Blogger Interview with Nehal!

Hey everyone! So, Nehal, as some of you might be knowing, is a good blogger friend of mine, and runs a blog Books and Words (click the link and follow it, peeps!). But what most of you probably don’t know is that it is her birthday today! So, I decided to post her blogger interview today! Let’s get started!

Me: First of all, a very happy birthday Nehal!

Nehal: Thank you very much!

Me: So, tell my readers something about yourself.Β Β 

Nehal: I am a 15 year old Indian girl, who loves to read and finds solace in it. I love weird GIFs, weird emojis, weird books, and yeah, the word weird basically sums me up pretty well.

Me: Ah, the word, weird sums me up pretty well too! Why did you start blogging? 

Nehal:  I had seen quite a few of my classmates sharing their blogs and that interested me, so I joined WordPress. There was nothing much to do anyways considering lockdown, and I took to writing blogs. Yippee.

Me: Ah, I see. What motivates you to continue blogging?

Nehal: I have made some *awesome* friends through WordPress and I always love making more. I love writing blogs, sharing my thoughts and stories with y’all. It is a wonderful experience and a great stress reliever. 

Me: That’s true, actually! What do you blog about and why?

Nehal: Books and words. Haha, I blog about bookish stuff and also share some poems and short stories that I write from time to time.

Me: All of which is awesome! What’s your least favorite thing about having a blog?  

Nehal: I already wear glasses and my screen time has increased a lot. I am a huge worrier when it comes to my eyes so that is a bit of a drawback

Me: Mm hmm. What is your favourite genre? Why?

Nehal: I love YA and my favorite genres are fantasy, science-fiction, dystopian and romance. I just like reading about new worlds that are, let’s be real, they can be horrible, but I still feel that they are so much better than our awful real world.

Me: Yeah. In those worlds, most of the times you know who’s evil and who’s not. Whereas in our awful real world, we don’t. Do you listen to music? Who are your favourite artists?

Nehal: Yup, I love listening to songs. My favorite used to be Taylor Swift but I listened to her so freaking much that now I am over her songs. But I am still a Directioner. Oh, and I love Why Don’t We, it is one of my favourite bands!

Me: Ooh, well, TS songs will always be close to my heart and I might pause listening to them, but I can never be over them, truly. And please remember I introduced you to Why Don’t We, and then you fell in love, just like me πŸ’™. What are your pet peeves?

Nehal: I hate it when people treat me as some use-and-throw garbage. Like, some people ask me for work and stuff and act all friendly when they need me, but otherwise not give a damn. That is oh-so annoying and I absolutely hate it when that happens.

Me: Ugh, I hate those people too! I don’t know many in real life, but I know a couple of bloggers who can be like that and it is simply outrageous! One good thing that happened to you in 2020?  

Nehal:  I started my blog and made amazing friends here πŸ˜ƒ

Me: πŸ˜ƒ Who is your role model? Why? 

Nehal: My father. My dad is like the most incredible I know. He’s taught me so much and it amazes me how much he loves us. While my mother teaches me to be careful, he prepares me to face the harshness of the real world. There is just so much in him that I love, and want to be.

Me: Oh, I see. And lastly, some feedback for my blog?

Nehal:  I really love your blog so much already, but I feel like you love some feedback. So well, if I’m being honest, I do not like the way you reply to comments. Like I know that you try to keep it formal and show some maturity, but to me, it sometimes feel like you are being a bit uninterested. Which I honestly know is not true, but it comes across that way.

Me: Oh well, then, I will try and work on it!

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  1. Awesome interview Riddhi and Nehal!!! And how could you get over TS? Like, I agree with Riddhi! I had stopped listening to her for a while, but see what happened today! 4 TS Songuages!

    Liked by 3 people

  2. Awesome interview, guys! And happy birthday, Nehal! πŸ₯³πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠ (I mean, I did just wish you a happy birthday on your own blog, but you can never have too many birthday greetings, right? 😁)
    And ahhh – those use-and-throw-taking-advantagers truly are the worst! I’ve met quite a few of them over the course of my life, and yet I still never manage to tell them “no” and end up doing their work for them πŸ˜₯ But I’m working on it!
    Also, what happened to the cats and dogs question? 🧐 I need to take every opportunity I can get to defend the awesomeness of cats, after all πŸ˜‡

    Liked by 4 people

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