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Blogger Interview with Naemi!

Hello everybuddy! As you may or may not know, in late December, I announced that I will be doing a series of blogger interviews and the fourth one’s here!

Today I will be interviewing one of my favourite bloggers- Naemi from A Book Owl’s Corner. I have often talked to Naemi in the comments and we have also talked via emails once or twice! But this interview provides more of an insight to her life, so I am excited! Let’s get started!

Me: So, Naemi, tell me something about yourself.

Naemi: This is already such a difficult question to start off with! I don’t think I’m actually that interesting, to be honest. Just your regular old math and English student who loves to talk about books in her free time.

But one thing that I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned on my blog is that I live in this really old half-timbered house my family has been working on restoring for over ten years now. Everything has to be custom made and fit all these historical building protection standards, so it’s going extremely expensively and hence, slowly. People are always shocked to hear that most of our rooms don’t even have doors yet… But I don’t mind – I love our house and think it has lots of character! 

Me: Oh my god, that must be so awesome! It would be fun to live in such a house! So, why did you start blogging?

Naemi: My first post was actually a homework assignment for a coding class! But I’d been thinking of starting a book blog long before then. Books and writing are two great passions of mine, and I’ve loved watching BookTube ever since I discovered it. However, I’m so incredibly awkward on camera that I knew there was no way I’d ever join the bookish community that way… So a book blog seemed like a great alternative! That assignment just happened to be the final push I needed. 

Me: Oh, I see, I see. What motivates you to continue blogging?

Naemi: I love being able to express myself creatively and write about whatever I want to! And it’s also really nice to have my old posts to look back on. Even though some of them are quite cringy, I like being able to check what I was up to at a certain time in my life, and what I thought about the books I read back then. 

But most importantly, there’s the community! I absolute love interacting with all of you guys and exchanging opinions, so that’s probably by favorite part of blogging. 

Me: I love interacting with the community too! Bloggers out there are really nice! So, why do you blog about books and writing?

Naemi: Well, in case you couldn’t already tell, I absolutely love to read! And even though I do also have real-life friends who like to talk about books with me, there are just so many more opportunities to gush about them when you have a book blog
I also love to write, and my blog is a great place to share some of my stories with you. My biggest dream is to one day become a published author! And I can’t deny that it’s helpful to have something that forces me to write regularly, even when it’s not for one of my bookish projects. Practice makes perfect, right? 

Me: Oh, I want to become a published author some day too!! And a big one like Karen M. McManus or Marissa Meyer. What’s your least favorite thing about having a blog? 

Naemi: Spending so much time on my computer! I absolutely hate it, and sometimes wish that I could just transfer the words from my brain directly to my posts… It would be so much easier! 
And I also don’t like how time consuming it is. I always feel terrible about not regularly getting back to everyone who reads my own content or all the wonderful blogs I’ve discovered along the way, but there’s just no way I’d ever be able to fit that into my crazy university schedule ☹ I need a few extra hours in my day! 

Me: Ah, that’s true! Do you read? What are your favourite books? 

Naemi: OF COURSE!! I think we’ve already established that. 
As to the second question – my favorite books of all time are the Harry Potter books. Even though I don’t approve of what J.K. Rowling is getting up to these days, nothing is ever going to destroy the love I have for this series. I’ve reread them so often that I’ve lost count, and I highly doubt that I’ll ever find something I’ll love more. 

But in case you’re looking for other recommendations, here are a couple: The Penderwicks Series by Jeanne Birdsall, the Graceling books by Kristin Cashore, The Song of the Lioness Quartett by Tamora Pierce, the Anne of Green Gables Series by L.M. Montgomery, Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell, All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr… If you want more, I have a whole posts about my favorites up on my blog.

Me: Oh, I agree with the entire Harry Potter thingy! Fangirl and Anne of Green Gables are awesome books too! What is your favourite genre? Why? 

Naemi: Probably fantasy. I read a wide range of things, but fantasy still holds the number one spot. I love how it presents alternatives to what we are familiar with and explores how societies and politics work. And the MAGIC! It’s just really cool, okay?

Me: Well, it seems as though the entire book community loves fantasy. Like head-over-heels in love. Do you listen to music? Who are your favourite artists? 

Naemi:Yes!! Though I have a really hard time picking favorites. Currently, I’m relistening to a lot of Imagine Dragons, Joan Baez, Hamilton, Ed Sheeran and Reinhard Mey stuff, and, of course, Evermore, but my music cravings are constantly changing. 
I also listen to a lot of classical music and have to give a shoutout to some of my favorite violinists, like Itzhak Perlman or Hilary Hahn. Their playing is absolutely phenomenal! 

Me: Oh, I love a Imagine Dragons and Ed Sheeran’s music. And evermore is a classic album. What are your greatest strengths? 

