Answering Common Bookish Questions from Google!

Hello everybuddy! So, I am back with a bookish post after like a week (Yes, I know that is insane, but I haven’t posted anything bookish for the last week!) I have been rereading books, so I have nothing to review, and I don’t really have any tags- bookish or non-bookish. Also, I have been busy with the funeral of my grandmother, so well. So, here I am stealing another idea from my favourite booktuber, answering bookish questions, from Google.

Question 1: What do readers like to read?

Uh, I guess this is a genuine question for non readers. So, all my non-reader readers, readers generally are comfortable with a number of genres and sometimes take up books outside that genre. For example, I enjoy YA contemporaries and mysteries the most, so these are the ones I read the most. I sometimes read non-fiction, a genre I am not so comfortable.

Question 2: What do readers do?

Okay, I am literally laughing here. I guess readers read books. But on a more genuine note, some readers take up blogging and booktubing to share their take on books and do other random weird stuff.

Question 3: What does a reader look like?

What am I supposed to say? Am I supposed to talk about my appearance? Well, I have brownish black hair, spectacles that looks a bit like Harry Potter’s, have a load of acne, am somewhere between fair and wheat-coloured….

Question 4: Why do readers make predictions?

It is a human thing, you know? Like when you are watching a movie, you tend to make predictions about its end, right? We readers, we do that with books.

Question 5: Why readers are the best to fall in love with?

Okay, so you can see I typed ‘why readers are the’ to reach this conclusion, but I swear, this recommendation was there before I did that too.

Ah, well, excellent question my friend. So, readers? They are soft-hearted overthinkers, who will take care of all your needs as long as you don’t interrupt their time with books. They have already undergone a lot of trauma (because of books, duh), so when you go through it, they will understand how you are feeling. They are extremely loyal, as they have the capacity to read seven books (even more!) and stick with the same author, like forever. Even when the authors break their heart. So, yes. You should date readers.

Question 6: How do readers learn about characters?

Well, I don’t know, by reading the synopsis of the book!

Question 7: How do readers identify the author’s perspective?

Case I: First Person POV
So, basically, first off, the synopsis usually has something to say about the main character (s) whose perspective is usually the one the author uses. In case you don’t read the synopsis, if you read the first few pages carefully, you will figure out the perspective the author is using.

Case II: Third Person POV
This too is pretty evident from the first few pages. The person the author uses in the initial lines of the chapter is the ones the author uses.

I can’t help you with Second person POVs, as I haven’t read any book in it.

Question 8: How does a reader make an inference?

An inference about what? The text? The characters?
Well, in any case, probably by using their inference and deduction making capabilities every human has.

Question 9: Where do readers hang out?

Hogwarts? Avalonia? Erilea? Camp Half-Blood?
Oh wait, you meant IRL? Um… book stores and libraries I guess.

Question 10: When do readers use comprehension strategies?

What is that even supposed to mean? Um… if it means that when do readers try to comprehend stuff, I guess, all the time? Because to enjoy a book, we actually have to understand what is going on, you know?

So, that’s all for today and I will see you soon in my next post! Which bookish question did you find the most entertaining? Tell me in the comments!

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  1. I can’t believe people really search these questions on the internet.Loved your post a lot!!
    I would love if you could check out my blog πŸ™‚

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