Blogger Interview with Sarah!

Hello everybuddy! As you may or may not know, in late December, I announced that I will be doing a series of blogger interviews and the first one’s here!

Today, I will be interviewing Sarah from Sarah Collins Bookworm and I am really excited to have her here!

Me: Tell me something about yourself.

Sarah: I’m a 35-year-old radio journalist in the North West of England, I am passionate about telling other people’s stories especially those people who don’t often get heard. I love to travel and collect hats from around the world (it’s better than fridge magnets), if I’m not reading, you’ll find singing and dancing -badly. 

Me: Oh, I enjoy singing and dancing too- I do it rarely though- like you I am pretty bad at it. So, tell me, why did you start blogging? 

Sarah: I started blogging at the start of 2020, I’d debated it for a while but hadn’t gotten around to it. I wanted something to keep me in the habit of writing longer pieces rather than telling a story in three lines (the day job). I also started it at a time when I wasn’t feeling great about myself and over the year it has gone a long way to giving me my voice back, it’s enabled me to write about life too.

Me: I think most of us joined WordPress in 2020. Well, Corona did have some positive addition in our life, right? What motivates you to continue blogging?

Sarah: I get a lot of enjoyment out of it, I’ve liked learning from and speaking to the blogger community. I enjoy reading other people’s content. I guess I’m motivated most by sharing my love of books and thoughts on life.

Me: Oh, I see. Why do you blog about Books and life?

Sarah: I’ve grown up as a book lover, I like getting lost in a story, I find it comforting and want to share my favourites with other people. I lot of my friends aren’t as bookish as I am, this seemed like a good way to bang on to other people about books. When it comes to life, that kind of happened by accident, I’ve never been one who is good at talking about my thoughts and feelings, I tend to keep that to myself, then my Dad had a really serious heart attack this year, not being able to see him (covid) made it really difficult to process so I wrote about it instead, I wasn’t sure about posting it but it really helped, it did lead me to talking more openly about other observations and life experiences that I hope make people smile.

Me: Hmm… I too grew up as a book lover, and while I haven’t been reading for as long as you have, I definitely love this platform where I can share my bookish thoughts. I am really sorry that your father had to go through that, but I am glad that he is safe. Talking of sad things, what’s your least favorite thing about having a blog?

Sarah: At times I can be obsessed with stats, I keep trying to remember I started it for fun. I sometimes think I should plan it more and stick to a posting routine but again I don’t want it to feel like work and be too strict with it. I’m learning to chill out.

Me: I too used to be obsessed with stats, but now I just am not. I too feel like sticking to a posting schedule, but I can never do that😅. So, I know it’s obvious by now but do you read? What are your favourite books?

Sarah: I always read, it’s a welcome escape from reality! My favourite books are To Kill a Mockingbird, The Shadow of the Wind, Wuthering Heights, Everything I know about love, And the Mountains Echoed and The Colour Purple.

Me: Well said, reading is indeed a welcome escape from reality! I don’t really read a lot of classics, so I haven’t read any of those books. But, I do have a physical copy of To Kill a Mockingbird and I intend to read it soon. As a reader, what is your favourite genre? Why?

Sarah: I tend to read most genres. At the moment I’ve been reading a lot of memoirs. It’s probably quite closely related to my job, everyone has a story to tell and I enjoy finding out what those stories are – I’m just nosey I guess.

Me: Haha, that’s nice! So, do you enjoy listening to music? Who are your favourite artists?

Sarah: I love music – I miss live music. I like anything, Foo fighters, Kings of Leon, Kate Bush, Little Mix, The Clash and David Bowie.

Me: I haven’t listened to a majority of those bands, but I have listened to the Foo Fighters a bit. They weren’t really my thing, but to each their own, right? Moving onto a little job-ish question, what are your greatest strengths?

Sarah: I’m a good listener, I can talk to anyone – some people may find that annoying. I like to think I’m a good friend – though I guess that’s for others to decide.

Me: I think I am a good listener too, although I am not really so sure. Talking of things people find annoying, what are your pet peeves?

Sarah: Lots of things annoy me – slow walkers, people who stand in the middle of the aisle in the supermarket taking up ALL the space, people who are rude….I really could go on.

Me: Haha, well, these thing annoy everyone except the person who is doing the act. Sooo, what are your hobbies?

Sarah: Outside of reading, walking or taking up hobbies that I get bored of and then give up.

Me: Well, I can’t exactly relate with taking up hobbies and getting bored of them- there are a few things I have taken up and gotten bored of it. That’s happened to me a few times. Since the horrendous year 2020 just went, is there any good thing that happened to you in 2020?

Sarah: To begin with I enjoyed slowing down for a bit, so that was good. My second God daughter was born and it’s really made me push myself out of comfort zone professionally.

Me: First off, congratulations on the god daughter! That’s lovely, actually! I am sure she will look up to you, once she grows up. Talking of, who do you look up to?

Sarah: Kate Bush, she’s reached a level of not caring that I’d like to achieve. She’s never followed the rules and always done things that are right for her, though I do wish she’d tour.
And my Mum- for always keeping everything held together, though she should take a break and spoil herself once in a while.

Me: I guess most of us look up to our mothers, they are the ultimate superwomen. Lastly, I would like to ask you to give some feedback on my blog.

Sarah: I love your mix of content, especially your discussion posts – I really enjoyed your thoughts on the annoying side of blogging.
Your excitement and passion for blogging and books shines through your writing and is a joy to read and I love how you celebrate achievements like 200 followers, people don’t do this enough, we should especially when so much effort and hard work goes into blogging.
Always keep being excited and honest 🙂

Me: Well, to be honest, that post is one of my favourites too! Thank you so much Sarah for the compliments and for taking part in this small event and joining me on my blog today! I really enjoyed interviewing you and I hope you enjoyed answering my questions.

So, this was the first blogger interview! I hope you, my readers enjoyed reading the post and Sarah’s answers cause I sure did enjoy this! Stay tuned to read the next interview which is with another blogger- Chelsey!

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