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Book Character Tinder | I need your help!

Hey everyone! So, I just thought of something that I could do for fun, but I need your help for that!

So, what you guys need to do is that leave a comment with a few book characters, and draft a small bio for them (Just in case I haven’t read the book they belong to). For example,

Peter Kavinsky from To All the Boys
– Expert in fake dating
-has a bit of ex-drama
– Good at sports
– Funny

If I like the character’s bio or the character in general, I will swipe right. I will be reacting to all these in a different post, if I get enough entries! (Yes, I am aware, I have a lot of posts pending, but this is a good idea, and I couldn’t resist.)

So, comment away people! I am so excited!!!!!


85 thoughts on “Book Character Tinder | I need your help!

Add yours

  1. Dude, you seriously need to come up with a different GIF for the featured image πŸ˜‚.
    And okay, here goes:
    1) Voldemort πŸ™‚
    -bad boy turned worse trope
    -lust for power
    -special features= no nose

    2) Bella Swan πŸ™‚
    -falls for two unearthly creatures
    -ambitionless in life
    -doesn’t see she’s pretty
    -a true lover

    3) Kronos πŸ™‚
    -bad guy wanting revenge trope
    -lust for power
    -special features= chopped body

    4) πŸ™‚

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  2. I love this idea!!! You are soooo creative 😯
    Ok, these are mine (I hope you like them!):

    Jem Carstairs
    – has the purest heart
    – plays the violin
    – is kinda of dying (oops?)
    – special features: silver hair 😍

    Mal Oretsev
    – will find literally anything you want, including thousand years old mytical creatures
    – a bit overpossesive
    – can swoon you when he wants to

    Nikolai Lantsov
    – charming and sarcastic
    – cunning 😏
    – will make you love blondes 😍

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  3. i love this idea!! here are mine ~

    marshall seo (from these violent delights):
    – funny
    – lively
    – charming

    kaz brekker (from six of crows):
    – ruthless
    – cunning
    – loyal

    roma montagov (from these violent delights):
    – soft πŸ₯Ί
    – russian
    – looks tough on the outside but is really a cinnamon roll

    jesper fahey (from six of crows):
    – skilled sharpshooter
    – has a gambling addiction
    – gay AND soft πŸ₯Ί

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  4. Alex Bailey (from The Land of Stories)
    A little on the shy side
    Love’s her twin

    Conner Bailey (from The Land of Stories)
    Not studious
    Love’s his twin
    Not organized

    Jayfeather (from The Power of Three)
    Love’s his siblings
    Very hard to get to know

    I hope these help!

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  5. Pretty good idea! These are mine:

    1)Luna Lovegood
    – Unique
    – Smart
    – Kind
    – Brave

    2)Hermione Granger
    – Smartest witch of her age
    – Brave
    – Bold

    3)Ronald Weasley
    – Funny
    – Not scared of anything except for spiders and his mum
    – Not very serious
    – Overprotective about his younger sister

    I know I am obsessed with Harry Potter *heh heh*

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  6. *ahem* disclaimer: I ship all these people with other people, like Fitz with eternal suffering
    Leo Valdez:
    -mechanic, handyman
    -can make anyone laugh
    -energetic and happy-go-lucky
    Percy Jackson:
    -already loves youβ€”as a good friend! πŸ˜‰
    -very protective
    -will cheer you up when you’re down
    Jason Grace:
    -oop he’s dead
    Keefe Sencen:
    -very handsome… and knows it 😏
    -flirty, though he would NEVER cheat
    -literally a blonde Leo Valdez, except cannot fix anything but your broken heart 😍
    Fitz Vacker:
    -richrich boy
    -really cute
    -has no other good qualities… unless you like the abusive type 😌
    Tam Song:
    -will stalk your bullies and destroy them… Yandere style
    Peeta Mellark:
    -baker, and always gives fresh bread and goodies to you 😚
    -overprotective πŸ˜‡
    And now the girls!
    Annabeth Chase:
    -family reunions in every state
    -you will love her friends or else
    -FIERCE πŸ†
    Thalia Grace:
    -loves plants now
    -drags you along on her hunting expeditions
    -buys you everything you could ever need
    Sophie Foster:
    -clumsy, cannot walk on flat ground in flats
    -fierce 🐯
    -not afraid to speak her mind
    Biana Vacker:
    -very pretty, and humble
    -loooooves to shop
    -fashion shows all day every day
    Linh Song:
    -very sweet
    -loves every creature on the face of this earth with every ounce of her heart
    -drags you to meet her ✨wonderful✨ friends
    Katniss Everdeen:
    -will kill for you
    -already killed for you
    -hunts all day every day
    -you will learn how to use a bow and arrow
    Oh god that was a lot… sorry πŸ™‡πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

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  7. I love this idea!!! Here’s mine:
    Jesper Fahey (six of crows)
    -hates being left out

    Leo Valdez(heroes of Olympus)
    -so.clueless sometimes
    -a loy likely to go overboard while explaining complex mechanical things
    -unapologetically nerdy so much

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  8. How do you have so many amazing post ideas??? Not fair!! People have already covered a bunch… but here are mine.

    Charlotte Holmes (from Charlotte Holmes)
    – a genius
    – has a bit of a temper … just a bit
    – Very witty
    – Absolutely no social skills but a great person

    Inej (from Six Of Crows)
    -Unafraid to speak her opinions
    -Mentally incredibly strong (and physically)
    -Quiet but always listening and watching

    Alex (from Red White And Royal Blue)
    – bisexual
    – passionate
    – intelligent
    – quick with a comeback

    Yahaira (from Clap When You Land)
    -Chess prodigy
    -Occasionally does things without thinking
    -Excellent friend and sister
    -Can’t remember her exact sexuality but she has a girlfriend in the books

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  9. Someone needs to do one for Kiera Johnson from SLAY by Brittney Morris. It’s such a good book but I haven’t read it since 2020 so I don’t remember all the details. Here’s some ideas for a bio:

    -video game developer
    -an unapologetic black woman (she/her)
    -gamer girl
    -S L A Y

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  10. Neville Longbottom
    -he/him Gryffindor
    -needs help with potions (I can help with Herbology if you want πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€)
    -killed a Horucrux one time (it’s a long story)
    -why is it always me???

