REBLOG | Outstanding Blogger Award Results!

Thank you so much Colton for this award! Even though it was totally random, I can’t help but feel happy!!
Thank you to all my lovely readers as welll!
Kudos to Colton for coming up with this!

Colton Beckwith RPC

Greetings, everyone. Just over a year has passed since I posted the original Outstanding Blogger Award; the time has finally come for the results of the Award, and the level of participation was nothing short of unexpected. The award has traveled all over the world and I will be linking every single blogpost of it that ping-backed the original post. I will then announce the winner! The winner has been determined by means of a random number generator; if I picked, say, 35, the 35th blogger down would be the winner. There were about 400 nominees, and those are just the ones who properly ping-backed my original post, although sadly, some of these blogs are deleted. Anyway, good luck to all who participated (:

(And while you are here, please check out my latest video 😉

A Student’s Perspective
The Work of a Dreamer
Ariel’s Words

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