Bookish Quizzes #3 | What type of book nerd am I?

Hey everyone! So, my last bookish quiz post was a big hit, and I thought to myself, I should do this more often! So here I am with another quiz! This one looks super fun, but I won’t know until I take it! Also my laptop screen is too small to fit both the questions and the answers, so there will be two screens for a question- one containing the questions, one containing the answers- let’s go!

Also, here’s the link to the quiz!

Number 1:

When I see them online. Most books I buy or read are the ones that I come across on either WordPress, Instagram, Goodreads or Amazon.

Number 2:


Number 3:

Ahh, this is difficult!! I think I will go with characters, because if I love the characters, then I would want to know what happens to them in the end, and hence I will be driven to know what happens in the end, and hence I would complete the book.

Number 4:

Uh, french fries for sure! A. I like them. B. They won’t stain the book, even if they drop from my hand.

Number 5:

Oh, I don’t like any of these so much! But I think those last ones are pretty and better.

Number 6:

Well, I don’t see my favourite characters here- I neither see Fred Weasley nor do I see Sirius Black. Well, then, I will just have to go with McGonagall.

Number 7:

I have a feeling by romance they mean adult romance, which I do not like, so I am gonna go with dystopia.

Number 8:

I haven’t ever read a book by Cassandra Clare, so I am gonna go with Queen of Air and Darkness.

And it’s time for the results!!! Let’s see what we gonna get…..

Should I be flattered? I think I am.

So, people I tag to take this quiz are:

  1. Pannaga @Just Dreamland
  2. Bex @Bex the bibliophile
  3. Becky and Kayla @A Couple of B’s
  4. Rachel @A Bookworm’s Paradise
  5. Mary, Caitlyn and Cossette @Tea Time Lit
  6. Katie @Whispering Pages
  7. Ahaana @Windows to Worlds
  8. Susana @Susana Loves Books
  9. Most importantly….


The people I have tagged can do the quiz in a separate post or just let me know the comments down below. Here’s the link in case you missed it.

Let me know your results in the comments! I am pretty happy with mine!

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