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Book Review | Kisses and Croissants Anne-Sophie Jouhanneau

Hey everyone! So, I am not officially out of my slump, but, I wasn’t in a great headspace, so I ended up turning to my favourite pasttime- reading. Kisses and Croissants by Anne-Sophie Jouhanneau is a sweet, YA summery romance, and was a rather light read. I went to it , without knowing much about it, but I enjoyed it all the same.

Let’s get to the synopsis!

The cover’s so gorgeous, oh my god!

Seventeen-year-old Mia, an American girl at an elite summer ballet program, has six weeks to achieve her dreams: to snag an audition with one of the world’s best ballet companies. But there’s more to Paris than ballet—especially when a charming French boy, Louis, wants to be her tour guide—and the pair discover the city has a few mysteries up its sleeve.


The plot was sweet and fun and it was set in somewhere other than the USA and England, but I do have a few complaints.

I found the plot to be a little insta-lovey especially from Mia’s end. Not completely, but slightly. Beside that, there’s also the fact that I thought that ballet would be more emphasized on than the romance part, but that’s not the case. I could sorta compare it to Hot British Boyfriend, but that book was better than this one, because there we knew that the protagonist was going to have whirlwind romance. While Mia did focus on ballet, and she did move forward, the book did not emphasize on ballet. I am not sure if I am making much sense now, but yeah.

Other than that, I definitely think that the end could have been executed better. It should have a bit more detailed.


I have to say that this book’s characters, weren’t that strong. The author wasn’t able to develop their characters much, except Audrey’s and Mia’s. I mean, all we know about the love interest is that he is handsome, sorta helpful and sorta a playboy.
So, yes, I was more intrigued by the plot than the characters- though I did wanna know where and how Mia would end up finally (which is not as predictable as it may seem)

Writing Style:

Had I not been in a slump, I would have finished the book even faster. The writing style is similar to that of Kasie West, even though this book didn’t have a life lesson, like Kasie West’s books usually do. But it was definitely humourous, easy-to-read, light and appropriate.
The descriptions were incredible too. I normally am more of a dialogue person, but I loved the descriptions in this book!

I definitely will read more English books by this author, if she writes more (she has several French books, but alas, I do not know the language). She has great potential, and her books could be real good if executed properly.

My Rating: ⭐⭐⭐

That’s all for today! Have your read this book? Will you? What books have you been reading lately? Let me know down below in the comments!

P.S.- I know I haven’t been answering comments, I promise to answer them soon 🙂


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