Blogger Interview with Cherelle!

Hello everybuddy! As you may or may not know, in late December, I announced that I will be doing a series of blogger interviews and the next one’s here!

Today I will be interviewing Cherelle over from A Bolt Out of a Book. I have corresponded with her in comments quite a few times and she is such a sweet soul! I am sure quite a few of you know her as she has such a pretty influence on the bookish community. Those of you who don’t know her, go check her blog out right now!!! Let’s get started!

Me: So, Cherelle, tell me something about yourself.

Cherelle: I love love love musical theatre with all my heart and can belt out the lyrics of so many musicals by heart including Les Miserables, Phantom and Hamilton!

Me: That was a pretty random fact to start off with, but whoa, that’s impressive!! I have never really seen a musical, so I am guessing that’s impressive! Why did you start blogging? And what motivates you to continue it?

Cherelle: Honestly, I started blogging on a whim in the middle of the night. I literally did not prepare or research much, I didn’t even post a “welcome” or “introduction” post haha! For me, what keeps me blogging is the amazing community and the opportunity to talk about and discover so many incredible books!

Me: Oh my god, same! I literally started my blog at like 1 am. And the first post I posted was a book review! So, why do you blog about books?

Cherelle: Well, books are my whole entire life!

Me: Understandable. Like, honestly, my whole life revolves around books. I just feel so at peace with the world when I am reading *sighs dreamily*. What do you not like about blogging though?

Cherelle: I love blogging and interacting with the community so much! But at times, it can get quite overwhelming, especially when I follow hundreds of blogs, and I hate being late to everyone’s posts because of the sheer amount of them.

Me: Yeah, I agree, there is so much of good content out there!! So, of course you read, but what are some of your favourite books?

Cherelle: YES I DO! This is a book blog haha. I love fantasy and historical fiction, if you want to find out my favourite books you can click here (there are too many to choose from!)

Me: Haha, understandable!! Now, the question that follows is really important. Dogs or cats? Which is your favourite breed?

Cherelle: DOGS DOGS! I am biased because I grew up with a mother who was paranoid of cats, and I guess I inherited that trait. And dogs are so so adorable, I love Scottish terriers!

Me: YES! That’s like it! Doggos be the bestt! And Scottish terriers are a good breed! What are your pet peeves?

Cherelle: Slow walkers. Dog-eared pages

Me: Slow walkers are the worst! When I am like cycling, there are people who walk slower than snails staring into their phones!! It is so annoying! So, one good thing that happened to you in 2020?

Cherelle: Despite the situation, there are actually loads! I started this blog, I survived a year at school haha and managed to have more family time during the lockdown.

Me: Sounds like 2020 wasn’t an all bad year for you! My next question is about your role model… who is it and why?

Cherelle: I would probably go with some book character but let’s talk about one from a movie for a change! Mulan from um Mulan haha. She is brave, determined, loyal to her family, something which I truly admire.

Me: Oooh nice! And lastly, what do you think of my blog?

Cherelle: Riddhi, your blog is amazing, I can’t believe how much it has grown ahh!! I admire your dedication in posting so frequently and also how are you up to date with tags??!! I love how casual your tone is, it makes me feel at ease! Basically, great blog ok!! 

Me: To be honest, I cannot believe how much my blog has grown either!! As for tags, I now have 12 pending, so well!
Well, thank you for doing this Cherelle! It was a true pleasure having you here!!

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