I have got something up my sleeve….

Yes, I know that sounds mysterious, but honestly it isn’t.

Okay, so all of you know how I enjoy interacting with all of you and for the past few weeks I have been wondering how do I do that. I mean, obviously I have the blogger interviews, but I am just interacting with a select number of bloggers there, so it kinda defeats the purpose. So, I decided to turn to my favourite booktuber- Jesse the reader for suggestions and he came to my rescue!
So, I am going to do three ‘Reacting to ____’ blog posts and if my not-so-creative brain comes up with more bookish things to react to, we will do those too!
So, now you will ask that where does your part come in? I need you to comment:
1. Your weird reading habits
2. Your bookish pet peeves
3. Cover changes that you love/hate

These things are the ones to which I will be reacting to. Don’t worry, your identity will remain anonymous as while displaying the comment, I will remove your name. While commenting, please comment using the same numbering, as in:
1. My weird reading habit is…..
2. My bookish pet peeve is….
3. I love/hate the cover change of ______ book (If you want, you can leave behind the link of the book covers too)

You don’t have to write all three of them, just send in whichever of the three you want to- you can send in one, you can send in two or you can send in all three- it is the contribution that matters, folks!

The posts will probably in February as there aren’t many days left in January.

So, yup that is pretty much it! I really hope y’all comment stuff, otherwise the entire plan will be ruined. But then, you helped me with the blogger interviews and I see no reason that you won’t this time.

Looking forward to reading (and soon, reacting to) your weird reading habits, bookish pet peeves and cover changes you love/hate!!! Come on guys, let’s make an epic blog post!

87 thoughts on “I have got something up my sleeve….

Add yours

  1. Hehe, this is a good idea! Here are my answers:

    1. Your weird reading habits-

    Hmm… I like to read late at night. I honestly don’t like reading any time before then. XD

    2. Your bookish pet peeves

    When the next book in the series has to re-explain all of the characters and events from the last book (that you just read) 🙄

    3. Cover changes that you love/hate

    I don’t like when they replace the original book cover with the movie cover XD

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  2. Ooof, this is such a great idea!🤩
    Here are my answers-
    1) weird reading habits- this isn’t usual but it happens at times-twriling of pages. I often end up twirling a whole page and then regretting it.😔
    2) bookish pet peeves- when I’m crying over some character and everyone is like you’re such a kid, crying over a person you know doesn’t exist.
    3) cover changes that you hate/love- I really, really hate it when book covers get replaced by movie ones! This happened with me in The Fifth Wave and I really hate the movie cover as compared to the book one.🤧

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  3. 1. My weird reading habit is having to read every single book cover to cover. Seriously, I go through every single blank page before/after the book, the Q&A, the discussion questions, the dedication, the acknowledgements… you get the point.

    2. My bookish pet peeve is instalove. I can’t deal with love at first sight! How can you fall in love if you don’t even know who the other person is! There are of course exceptions, but for the most part, slow burns all the way!

    3. I love the cover change of Anna and the French Kiss!

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  4. You know what? I might just go ahead and try this

    WEIRD HABIT: I just read fast. Really fast. It’s bad.
    PET PEEVES: Love triangles, insta-love, “not like other girls,” toxic relationships (*coughcough THE CRUEL PRINCE cough cough*)
    COVER CHANGES: Um? I can’t really think of any that I hate but it generally bugs me when they change the book cover to the movie poster if it gets adapted into a movie

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  5. 1: my weird reading habit used to be mouthing the words when reading them, I couldn’t read if I didnt mouth the words, felt too hard until 2 years ago lol.

    Bookish pet peeves: stupid small letters! No epub available! Super metaphorical writing! Obvious phrases! Oh and of couuurse, the main character who is apparently unnoticeable, but who also gets along with every guy in the book…more to a point where every guy crushes on her!

    Can’t think of any cover changes.

    Hehe, how did that go😁

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  6. Weird reading habits: I sometimes zone out and then have to read a whole chapter again.
    Bookish pet peeves: When people dog ear the pages. When someone is talking to me while I’m obviously reading. And many many more.
    Cover changes: I love the new Lunar Chronicles covers.
    By the way, I love this idea, it’s really fun.

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  7. Great idea, Riddhi!! I can’t promise mine are gonna be very “react-worthy” but, here goes…
    1. My weird reading habit is that I always fiddle with the tape, spine, or any other SLIGHTLY protruding thing my fingers can find to mess with. I’m slowing destroying so many of my books!! This is less weird, and more sorrowful in my opinion. 😉 😦
    2. My bookish pet peeve is/are book jackets….ugh….