Naemi:Umm – I don’t really know? I guess maybe that I’m a pretty open-minded person and always like to learn about new things? At least I hope that’s true! 

Me: Well, I think it might be, you come across as an open-minded person! What are your pet peeves? 

Naemi: I hate when people crack their knuckles – it’s disgusting! Or when people don’t clean the shower after they’ve used it. Seriously, how hard can it be to give it a rinse after you’ve finished? Or, worst of all, when people are all smiley and nice but then never reach out to you again. Just tell me to my face if you don’t like me – I much prefer that to not knowing what you really think and wondering if I did something wrong to make you stop talking to me! 

Me: Well, um, I had contracted the habit of cracking knuckles a few years ago *gulps*, but it wore off. What are your hobbies? 

Naemi: Apart from reading and writing, you mean? 

Well, I’m super into music – I play violin and piano, and some very basic recorder, guitar and ukulele, and I’ve been part of some choir or orchestra for most of my life. For me, one of the worst things about this pandemic was our university orchestra getting cancelled. We were supposed to be performing Swan Lake next year, and I just don’t think it’s gonna happen… 

I also really like swimming and hiking, though I definitely wouldn’t consider myself a pro at either of them. 

Me: Oh, I love music too! I can play the guitar, a bit of ukulele (I am still learning!) and even piano (I had lessons when I was maybe 7 or 8) So, an important question- Dogs or cats? Which is your favourite breed? 

Naemi: Cats!!! Though I do also love dogs. But cats are better. I might be a little biased because my family has five of them, but still. And I don’t have a favorite breed. If it’s a furry animal, I’ll love it no matter what!! 

Me: I am partial to doggos, they be the cutest!! So, one good thing that happened to you in 2020? 

Naemi: I passed my exams that allow me to become a teacher! Studying for those has been the bane of my existence for the past two years, so I’m really relieved that they’re finally over and I actually did well. 

Me: Oh, that’s awesome! Who is your role model? Why? 

Naemi: I don’t have one, at least not specifically. I think all people have their strengths and weaknesses, so while I might admire some of their qualities and achievements, I think it’s dangerous to put someone on a pedestal altogether. Instead, I just try my best to constantly reflect on my values and adhere to what I think is right.

Me: That is a very good ideology, I must say! So, lastly, some feedback for my blog? 

Naemi: I love your blog, Riddhi! Your enthusiasm for what you write is evident in all of your posts, and I also love how you always go out of your way to reach out to people and try new things! I really admire how involved you are in this community – Seriously, where do you find the time to do all of this? My only complaint is that I can never keep up with everything you write because there’s just so much of it. But that’s not a bad thing at all, since it means I’ll never be running out of your content. 

Me: Well, I don’t know how I find the time, but I just do, I guess? And I love reaching out to my readers at least, as if they don’t feel involved, they won’t be interested. So, I personally think it is very important to involve my readers in whatever I am posting! So, that’s all for today! Any parting words?

Naemi: Thanks again for having me on your blog! I’ve been throughly enjoying this series and am honored that you let me be part of it. And, of course, I’m really looking forward to what everyone else has to say in future installments of this series!

That’s all for this one folks! Thanks again Naemi, for doing this with me!!


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  1. Thanks again for having me on your blog, Riddhi! 😊 I had so much fun answering these questions, and I’m very glad your knuckle-cracking habit wore off eventually 😂 I’m still hoping that will eventually happen with my brother, but so far, he actually seems to enjoy cracking them even more because he knows I hate it 😅

    Anyway, good luck with your author aspirations and all the exam preparation I know you’re currently up to!

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  2. Reblogged this on A Book Owl’s Corner and commented:
    Hi everyone, happy Sunday!

    This is just a quick heads up before I get back to studying for my Russian oral tomorrow 😉 As you may or may not know, Riddhi over at Whispering Stories has recently been doing a series of blogger interviews, where she talks to different people all around our community every Sunday. Anyway, today I had the great honor of being featured on Riddhi’s blog, so if any of you would like to check that post out and discover a few more things about me that I might not have shared on here yet, you’re more than welcome to!

    Also, if you’re not already following her, I would also highly recommend checking out some of Riddhi’s other amazing content. I don’t know how she does it, but she posts such a variety of creative things on Whispering Stories and she even recently started a second blog, poems and poesies, where she posts some of her poetry. Trust me, it’s definitely worth reading!

    Anyway, I’d better get back to studying now 😅 I’ll see you on Friday with my regular post!

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    1. Haha, yeah, that was probably one of the few good things I took away from that course 😁 The majority of it consisted of the lecturer reading his script to us, which was such a complete waste of time… I could have taught myself that out of a book! But the practical part was definitely useful!

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