Online at Low Prices in India | Everything,  Everything Reviews & Ratings -
  • Fleetfoot: A book that you received as a gift
    A close friend of mine gifted the book This is What Happy Looks Like on my 15th birthday. I really liked the book and it is a cutesy YA. Since then, I have read other books by the author and they are pretty good.
This Is What Happy Looks Like by Jennifer E. Smith
  • Eye of Elena: A book you found right when you needed it
    Throne of Glass! I was in the middle of a reading slump when I decided to give it a go! And needless to say, it has brought me out of the slump!
  • Dorian: A book that is secretly magical [This isn’t a part of the original tag but Carly @Reading is My Kind of Thing introduced it and I am glad she did! I cannot believe it wasn’t a part of the original tag!]
    Well, cliched as it may sound, I believe all books are secretly magical. Don’t you think so too? However, if I had to choose one I would go with Geekerella. It is such a beautiful book and I am not talking about the cover.
Buy Geekerella Book Online at Low Prices in India | Geekerella Reviews &  Ratings -

I tag (These people liked/loved TOG at least according to their blog):
1. Ashmita @The Fictional Journal
2. Ahaana @Windows to Worlds
3. Laurel @Tales Past Midnight
4. Leah @Leah’s Books
5. Melinda @Library Garden
6. Angie @Read With Angie
7. Daniella @Reading With Daniella
8. Maya @Maya’s Bookshelves
9. Sami @Indulgent Readers
10. Esha @Felix Felicitated
11. Ellie @Princess of Ink
12. Marta @The Monogamist Reader
13. Becca @Toastie Books
14. Carly @Carly’s Library Card
15. Most importantly…..


The Memez Tag

This tag was created by Aaliya over at Aaliya’s Nook and she is also the one who asked me to do the tag.


  1. Thank the person who nominated you.
  2. Add a meme for all the topics given(the nominees can take any topic)
  3. Nominate minimum 5 bloggers
  4. Add the link of the creator( i.e. Aaliya’s Nook)
  5. And Don’t forget to put the following tags: #thememeztag, #amemeforeverything
  • A Harry Potter meme
Harry Potter Meme : HarryPotterMemes
  • A Bookish Meme
    Okay, I could share a hundred memes for this one. But the post is already long as it is, so I shall not.
bookish memes #booknerd #bookish #booklover #memes #meme #legallyblonde | Book  memes, Book humor, Book nerd
  • COVID related meme
Best coronavirus memes to get you through self-quarantine - Esquire Middle  East
  • Animal meme
27 Animal Memes That Are Cute, Funny, and Totally Worth Looking At - I Can  Has Cheezburger?
  • Spooky meme
No more spooky memes in here - Meme by KingTheo :) Memedroid
  • Cartoon character related meme
100+ Funny Simpsons memes ideas | memes, funny, popular memes
  •  Subject meme
What Teachers Do - The "What I Really Do" Meme | Science student, Student  humor, Science jokes

  • Ironic meme
Funny #Minion #Meme… – Minion Quotes & Memes
  • Exam meme
60 Exam Memes That Will Make You Laugh Instead Of Cry
  • And lastly…..a random meme
gru memes meme garbage Image by nair.sidharth.p

I tag:
1. Nehal @Books and Words
2. Aanya @Potterhead Aanya
3. Tiction @Fictionally Crazy
4. Pavithra @Small Talks
5. Poorwa @Poorwa’s blog
6. Taylor @Tay’s Gen-Z Diary
7. The most important one…


If anyone tagged does not want to the tag, I do not mind! Also, guys as always check these blogs out, they are more than awesome- They are super duper awesome! And fabulous too!

Also, if I haven’t tagged you but you still want to do the tags, GO FOR IT!! I would love to read your answers!!

So those were the three tags for today!

Also please create a pingback if and when you do the tag! If you do not know how to create one please let me know, I will teach you, but please please please create a pingback and do not link to the website.

Moving on to the Read-a-thon announcement…

Taylor Swift Playlist-a-thon

Yes, you read that right, we are doing something new today! As some of you might know, I really enjoy listening Taylor Swift’s music. While I haven’t heard a lot of her music- I have listened some of her most famous work.

So, I came across this interesting Playlist-a-thon at Fleur @Fleur’s Reading Again. It was created by three booktubers, KaseyLisa and Daryan and it is A-W-E-S-O-M-E. They made book-related prompts for all of Taylor Swift’s stuff which is so insane!!! It will start on 13th November and go on till December 13th. We can make our own TBR of 8 to 13 books and have to read it within 1 month.

