I need feedback!!

So, we just touched 250 followers (thank you so much guys!!!!) and I figured it was about time that I asked for your feedback officially. So, go ahead, fill this form and let me know!

Click here to fill the form.

Seriously, please please please fill it guys!! Also, do let me know in the comments if you do fill the form so that I know that you have filled it.

I have kept the email address field required so that I can contact you in case I have any question regarding your feedback- hope you don’t mind!

Thank you people!

46 thoughts on “I need feedback!!

Add yours

  1. Congrats on 250! 🎉 And I submitted 😁
    But Riddhi, I’m confused. Is your blog title on your header image written in cursive or regular? Because in the middle of loading the page it shows cursive but when it is done loading it is regular. At least on my screen.

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