Blogger Interview with Kirsten!

Hey everyone! It’s time for another blogger interview and today I will be interviewing Kirsten @The Novel Existence. She has a wonderful blog, so do click on that link and give it a follow!

Let’s get started!

Me:  Tell me something about yourself.

Kirsten: I love to sing. It is my favorite thing in the world. Listening to music and singing along is my therapy. I can’t imagine not having a voice to use. That’s probably my worst nightmare. 

Me: I love to listen to music and sing too! Even though, my voice sucks. Although it does sound good when I am singing with the actual song, but I don’t think that counts. Moving on, why did you start blogging?

Kirsten: I’ve been on Goodreads since 2018 but I wanted a space to write my thoughts all for my own. And I’d been researching how to create a blog since September. So I just took a leap and I’ve had a blog for nearly 2 months now!

Me: That’s awesome! What motivates you to continue blogging?

Kirsten: Interacting with other bloggers. I love comments and getting some sort of reaction from my posts. Otherwise it may seem like I’m talking into a void. I guess I like starting conversations about the books I read and such. And that is why I blog.

I also just really like to get my words onto a page. I would already be doing this before, except now I’m posting my thoughts on a blog for others to see

Me: Ditto! Why do you blog about books? 

Kirsten: Because I love books and stories and I have a lot to say about them.

Me: What’s your least favorite thing about having a blog?

Kirsten: I don’t know about least favorite but making my blog look pretty is difficult for me. I am indecisive and have not yet settled on what my featured images/thumbnails should look like. I’m jumping around with this and that and experimenting, seeing which designs I like better. It will take time to settle into an overall design. I also need to make some of my blog pages prettier, instead of just a bunch of words.

Me: I went through that phase too, but I finally found something that suits me, I am sure you will too! What are your favourite books?

Kirsten: Currently my favorite series are The Princess Diaries and Six of Crows. But I have a lot more to read.

Me: Oh, I need to read The Princess Diaries, it’s like everyone is telling me to do so! And Six of Crows is a masterpiece! What is your favourite genre? Why?

Kirsten: Fantasy. By far. I love the adventure and the imagination and creativity it yields. There’s also the escapism of it. It’s a whole nother world compared to where we’re at and I just love that I get to travel to all these worlds just by opening up a book. I also love fantasy because as I read, I envision the story unfolding so it’s a movie in my mind and the fact that it is fantasy and otherworldly makes it that much cooler.

Me: Does everyone except me has fantasy as their favourite genre? Anyhoo, do you listen to music? Who are your favourite artists?

Kirsten: One artist you may or may not have heard of is Rex Orange Country. I discovered him back in 2018 from an Emma Chamberlain video. Oh how time flies.
And a song I will forever be obsessed with is Potential Breakup Song by Aly and AJ. I linked a live performance and honestly, THE VOCALS(!) It is a bop and a half. FOREVER WILL BE A BOP AND A HALF.

Me: Funny thing, I know the Potential Breakup song, because of a cover I watched of my favourite band, Why Don’t We! What are your greatest strengths?

Kirsten: One of my favorite things about reading is that you get to experience the world through so many different perspectives. There are so many stories out there and every single one of them is unique. By reading, you are in someone else’s shoes for a few moments and I think that is amazing.

I guess my greatest strengths would be that I am very empathetic and compassionate. And I feel that by reading all these stories, your capability for those traits grows.

Me: That’s actually true. What are your pet peeves?

Kirsten: A personal one is when people pronounce my name wrong. My name is Kirsten. It’s pronounced so that the ‘ir’ says ‘ear’. But lots of people pronounce it like Curse-ten. A little bit of me dies every time someone says it like that. What’s worse is when people call me ‘Kristen’. 100% I internally scream when someone calls me that. No offense to any Kristen’s out there but it is too close to my actual name and it’s grating to my ears.

A bookish pet peeve would be when I’m immersed in a story and someone interrupts me. Once is fine, but if it happens multiple times in the space of minutes or for an extended amount of time? PLEASE. LEAVE. ME. ALONE. And when book covers have permanent stickers on them, like those movie adaption coming soon ones.

Me: I feel ya. What are your hobbies?

Kirsten: Reading, Writing, Baking, Singing. Bicycling is the one physical thing I do every day. That and occasionally playing Just Dance on the Xbox.

Me: Oh my God, are you like my kindred spirit or something, because except the Xbox thing, all of those things apply to me too!! Dogs or cats? Which is your favourite breed?

Kirsten: I have a dog, so I’m morally obligated to say dogs haha. He is a pitbull/doberman mix and he is the sweetest. He’s like a big baby because you can’t help but coddle him with his puppy-dog eyes. Your pet depends on you and they also give you comfort and happiness. It’s a blessing.

Although, I do want a cat one day. Each of my brothers, when they were small, couldn’t pronounce my name correctly. It would come out sounding like ‘kitten’. My nickname was Kitten (and I have technically graduated to Kat). So yes, I would also love a cat.

Me: Oh, I see. One good thing that happened to you in 2020?

Kirsten: I got my braces off in February after 3 long years. So now I have a clear smile, and no more metal on my teeth, thank god.

Me: Oh, I have braces, right now, though everyone seems to mind them more than I do. Who is your role model? Why?

Kirsten: Princess Diana. Because of her kindness and her good heart. She’s the people’s princess. Even though I’m American.  Every time I remember how she is no longer alive and with us, I get sad.

Me: Yeah, that’s true. Lastly, some feedback for my back?

Kirsten: I think your blog functions really well, Riddhi! It may be a little overwhelming at first because you have tons of content and categories and subcategories, but it is all organized and listed clearly. The one thing I would add to your posts are dividers (or separators as WordPress calls them) to clearly differentiate between one section and the next. Anyway, you run a very efficient blog!

Me: Thanks, and I will keep that in mind! Thanks Kirsten for being here with us today, I enjoyed this interview!

That’s all for now, guys! Hope you enjoyed the interview!

21 thoughts on “Blogger Interview with Kirsten!

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  1. Haha lol, those pet peeves are like so relatable 😂. And oh, I have been meaning to read the princess diaries since forever. I love the films and have watched then like 10 times now, it’s good to know that the books are great as well.
    It was nice knowing about you Kirsten 😀

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  2. I love Kirsten’s answers to these questions!! I 100% agree that reading from different perspectives definitely makes you more empathetic. And I’m glad she brought up the name pronunciation because I’ve been saying it as Curse-ten all this time 😅🙈

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Thanks for doing this Riddhi! I honestly have not been on the blogsphere for a bit (school is kicking my butt majorly) but hope to be soon because I finally have break next week.

    Also same for the singing with radio. I feel like I sound better with it because the singer is so loud that I can’t hear my ownself. 😂

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I have no idea, honestly 🤣 There’s just no way of telling how you would actually pronounce those letter combinations 😁 But using the international phonetic alphabet, the closest transcription would probably be /na:’e:mi:/, so kind of like nah-*e sound that doesn’t exist in English”-me, I guess? 😅 Though if you say it fast, the sounds blur together a bit, so n-I-me /’naımi:/ works, too 😁

        Liked by 1 person

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