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  8. Awesome idea!
    1. My weird bookish habit is that when I’m reading a physical copy of a book, my mind will simultaneously be calculating what percent I am through the book as I read. I usually read on my kindle which tells me the percentage so it just makes me feel better to do this? Not sure why!
    2. Pet peeves….ah, I have them, I just can’t think of them! Oh, okay so. I really really hate when an author ends a book on a perfectly fine ending, everything is nicely wrapped up and then the EPILOGUE comes along and it’s like, ‘oh yeah, so the villain is actually alive.’ And then there’s another book. NO. First of all, that ruins all the hard work the characters did in the first book, second of all WE DONT NEED A SECOND BOOK. IT WAS WRAPPED UP SO NICELY. WE DONT NEED THIS. Okay sorry for my little rant.
    3. I don’t really have any cover changes that I hate.

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  9. 1. Weird reading habit: I like to read lying down either on the couch or on the bed with my body turned to the side. When reading while lying down on the couch, I like to prop one leg up the back rest. Wonder if anyone does this too. 😂 2. Pet peeves: small print, metaphorical writing.

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  10. 1. Your weird reading habits:
    I used to have the habit of looking at the last page first before starting a book. I didn’t mind spoiling the ending. But now I stopped doing that!
    2. Your bookish pet peeves:
    I hate the trope where the girl doesn’t think she’s pretty and then every guy she meets falls for her. I also don’t like insta-love trope or the trope where the girl isn’t like other girls.
    3. Cover changes that you love/hate:
    I really don’t like the new cover designs for the A Court of Thorns and Roses series!! The original covers were SO much better than the new ones.

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  11. Such a unique idea!
    1. weird reading habits – reading in the middle of doing essays or online exams to reward myself for writing a few sentences!
    2. bookish pet peeves – crinkled spines, dog-earing pages, bending the covers backwards
    3.cover changers i hate – a court of thorns and roses, so unnecessary! The original covers are so good!

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  12. 1. My weird reading habit is… Literally talking myself into staying up all night to finish a book even if I have to get up early for work the next day 😴
    2. My bookish pet peeves are… Love triangles, bully romances, and romanticizing toxic people
    3. Cover changes I hate… Not a specific one but when they change the cover of a book to match the actors/actresses after they make it a movie. No if I want the movie I will get it, I don’t want my book to match it

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  13. Wow!! Awesome idea. So here are my answers:
    Weird reading habits: I just read the ending of the book first. Oh, and I also google the deaths of that book, so yeah. I know everything that happens even before reading the complete book 😛 like for example, I knew Dumbledore would die when I was reading POA itself! And I also knew Snape was NOT Voldy’s supporter!😁
    Pet peeves: I don’t like it when I have to give my physical copy of the book to someone. They will spoil it😡 even after promising they won’t.
    Cover changes that I hate/love: I did NOT like the Scholastic cover pages for Harry Potter books! I liked the Bloomsbury edition so much better!!

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  14. This sounds like such a cool idea! Here are my answers:

    1. My weird reading habit is….. if I’m not feeling a book I’ll skip to the end to find out what happens. I’m not sure if that’s weird or just a bad habit though haha.
    2. My bookish pet peeve is….anything that damages the cover! I’m known to return books if they don’t look perfect
    3. I love/hate the cover change of Seraphina by Rachel Hartman. The first cover was so gorgeous and the new one is just bleh.

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  15. This is so fun! 🤗 Here are my answers:

    1. My weird reading habit is that I absolutely love eating while reading, and can even manage things like cereal without spilling stuff on my books. You just have to balance the bowl the right way with your knees!

    2. Some of my bookish pet peeves are: When books in a series don’t match, when the edge of a cover doesn’t reach the edge of the book, or when translators decide to translate names of characters!

    3. Also (controversially) a cover change I love is the one for the “Across the Universe” series. Ones I hate are the ones for “The Winner’s Curse” and “Shattered Realms” series, which are obviously “Throne of Glass” rip-offs that make no sense whatsoever 🙄 Though I do think changing the original “Throne of Glass” cover was a good idea!

    Anyway, I’m pumped to see your reactions! 😁

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  16. 1. Weird reading habit: Deciding to DNF a book, removing the bookmark, changing my mind a bit later, searching again for where I left off. 😅

    2. Too much “telling,” not enough “showing.” Sub-genre: awkwardly expositioney dialogue.

    3. Cover change I love: the paperback cover of Carry On, by Rainbow Rowell. It’s purple, for one thing, and the dragon looks cool, and the protagonists’ stances are badass.

