Blogger Interview with Kori!

Hey everyone! I am back with a new blogger interview! As the end is inching closer (Just a few interviews left!), I must say that while it can be a little tiring to draft the entire thing, this whole series was really cool. I got to know the face behind the blogs I love, and it was just amazing. If I get some free time, I might just do a few more, for other bloggers! I am super busy at the moment, and will probably get busier, so it probably won’t be possible this year, but maybe next year? Ah, that’s too far away.

Anywho, I am going to interview Kori @Writer Girls Book Reviews today, and I am super excited! Let’s begin already!

Me: Tell me something about yourself.

Kori: My name is Kori, I live in Tasmania, Australia with my husband of three years. I turn thirty in April and unlike most people, I’m not at all concerned about it. My husband and I have chosen to remain childless and plan to get ourselves a little furbaby soon.

Me: Oh, nice, I love dogs! I hope you get a dog! Why did you start blogging?

Kori: Three or four years ago I got back into writing fiction, mostly short stories, then in 2019 I got back into reading. My issue with writing fiction was that I struggled to come up with fresh ideas that kept me interested. So, I decided to combine the two things I love (writing and reading) and my book reviewing blog was born.

Me: Oh, I see, I see. What motivates you to continue blogging?

Kori: My blog is still a baby (nearly a year old), so most of my motivation is self-motivation. I like to see new followers, I like to see that with every blog post I publish there’s more people viewing and liking my words and I like the content that I make.

Me: Oh, mine turned an year just yesterday! Why do you blog about books?

Kori: a) I’ve tried to be an author, so I know how difficult it is to come up with new ideas, write them out and all the hard work that follows a first draft – so I like to support the people who can achieve that. I don’t have the most money in the world, so I buy books when I can and when I can’t, I hope my reviews inspire others to read their books too.
b) I love books and reading.
c) I have opinions about the books I read.

Me: Ah, who doesn’t What’s your least favorite thing about having a blog?

Kori: I know this sounds stupid, but getting in the right headspace to sit down and write. Like, once I’m at my laptop writing away, it’s a lot of fun, but getting there can be a challenge.

Me: Ohh…. Do you read? What are your favourite books?

Kori: I do read, yes. I have a few favourites. One is Far from the Tree by Robin Benway, it’s about three siblings who were fostered/adopted finding each other again. Another favourite is actually a trilogy called I Hunt Killers by Barry Lyga. It’s about a teenage boy who’s father is a serial killer. I’ve only read one book so far, but it’s really good!

Me: Oh, I must check them out then! What is your favourite genre? Why?

Kori: I have three favourites. YA contemporary/romance, adult thrillers and adult romance. I like YA contemporary/romance because it’s relaxing, it’s sweet, it makes me laugh and cry and feel everything. Although I’m more picky with them, I like adult thrillers because it’s so much fun to read something that gets the heart racing a little, and if it has mystery components as well, I love trying to figure out who did it. And I like adult romance for similar reasons to YA contemporary/romance, it’s usually not too serious and comes with a lot of feelings.

Me: I love YA romance, but I am not a fan of adult romance. Do you listen to music? Who are your favourite artists?

Kori: I very occasionally listen to music, especially while doing chores. I quite like Taylor Swift’s album Folklore. I also like the old stuff from bands like Marianas Trench, Good Charlotte, Mayday Parade, A Day To Remember, Simple Plan, A Rocket to the Moon, etc. I’m a 90’s girl, what can I say?

Me: Folklore’s a classic! Even though it came out less than a year ago, I know it will be listened to by ages to come! Dogs or cats? Which is your favourite breed?

Kori: Dogs, for sure! My favorite is the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

Me: Oh, I like that breed! One good thing that happened to you in 2020?

Kori: The owners to my rental property said yes to my husband and I getting a dog.

Me: Yay! I am just waiting for the day my parents say yes to me to getting a dog! Lastly, some feedback for my blog?

Kori: I like how organised your blog is with the different menus options at the top of your page, the way your reviews are arranged alphabetically and whatnot. I like how much you interact with your readers. I’m currently looking through your blog trying to find something to constructively criticize, but there’s honestly nothing, I love your blog!

Me: Aww, thanks so much!

That’s all for now folks!

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