So, yes I am taking part in a read-a-thon for the first time! I am aiming low- 8 books but I hope to finish it! The timing is perfect as I will just finish Throne of Glass soon! Yay!

Here is a link to the original video.

So, first off, here is the list of all the prompts. Brace yourselves, it is a really long list.

Taylor Swift:

  • Tim McGraw: Read a book about a celebrity
  • Picture to Burn: Read a book with fire in the title or on the cover
  • Teardrops on My Guitar: Read a book featuring music
  • A Place in This World: Read a book set in a country outside your own
  • Cold as You: Read a book with a ‘cold’ word in the title
  • The Outside: Read the lowest rated book on your TBR
  • Tied Together with a Smile: Read a book that reminds you of a friend/friendship
  • Stay Beautiful: Read the oldest book on your TBR
  • Should’ve Said No: Read a book you wish you hadn’t bought
  • Mary’s Song (Oh My My My): Read a historical romance
  • Our Song: Listen to an audiobook


  • Fearless: Read a book from a genre you don’t usually read from
  • Fifteen: Read a book released in 2015
  • Love Story: Read a classic
  • Hey Stephen: Read a book with a name in the title
  • White Horse: Read a book set in a small town
  • You Belong with Me: Read a book featuring a strong female protagonist
  • Breathe: Read a book featuring a f/f romance
  • Tell Me Why: Read a book that starts with the letter Y
  • You’re Not Sorry: Read the sequel to a book that destroyed you
  • The Way I Loved You: Read a book with the enemies-to-lovers trope
  • Forever & Always: Read a book that takes place over several years
  • The Best Day: Have your mom pick a book for you
  • Change: Read an anti-racist book

Speak Now:

  • Mine: Read an own voices book
  • Sparks Fly: Read a book with a green cover
  • Back to December: Read a book with snow on the cover
  • Speak Now: Read a book set at a wedding
  • Dear John: Read a book by someone named John (or Jonathan)
  • Mean: Read a book under 200 pages
  • The Story of Us: Read a book about books
  • Never Grow Up: Read a middle grade
  • Enchanted: Read a fairytale retelling
  • Better than Revenge: Read a book from a villain’s perspective 
  • Innocent: Read a book you know nothing about
  • Haunted: Read a thriller
  • Last Kiss: Read a book with the theme of betrayal 
  • Long Live: read a fantasy
  • Ours: Read one of the host’s favourite books


  • State of Grace: Read a greek myth retelling
  • Red: Read a book with a red cover
  • Treacherous: Read a book featuring a creepy character or side character
  • I Knew You Were Trouble: Read a book featuring a “bad boy” character
  • All Too Well: Read a book by your favourite author
  • 22: Read a book with a cat on the cover
  • I Almost Do: Read a book with alternate universes 
  • We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together: Read a book with at least 7 words in the title
  • Stay Stay Stay: Read a book you’ve been thinking of unhauling
  • The Last Time: read the final book in a series you haven’t finished
  • Holy Ground: Read a book featuring time travel
  • Sad Beautiful Tragic: Read a hard hitting contemporary
  • The Lucky One: Use a random number generator to pick a book
  • Everything Has Changed: Read a book by two authors
  • Starlight: Read a 5 star prediction
  • Begin Again: Reread a favourite!


  • Welcome to New York: Read a book set in New York
  • Blank Space: Read any book you want!
  • Style: Read a book set in the 80s
  • Out of the Woods: Read a book with nature on the cover
  • All You Had to Do Was Stay: Read a book about a break up
  • Shake it Off: Read a book that’s gotten negative reviews
  • I Wish You Would: Read a book someone recommended to you
  • Bad Blood: Read a murder mystery
  • Wildest Dreams: Read a book that inspired a movie
  • How You Get the Girl: Read a nonfiction
  • This Love: Read a book featuring a second chance romance
  • I Know Places: Read a book in the same place the whole time 
  • Clean: Read a book with a simplistic cover
  • Wonderland: read an alice and wonderland retelling
  • You Are in Love: Read a book with the friends-to-lovers trope
  • New Romantics: Read a book with ace rep