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  11. Will Herondale (Infernal Devices)
    -likes reading
    -afraid to love because he is cursed
    -has too many secrets

    Tyler Jones (Aurora Cycle)
    – goldenboy
    – perfect leader
    – but then breaks every rule in the galaxy

    Matthias (Six Of Crows)
    -gentle giant
    -oh-so righteous

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  12. Leo(HoO)
    Best boyfriend!
    Can give up his life for his friends
    He’s the coolest!!!
    I have only 1, because I’m a very loyal crush-er😝. But please don’t swipe right. I mean, if you like him, you can do that. But, Leo is my boyfriend to be and I don’t want you to come between us!πŸ™‚

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  13. Ok here we go

    Fitz Vacker
    Is sorta a nerd (like me)
    Telepath (like me)
    but a but ignorant too (like me)

    Keefe Sencen
    Mega cute

    Hilarious (that’s it)

    Prince Maxon
    SOOOOO HUMBLE like dude how
    Nice ig
    (basically everything I’m not)

    Biana Vacker
    Knows how to get things done
    Not afraid to show her scars

    Sadie Kane

    Should I send more? I can send soooo many more!

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    1. why does everyone steal keefe from me 😭😭😭😭
      (no I don’t have a crush on him I ship Sokeefe thank you very much he’s just my best friend ✌)

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  14. AWESOME idea, Riddhi! Here are mine (sorry for repeating a couple; I HAD to include them):

    Keefe Sencen
    -handsome AND cute
    -good at art
    -pRaNkS eVeRyOnE

    Leo Valdez
    -basically Keefe but he isn’t handsome or good at art, and is extremely good at mechanical stuff that I don’t understand ✌

    Meg Mccraffey
    -somewhat playful

    Salina woods
    -somewhat funny
    -likes pranking

    Kafi Omega
    -kind, but not a doormat

    (if you don’t know the last two, they’re my own 😳)

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  15. (Oops I could’ve sworn I commented yesterday, I must have forgotten πŸ˜…)

    This is a brilliant idea Riddhi, I can’t wait to read the post!! 😍 Here are a few of my fictional boyfriends:

    Maverick Carter (from Concrete Rose)
    β€” Teen dad
    β€” Makes mistakes but owns up to them
    β€” May or may not be involved in a gang
    β€” Honest about his feelings
    β€” Super dedicated to stuff when he’s passionate about it

    Elias Veturius (from An Ember in the Ashes)
    β€” Compassionate, courageous, and loyal
    β€” A precious sweetheart (excuse my bias)
    β€” Painful past that haunts him
    β€” Has a tendency toward self-hatred
    β€” Really skilled (like REALLY skilled) with weapons

    Grey (from A Curse So Dark and Lonely)
    β€” Loyal to a fault
    β€” Has a β€œsubversive” sense of humor
    β€” Tons of military expertise
    β€” Honest and straightforward
    β€” Ready to make sacrifices when needed

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  16. This is a great idea, Riddhi! I don’t read as much as you and the other readers. The characters that have been listed here so far are very interesting. Anyway, here are a couple of mine that I can think of at this time:

    Sir Percy Blakeney (The Scarlet Pimpernel)
    – Courageous, loyal, makes sacrifices when necessary
    – High intelligence in planning escapes and in thwarting enemies
    – Able to switch from being dead serious to being very silly in a moment

    Mr Bingley (Pride and Prejudice)
    – Humble and friendly to everyone and easy to get along with
    – Loyal to his love
    – Values his friendship with Mr. Darcy despite Mr. Darcy’s proud behavior to other people.

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    1. Hmm, just realized that I didn’t do enough indenting in my post, so my post appears like a paragraph instead. I hope it’s not too difficult to read.

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      1. Zachary Goode
        -very passionate

        Clay Jensen
        -never falls into troubles
        -liked by adults
        -typical nice and safe boy

        -has many children
        -very handsome
        -lives underwater

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  17. Ooooh – I know I’m late, but I didn’t want to miss this!

    1) AIDAN (from the Illuminae Files)
    – just your average murderous AI with a few technological issues
    – your fierce protector when you need one
    – has a bit of experience handling a pandemic

    2) Gilbert Blythe (from Anne of Green Gables)
    – smart, and willing to get competitive about it
    – incredibly caring and loyal: once he falls for you, you’re going to have his love for life
    – loves helping others, which is why he became a doctor

    3) Juliet Capulet (from Romeo and Juliet)
    – only thirteen years old, but knows how to fall hard in just a few hours
    – would be willing to kill herself out of love for you
    – has a way better nurse than parents

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    Cartier Evariste
    -Has multiple aliases (Aodhan Morgane, Theo D’Aramitz)
    – Amazingly good with history, myths and folklore
    -Knows how to stich wounds
    -Recites A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E quotes
    -Gets a crown of wildflowers made especially for you
    -He’s not only a brainy guy, can kill too.
    – Super good leadership qualities
    -Will banter with you
    -Will give you an adorable blue rose necklace *faints*

    -KPOP Band guy
    -Extremely cute
    -Will sing for you
    -Finds secrets spots to meet (paps you know?)

    -Determination is something she doesn’t lack at all
    -A HOT DOG costume worker at the amusement park
    -very cheerful, talkative and fun

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