Bookish Quizzes #4 | Which Romance Book Trope Am I?

Hey everyone!

So, as usual, while surfing on Pinterest, I came across a fun-looking quiz- Which Romance Book Trope am I? So, as a YA romance lover, I decided to go ahead and try it!! Here’s a link to the quiz!

Let’s go!!

Question 1:

Don’t do something embarrassing for sure. My mouth and my brain often don’t coordinate, and I end up saying stuff I shouldn’t. I would have gone with not being a part, but hey if my crush invites me to a party, I will go, even if I don’t enjoy being a part of them!

Question 2:

I have watched four of these films, and I have gotta say I love To All the Boys the most! I mean the first part is actually good, the second and third, not so much. It was a battle between 10 Things I Hate About You, but my loyalties lie with Noah Centineo.

Question 3:

My best friend. I would be much more comfortable going out with someone I actually know, rather than someone who I don’t know at all. I would have been happy going alone, but alas, the option ain’t there.

Question 4:

Okay, why does this have no option of reading?!?!?! But, the second thing closest to it is At home, sleeping so that’s my answer!

Question 5:


And now…. it’s time for the results!! *insert drumroll*

Oh yay, this is a wonderful result! It actually is my favourite romance trope, and what can I say, I enjoy being my favourite book trope😂😂!!

People I tag to do this quiz (You can just attempt it and let me know in the comments, or do a separate post! No pressure, though!):

  1. Isha @Paperback Tomes
  2. April @Booked Till Midnight
  3. Marta @The Monogamist Reader
  4. Siena @Booksophobia
  5. Antagonist Library
  6. YOU!!!!

Here’s the link to the quiz, in case you missed it!

Let me know which romance book trope are you! It’s a really short quiz, won’t take much time!!!

P.S.- Check this post here, and please contribute in the comments!!

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