Mi hermana

You are my companion
The one who never leaves my side
Even when I am dismal
Even when I am jovial.

You are my partner in crime
Pulling off pranks that I can’t
Taking offense on my behalf
Taking revenge so that I laugh

You are my kindred spirit
Knowing what’s on my mind all the time
Without me even saying it
Without me even showing it

You are my confidant
I spill all my secrets to you
Although you don’t ask
Although you don’t need to know

I need you to survive
I need you to be there for me
You aren’t my best friend
You are my sister.


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P.S.-1 For those who don’t know, mi hermana (Spanish) literally translates to My sister.
P.S.-2 I am going to be publishing all my poems on Wattpad- in an anthology named Bits of This and That. Click here to check it out and follow to never miss a poem!
P.S.-3 I have published Chapter 5 and 6 of The Musical Love Story of Noah and Lisa on Wattpad, click here to check it out!
P.S.-2 Forward this poem to all your sisters, biological or otherwise! Spread the love people!

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