Best Friend Booktube Tag | It is my best friend’s birthday!

Hey everyone! So, it is my best friend- Simran’s birthday today (Wish her a happy birthday everyone!!!!!), and I decided to get her to do a guest post on my blog today! I saw this tag over at Madame Writer’s blog (originally created by Myonna Reads on Youtube) and it was actually the Boyfriend Booktube tag, but since I am very single, I decided to do it with one of my best friend today! And like, it is also a part of her birthday gift!!! So, let’s get started!

My responses are in italics.

1. How long have we been friends?

Answer: 6 years.

That is indeed correct.

2. Are you a reader?

Answer: Yes although I haven’t read any books in months.(I’m currently going through a reading slump)

Despite me suggesting a bunch of books to get her out of her slump- she hasn’t read any of them, hmmph.

3. What Hogwarts House are you?

Answer: Ravenclaw

Just like me, yay!

4. What is my most anticipated book this year or next year?

Answer: Does a movie count? I know it is To All the Boys 3.

No, a movie doesn’t count. But you should know!! It is Sunkissed by Kasie West and You’ll be the Death of me by Karen M. Mcmanus. I is disappointed 😦

5. What is the last book I read?

Answer: .#16thingsithoughtweretrue(I cheated and looked at your blog for this one)

Well, despite the fact you cheated, the answer is incorrect as the answer is My Life With the Walter Boys. When I asked you to answer the questions, I had just finished My life with the Walter Boys. And next time you want to cheat, check my Goodreads, it is more accurate, lol.

6. What is my favorite book?

Answer: The Heartbreakers

I have a lot of favourite books, but yes, The Heartbreakers is definitely a favourite of mine.

7. What is my favorite book genre?

Answer: Romance and then second is mystery I think

Yes! I do enjoy YA Romance and second in line is definitely mystery!!

8. How much time do I usually spend reading?

Answer: Well since you are pretty busy you usually spend 1-2 hours reading but when you have the time you love to read the entire day.

That is true.

9. What is one thing you notice about my reading habits? (i.e. watching TV, listening to music, etc.)

Answer: Well I don’t really know about any particular reading habits.

This is probably because I don’t really read in front of my friends- because I am obviously with them! At home, although I listen to music while reading (or doing pretty much anything.)

10. What book should I read soon?

Answer: Hmm…maybe read ‘The Curious incident of the Dog at Night Time’- it’s different and unique.

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time by Mark Haddon


11. What book would you consider reading?

Lord of the Rings, since it has been on my TBR foreverrr and I really wanna read it!

Buy The Lord of the Rings Book Online at Low Prices in India | The Lord of  the Rings Reviews & Ratings -

12. Superhero or supervillain?

Answer: I don’t know really…. Maybe super villain, although I would be very bad at it and I’m too lazy to be a superhero, so…

Yup, all of my friends have an evil sideπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. Although, what Sim said is true- she would suck at being a super villain.

13. Define these terms:

Booktube:  YouTube content related to books


Reading slump: Something I’m going through right now- It’s when you can’t read to save your life and you get waaaay behind your Goodreads goals.

Haha, true!

TBR: To be read, basically a list that keeps getting longer and longer for every bookworm.


Wrap up:  Reviewing and going through the books you have read recently.

Yeah, pretty much!

Read-a-thon: A reading marathon


Reading vlog: Vlogging about reading

Yeah, I guess, although technically it’s about a day in a reader’s life, but yeah that’s true too!

Happy birthday Sim, once again! I hope you enjoyed doing this, because I enjoyed having you here!!!! And everyone, wish Simran a happy birthday!!!!!

So, I am not tagging anyone, but you can do it with your best friend or boyfriend if you want to!!!! Also share your thoughts in the comments!

31 thoughts on “Best Friend Booktube Tag | It is my best friend’s birthday!

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  1. Happy belated birthday to Simran! 🎊🎈 I love that you guys did this, it was so fun to read! And the fact that Sim tried to cheat by looking up the last book you read on your blog already makes me approve of her 😁
    And I obviously don’t read in front of my friends, either, Riddhi, so I get where you’re coming from!

    Liked by 1 person

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