Just Some Bibliophilic Things #12

Hey Guys! Welcome to another JSBT post! It is a weekly meme that takes place every Saturday here, on my blog.


  • In each week’s post, I will ask a bookish question and answer it in the post. I also ask another question which will be answered by me the next week.
  • You may do a post answering the question I have answered or just comment it!
  • Do not forget to link to any of my JSBT posts and use the tag JSBT!
  • Have fun!

For all the details , click here.

This Week’s Question: Name a book which is written by an author who lives in the same country as you do. Now, review it in short.

So, a book written by an author who lives in the same country as me is How I Taught My Grandmother to read and other stories by Sudha Murthy.

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It is a collection of really heart-touching short stories and are really good. I read this book when I was a little kid and some of the stories have left an imprint on me for life. It is a book that everyone should read.

My Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Next Week’s Question: How many more books are left for you to read in 2020? Enlist them.

What are your answers for today’s question?? Leave a link to your blog post or answer in the comments!!

P.S.- 1

Random fact of the day:

Ants can’t die from falling. Because of their body proportions and tough exoskeleton, an ant’s terminal velocity isn’t enough to kill or hurt it on impact. They can survive being dropped from the Empire State Building and walk away unharmed.

P.S.-2 Also, do not forget to fill this feedback form if you haven’t already!!

16 thoughts on “Just Some Bibliophilic Things #12

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  1. Aww sweet stories we read as kids are truly the most memorable! Apologies for not taking part today because I realised that I haven’t read many books from my country (embarrassing I know!!) so I don’t have many to pick from… but will definitely be doing next week’s topic to remind myself of how many unread books I have haha! Also woahhh I want to be an ant, so I can go bungee jumping with the no fear! Anyway, great post Riddhi! 💗

    Liked by 1 person

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