Blogger Interview With Flora!

Hey, so we are officially into the second last week of the blogger interviews. Whoa.

Today I will be interviewing a blogger with an awesome blog- Flora @Flora’s Week Show Blog!

Me: Welcome to the blog Flora! So, tell my readers something about yourself.

Flora: Hello! My name is flora and I own @flora’s week show blog. I love blogging and writing different and unique blog posts. 

Me: Okay, so, why did you start blogging?

Flora: I started blogging because I love writing and wanted to share my short stories, poems and just blog posts.

Me: That’s nice. What motivates you to continue blogging?

Flora: The saying “I CAN do this” Honestly, I love that saying and think it is very helpful when you’re down. 

Me: That’s true. So, what do you blog about? 

Flora:  I blog about lots of things. It really depends and what comes into my head whether it’s from poems to tags.

Me: What’s your least favorite thing about having a blog?

Flora: SPAM! i get some (not many) Spam comments and followers and sometimes even emails from the contact page. 

Me: That’s pretty annoying, actually! And half of them are in different languages! Do you read? What are your favourite books?

Flora: Yes! I read all the time and my fave books right now are:
 1. Wave me goodbye -Jacqueline Wilson 
2. Alice in wonderland -Lewis Carrol  
3. Matilda- Roald Dahl 
4. The Harry potter books 

Me: Ooh, good choices! What is your favourite genre? Why?

Flora: I LOVE fantasy because anything could happen. 

Me: That’s true. What are your greatest strengths?

Flora: I’d have to say, 
1. Kindness
2. The ability to work hard 

Me: And might I just say, I value those strengths highly. What are your hobbies?

Flora: 1. Blogging 2. Writing 3. Designing for my blog 

Me: Ooh, lastly, some feedback for my blog?

Flora: Your blog is amazing and I love it! I think that you are amazing and are one of the most inspiring bloggers that I know 😀 

Me: Oh my God, thank you, you have no idea how much that means to me!

That’s all folks, I will see you next week, with two new interviews!


15 thoughts on “Blogger Interview With Flora!

Add yours

    1. Awesome interview, guyss! Flora, I have read all of your current favorites. And lemme just say, I am so glad that you read J.W because I have not heard anyone else talk about her books.

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  1. Awesome interview! And you’re so right about the annoying spam comments! Although I’m not gonna lie – the ones in different languages are actually kind of interesting 😁 I love trying to figure out what they’re saying and then double checking how much I got right with google translate. I see it as free language training! But then I go ahead and delete them anyway 😜

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