Blogger Interview with Phoenix!

Hello everybuddy! As you may or may not know, in late December, I announced that I will be doing a series of blogger interviews and the third one’s here!

Today I will be interviewing Phoenix @Books With Wings. We have corresponded previously in comments and a couple of times via mail, and she is a really nice person! So, let’s get on with it!

Me: Hey Phoenix! I am happy to be interviewing you. So, tell my readers a bit about yourself.

Phoenix: Well, my name is Phoenix, I’m a teen who blogs and reads and writes, but I suppose you already know that about me. Something else about me that I don’t mention that often on my blog is that I am a big baseball fan, (major league baseball in America). I know a lot of people find baseball boring because, well, not much happens, it’s true, but there actually is a lot to follow, like stats and certain players and of course there are lots of interesting things that happen on the field. Most people just follow higher-activity sports like (American) football or hockey and it makes baseball seem so much slower–it’s really not!

Me: Well, baseball isn’t a major sport in India, so I have absolutely no idea about that. Personally, I am a big fan of cricket, so well. Why did you start blogging?

Phoenix: Before my blog Books With Wings, I ran a blog with two of my friends where we just posted book reviews. That blog sort of trickled out of use because we just didn’t post much and I kept wanting to make a blog of my own, a new start where I could grow a new blog. Katie @Whispering Pages really encouraged me to start a blog as well and so I did! With lots of help from Katie, of course.

Me: Oh, I am familiar with Katie’s blog, she seems cool! So, what motivates you to continue blogging?

Phoenix: I really enjoy when people interact with me on my own blog, I love seeing that people take the time to read my posts and talk with me about them, that makes me feel awesome so I’d say the human interaction I get helps me! Of course I have other people I can talk to, even other people I can talk to about books, but meeting new people online who share my love for books as deeply as me and who are willing to just talk all day about them is just amazing and I love how many awesome people I’ve met while blogging.

Me: Well, I am an introvert, but I too love when people comment on my posts! So yes, all of that applies for me too. On the other hand, what is your least favourite bit about blogging?

Phoenix: Probably how time consuming it is. Don’t get me wrong, I love writing blog posts and interacting with people but ever since I started blogging, I’ve been writing a LOT less, and even my reading has gone down. I’m sort of sad that I haven’t been able to write as much and hope that once I can get into a more normal blogging schedule that I’ll be able to do so more.

Me: Oh, that’s true. So, why do you blog about books?

Phoenix: Well, I mean…I love books! What more can I say? There’s so much to talk about, I mean there’s always book reviews to write but then lists and book tags and I just love reading so much that having a whole blog about the thing I love to do is awesome!

Me: Samesies! So, you obviously read. What are some of your favourite books?

Phoenix: I do, in fact, read, which is why I run a book blog on, well, books! I think that my favorite books are…oh come on stop being difficult! Anyways, I just read Cemetery Boys and really enjoyed it! Some other books I’ve liked over this year are All the Stars and Teeth, The Merciful Crow, Six of Crows, Crown of Feathers and a LOT more.

Me: Sorry to ask that question, but I had to. What is your favourite genre in books?

Phoenix: I love the fantasy genre because it means I get to escape the real world for a time. I get to see new places that don’t actually exist and so many things are possible in fantasy that aren’t in real life. It’s all very, well, magical, quite literally. 

Me: Ah, true that. So, do you listen to music?

Phoenix: I…sort of listen to music. I’d say that I listen to exactly four different things. They are Hamilton, Six the musical, Les Miserables and…wait for it…Julie and the Phantoms (thought I was gonna mention another historical musical, right?). My friends recently showed me Julie and the Phantoms and I absolutely LOVE it. I’ve watched it twice in the past month. Everything about it is awesome, but we’re talking about music so I’ll talk about music. The music is SO GOOD, it’s a TV show but the actors really really all sound like an actual band. And the main character and lead singer, Julie (played by Madison Reyes) is THE MOST AMAZING singer.

Me: Oh, that sounds cool! Hmm… one good thing that happened to you in 2020?

Phoenix: Well, first of all, I started a blog! I’d say that that’s a good thing! I also managed to read a LOT more books than before and I wrote a whole lot too! In fact, over the summer I wrote a whole manuscript (it ended up being 120,000 words, which I eventually shortened–but not enough) in two months! So I’d say those are very good things!

Me: Oh, I read so many books too! I read about 120 books in 2020, which is somehow so awesome! And oh my god, 120,000 words is a lot! Like, you know I am writing a Wattpad novel, and I am not sure how I will reach 50000 words, so 120,000 words is really awesome! So, there is one last thing I want to ask- Feedback on my blog?

Phoenix: I love your blog! Hmm…I really can’t think of much feedback…though I was wondering, is there a reason that your Home page and the page people reach when you click at the top of your blog (like where it says Whispering Stories) is different? If not, maybe you could combine those into one page. That’s just a small thing, though, and it doesn’t really matter!

Me: No, there isn’t really a reason for that, it just… accidentally happened. But I kinda like it the way it is, so I am going to leave it like that :). Well, so that’s a wrap then! I hope you enjoyed doing this!

Phoenix: Thank you so much for doing this! I really enjoyed answering these questions and it was super fun to do!

So, that’s that for today! Stay tuned for the next interview!

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  1. A fellow musical fan!! And, Riddhi and Phoenix, it’s so inspiring to hear that both of you love to write as well. Finishing a manuscript is such an accomplishment, and I’m sure your Wattpad novel will get there, too, Riddhi 😉 I definitely plan on reading it once my semester break starts!

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