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Book Tag | The 3 Bookish Things Tag

Hey everyone! I am doing a book tag today!
My brain: Duh, that was obvious from the title.
Me: Shut up, I can’t decide another good intro.

Anyhoo, moving on, I was tagged by Millay @Millay’s Musings to do this tag, and I am pretty excited to do it! So, let’s get right into it!

1. 3 Read Once and Loved Authors

Hmm… Sarah Adams, Kasie West and Karen M. McManus. Oh, and Agatha Christie. And Rick Riordan. Oh, wait, maybe I can’t do this…

2. 3 Titles I’ve Watched but Not Read

Okay, so there’s The Kissing Booth 2, there’s The Perfect Date and there’s Dash and Lily.

3. 3 Series I have Binged

I binge read Harry Potter, The Hunger Games and The Selection. And I binge read Throne of Glass too. Wow, I really suck at naming just three things.

4. 3 Characters I love

You are kidding me right? Just three??? Oh god, no…

There’s Peter Kavinsky. Then there’s Hermione from Harry Potter. And I have to say Levi from Fangirl. Oh, and Leo of course.

5. 3 Current Favorite Covers

I am sorry, I can’t really think of one right now.

6. 3 Things You have used as bookmarks

Oh, I just use proper bookmarks or remember the page number- more often the latter than the former.

7. 3 Favorite Authors

Okay, my indecisive being cannot choose, and I give up forcing it to choose. I love Sarah Adams, Kasie West, Rick Riordan, Karen M. McManus and Agatha Christie.

8. 3 Unpopular Bookish Opinions

  1. I hate Addie LaRue
  2. I dislike Caraval
  3. I do not like All the Bright Places

Please don’t hate me🥺

9. 3 Book Goals For the Year

  1. Read at least 96 books (I am going strong till now!)
  2. Read stuff other than contemporaries, mysteries and fantasies (Miserably failing here)
  3. Read famous series such as Shadowhunters, Shatter Me etc.

And that’s all for the tag, now it’s time to tag!

  1. Madeleine @The Bookish Mutant
  2. Bertie @The Luminosity Library
  3. Inaya @The Radical Ravenclaw
  4. Amanda @Bookish Brews
  5. Daria @Bookaholic’s Therapy
  6. Lotus @Pages of Starlight
  7. YOU!!!

And that’s all for this tag! Sorry for the lack of pictures, I was too lazy to put them in. Let me know your reading goals for 2021 down below!!


39 thoughts on “Book Tag | The 3 Bookish Things Tag

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  1. I am so happy I am not the only page-number memorizer around here – you have no idea how many people have told me that’s the wrong way to do it 🤣 Also, I definitely think you should read Shadowhunters! I am utterly addicted 🥰 I detest Shatter Me, though – but maybe that means you would like it and should give it a try 😜 Since, you know, we don’t see eye to eye on Addie LaRue and Throne of Glass, either 😂

    Liked by 2 people

  2. I just started my blog and I am curious how did you find so many blogging friends to tag or be tagged by for these book tags? I think that is my biggest struggle is expanding my Tribe of people. Thank you in advance.


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