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Hey everyone! I figured that everyone could use with a dose of laughter, so I decided to do another of these posts. I had done one in March and another one back in December, so you can check them out for an extra dose of laughter if you wish!

Let’s begin!

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Number 1:

Oh, how I resist the urge to spoil them! I mean, honestly, I get so excited when I see someone reading my favourite book, but it’s just their first time, and then I can’t gush in front of them. But still, it’s lovely to see someone with a book taste similar to yours!

Number 2:

Yes, indeed, they have mastered the art of killing our favourite characters, and breaking our hearts into a gazillion tiny pieces! That’s why everytime I read a fantasy novel, I prepare my heart for a traumatic experience!

Number 3:

Could this be any more accurate? Like an year and a half ago, I could have said that I don’t review books, but even that’s not true now! The buying thing isn’t that true, but I do surf books on Goodreads, that I would have bought had I my own Amazon account and my own source of income.

Number 4:

I think I may have used this meme before, but well this happens so many times! I am reading in bed, and the bookmark gets lost in the sheets! Or I am reading on the couch, and I place it on my stomach, and then when I reach for it, it’s not there! Or I place a book in my bag, when I take it out the bookmark’s not there. Since then, I have determined to memorize the page number, rather than rely on a bookmark.

Number 5:

Well, I gotta say this is accurate. I feel like this has happened to me -the entire cycle I mean- well except the last one, obviously. Let’s break it down bit by bit.
1. Discovering books: I have obviously discovered books- I mean, hello! I run a book blog!
2. Falling in Love with books– Oh, it’s been years, pals, it’s been years.
3. Books as an Identity– I feel personally attacked by this one- as I am pretty sure everyone who knows me, at one point of time thought (or still think) that I am just a book nerd. While that might be partially my fault, but I am a person who just loves books a lot! I have a lot of things other than books to me!
4. Books as a substitute for human interaction– I feel like I am in this stage right now, since I am not really talking to people, but I am finishing over two books a week.
5. Books as an unbearable frustration: So, this one is in reference to writing a book, and I am pretty much in a writing slump right now, so I guess this one applies to me too.
6. No Books: I went through this in April, where after I guess 8th of April to the start of the May, I didn’t even touch a book, let alone read one.
7. Rediscovering books: And voila, I rediscovered them in May, and am not gulping down YA contemporary after YA contemporary!
8. Hoarding books: I have probably been doing that since 2010.
9. Passing them on to the next generation: This is something I am definitely gonna do!

Number 6:

I feel like I am a mixture of all of these, except the pretty cover, and never completes one. What about you?

Number 7:

There are so many things except this that I have learned from books, but I guess this is beautiful summary.

Number 8:

This is another writer meme, and oh dear god, it’s so true!! I mean, writing a book is so difficult, and I have so many plots in my head, but I know this is precisely what will happen!

Number 9:

This happened to me in Six of Crows and Harry Potter! I was like, huh? What? Why? When? And finally, oh damn, no.

And that’s all for this time! I will see you again with more book memes when I feel like it! If you do want more of these posts, let me know in the comments!

33 thoughts on “Reacting to Bookish Memes | Take Three

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  1. When Sirius died in HP, I was like “Is this a joke? I am sure Sirius will pop out laughing”

    and then he didn’t. That’s when the tears started. ;(

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Well, you know, Riddhi – the easy way around number four is to just not use bookmarks 😁 Also, I’m definitely not the “never completes” or “pretty cover” reader, either… And I return the books I borrow!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh how the writers one slapped me in the face! haha it’s too true, I’m just trying to write this short story and I have rewritten two or three times now and I just want it to be good but it’s refusing to be what I imagine…So mean. These memes were great!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Really? That’s awesome! Once I’m done rewriting I’ll let you know and see if you’re still interested. Thank you 😁

        Liked by 1 person

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