  • …Ready for It?: Read a new release
  • End Game: Read a book featuring a game/competition
  • I Did Something Bad: Buy a new book and read it!
  • Don’t Blame Me: Read a book you can’t believe you haven’t read yet
  • Delicate: Read an adult book
  • Look What You Made Me Do: Read a book with a snake on the cover
  • So It Goes…: Read a steamy romance
  • Gorgeous: Read a book with a gorgeous cover
  • Getaway Car: Read a book with a car on the cover
  • King of My Heart: Read a book about royalty
  • Dancing with Our Hands Tied: Read a dystopian/apocalyptic book
  • Dress: Read a book with someone wearing a dress on the cover
  • This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things: Read a book with an ugly cover
  • Call It What You Want: Read a book about running away 
  • New Year’s Day: Read a book that features a party/celebration


  • I Forgot that You Existed: Read a book you already started once but never finished
  • Cruel Summer: Read a book that should have a sequel
  • Lover: Read a book with insta love or a 24 hour romance
  • The Man: Read a book written by a woman
  • The Archer: Read a book with a weapon on the cover
  • I Think He Knows: Read a book that’s pretty under the dust jacket
  • Miss Americana & the Heartbreak Prince: Read a book featuring political themes
  • Paper Rings: Read a book about a married couple
  • Cornelia Street: Read an atmospheric book
  • Death by a Thousand Cuts: Read a book with a non-human main character
  • London Boy: Read a book where the love interests come from different backgrounds
  • Soon You’ll Get Better: Read a book featuring an illness
  • False God: Read a book that features religion
  • You Need to Calm Down: Read an LGBTQIAP+ book
  • Afterglow: Give an author a second chance
  • Me!: Read a book by an author with your initials
  • It’s Nice to Have a Friend: Buddy read a book!
  • Daylight: Read a book with gold on the cover


  • the 1: Read a book with a one-word title
  • cardigan: Read a book that gives you fall vibes
  • the last great american dynasty: read a historical fiction book
  • exile: Read a book with dual perspectives
  • my tears ricochet: Read a sad book
  • mirrorball: Read a book written in third-person
  • seven: Read a book with seven letters in the title
  • august: Read a book set during the summer
  • this is me trying: Read a book over 500 pages
  • illicit affairs: Read a translated work (or read a book that’s not in English)
  • invisible string: Read a fluffy contemporary 
  • mad woman: Read a book with a female villain
  • epiphany: Read a book that deals with grief
  • betty: read a book featuring a love triangle
  • peace: Read a book with the found family trope
  • hoax: Read a book with dark themes
  • the lakes: Read a book with water in the title or on the cover

So, all these prompts are really interesting and I must choose 8! It will be really difficult but I think I should be able to do it!

There are 8 albums so I will pick one from each album.

From Taylor Swift, I pick….

A Place In This World: Read a book set in a country outside your own

I pick Two Can Keep a Secret by Karen M. McManus. It is set in the USA.

38225791. sy475

From Fearless, I pick…

The Way I Loved You: Read a book with the enemies-to-lovers trope

The book I pick is Today, Tonight, Tomorrow


From Speak Now, I pick…

Haunted: Read a thriller

For this prompt I pick A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder. I have heard so much about this one that it is about time I read it!

40916679. sy475

From Red, I pick…

Red: Read a book with a red cover

For this one, I pick Me Before You…

Me Before You (Me Before You, #1)

From 1989, I pick…

Bad Blood: Read a murder mystery

Buy And Then There Were None Book Online at Low Prices in India | And Then  There Were None Reviews & Ratings -

From Reputation, I pick…

…Ready for It?: Read a new release

For this, I pick The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue.. it was released about a month ago and since then I have heard so much about the book!

Buy The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue Book Online at Low Prices in India | The  Invisible Life of Addie LaRue Reviews & Ratings -

From Lover, I pick…

The Man: Read a book written by a woman

For this I pick The Geography of You and Me written by Jennifer E. Smith.


From Folklore, I pick….

seven: Read a book with seven letters in the title
the 1: Read a book with a one-word title
invisible string: Read a fluffy contemporary 

I pick Fangirl for this one. I have read this book before but I wish to reread it, so I pick it. The reason I wrote three prompts for this one is that this book fits in all three!


Phew, that was a long post (Over 3700 words and 20000 characters according to the Word-O-meter) ! Thank you for hanging in there for the entire post if you have! Even if you haven’t thank you for visiting my blog!

Did you enjoy reading the post? Are you going to do any of the tags or participate in the read-a-thon? What are your favourite Taylor Swift songs? Share your thoughts in the comments!


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