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  17. 1. My weird reading habit is that I always check how many pages are in a book before I start reading them. Also, I check through an author’s acknowledgments to see if they are friends with any of my other favorite authors.
    2. Bookish pet peeves: Carry on by Rainbow Rowell (yes I consider this book a pet peeve), not like other girls
    3. I cannot stand the Lunar chronicles cover change because it is ridiculously ugly. I do however love the darkest minds covers changes.

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  18. 1. My weird bookish habit is closing my room’s door before starting to read a novel. I don’t like it when anyone opens that door while I’m reading. I also like to read books with vintage pages in them.

    2. I hate it when a book has a small “i” in it!
    I’m not so found by folded book pages.

    3. IDK, I forget the covers of books after reading them😂

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  19. 1.My weird book habit is lying on my bed,keeping the book very close to my eyes and then reading it.When the book falls on my face,I pick it up and read it the same way…LOL
    2.Bookish Pet Peeve:Princess Diaries (The whole series is my bookish pet peeve)
    3.I forget the book cover rather ignore it (True beliver of don’t judge a book by its cover LOL)

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  20. 1. My weird reading habit is that I have only one position I am truly comfortable reading in – on the sofa with my back taking the support of small cushions
    2. My bookish pet peeves are – bad grammar, and when someone puts a book upside down to mark the page they were on.
    3. I am not sure which ones are new and which ones are old editions, but Harry Potter and Artemis Fowl series have certain covers I do not like at all.

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  21. This sounds like such so cool, Riddhi! Here are my answers:
    1. Weird reading habits – when I start a new chapter I often look how many pages it has, it weirdly increases my reading speed. I also like to listen to audiobooks while also reading the physical copy.
    2. Bookish pet peeves – insta-love. I absolutely hate it with a burning passion because it makes no sense for me.
    3. Cover changes – I love the orange and teal cover that They Both Die In The End has. And honestly all the covers the Raven Cycle series has.

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  22. 1. Your weird reading habits – i like to flick through the books to the end before i even start reading the book. That also includes any weird irrelevant information which is nothing to do with the book itself
    2. Your bookish pet peeves – love at first sight (that is so not realistic at all) and also the book finishing at the last page. I like a few pages left after the book finishes
    3. Cover changes that you love/hate – i do personally like movie covers on top of books, but obviously I don’t like it when the original cover is all forgotten about. I don’t like drawings of people on the covers either.

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  23. This is a fun a idea!! Hopping in a bit delayed, here’s mine 🙂

    1. My weird reading habit is…..
    I really like opening the window when it’s cold out to get a chill breeze, then cuddling in a blanket and lighting a candle. Sometime about the warm v cold is really relaxing to me!

    2. My bookish pet peeve is….
    YA fantasy with super cliche or surface level romance. Or romance that overshadows the fantasy bits. I know to expect some love / crushes in the genre but I have to draw a line somewhere 🤣

    3. I love/hate the cover change of ______ book (If you want, you can leave behind the link of the book covers too)
    Honestly…I’m not sure. It annoys me when I switch between paperback and hardcover books and the cover themes change though. Makes me want to go back and purchase more to fix my mistake lol

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  24. 1. My weird reading habit is…..
    Uhh umm, I think eating chocolate while reading
    2. My bookish pet peeve is….
    People ranting on how they love romance books(no offense, they’re are some specific people who overdo it, not you, someone i know)
    3. I love/hate the cover change of ______ book (If you want, you can leave behind the link of the book covers too)
    I hate the cover of my second book, it is the ugliest cover I have ever seen, and I love the cover of Legacy, KOTLC

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  25. 1. My weird reading habit is: I always postpone reading the last chapter
    2. My bookish pet peeve is: When writers go off topic
    3. I absolutely loved the original lovely bones cover, but the new one…just doesn’t measure up. It doesn’t feel as meaningful.

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  26. Reading Book Habits: I might sound maniac when I say this but sometimes if I get so frustrated with a character I’d literally close the book and go off on a commentary rant then I’d continue reading 😂

    Bookish Pet Peeves: I hate it when someone just tries to snag your attention from the book by suddenly placing their palm on the page or worse trying to take it away as a “joke”. No don’t touch the book, just no.

    Cover Changes: I really hate it when they suddenly change the cover of a book within the same series; I’m talking about A Court of Silver Flames 👀

    This was fun answering Riddhi! I hope you don’t think I’m totally weird 😂😂

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