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Book Tag | The Medieval Queens Book Tag

Hey everyone! I am back with another tag today, and I was tagged to do this by Kayla @A Couple of B’s. She and Becky run a wonderful blog, and you should really check it out if you haven’t already! Also, sorry Kayla for doing it so late!

I have to admit, I have no clue about the queens they talk about here, but I am excited to do it and learn something new!


After her father, Henry I, died naming her his heir, Matilda’s cousin, Stephen, subsequently took the throne for himself. Matilda never stopped fighting for what was rightfully hers. Though she would never be named Queen of England in her own right, she was able to convince Stephen to name her son, the future Henry II, his successor over his own children.

Choose a book with a protagonist who stands their ground.

I think Cinder from The Lunar Chronicles stands her ground pretty well.


Before she married Henry II and became Queen of England in 1152, Eleanor was Queen of France as the wife of Louis VII. She sought an annulment from her marriage to Louis, and he eventually agreed because 15 years of marriage had produced no sons, only for Eleanor to go on to have eight children with Henry—five of whom were sons. Ouch!

Choose a book or series in which the heroine has more than one romantic relationship.

Hmm… this is difficult. I guess in Hot British Boyfriend, the MC Ellie sorta has two relationships at the same time?


A keen patron of literature and a successful businesswoman in her own right, Eleanor was Edward I’s first wife. He was so heartbroken when she died that he erected the Eleanor Crosses, twelve stone crosses marking the places where her body rested overnight on its journey from Lincolnshire, where she died, to her burial place in London. Three of the crosses still survive today.

Choose a bittersweet book.

Excuse Me While I Ugly Cry is a bittersweet book. Bitter because of the immense amount of racism, sweet cos of Olivia.


Often known as the ‘She-Wolf of France’, Isabella was Edward II’s wife. Unfortunately for Edward, he wasn’t particularly good at being king, and Isabella soon grew tired of his (possibly homosexual) relationship with his favorite, Hugh Despenser. After she began an affair with English nobleman Roger Mortimer while on a diplomatic mission to France, the pair returned to England with an army and she deposed Edward and acted as regent until their son, the future Edward III, came of age.

Choose a book where the romance overtook the plot.

Wellll… I think The Selection series’ third book could have been included in the first two had the romance not gotten prolonged too much. It’s not toxicating though.


Queen of England as the wife of Edward III, Philippa was beloved by the English people for her compassion and kindness. The Queen’s College, Oxford, founded in 1341, is named in her honor.

Choose a book set at a university.

Fangirl! It’s set in Lincoln university! And I love the book! In case the exclamation marks didn’t make it obvious!

JOAN OF NAVARRE (1368-1437)

Joan was Henry IV’s second wife. Six years after his death, Joan was accused of attempting to poison her stepson, Henry V, through witchcraft and was imprisoned for four years until he ordered her release, just six weeks before he suddenly died.

Choose a book about witches.

Harry Potter, duh. I mean, Hermione’s a witch, right?

I know three bloggers who enjoy historical fiction and might enjoy this tag, so I am just tagging Nehal @Quirky Pages, Naemi @A Book Owl’s Corner and Cherelle @A Bolt Out of the Book. However, feel free to do it if you wish to!!

That’s it for today peeps!


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      1. No I did not, Shylock! I started reading from the extreme bottom, and I did not seeth the top comments. It is a vicious practice to blame someone, without hearing their cause. Thou should improve, Shylock, else it won’t be good

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  1. I loved reading your answers!! And this reminded me again that I have to read the lunar chronicles without ignoring it at the bottom of my tbr pile😅

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  2. Thanks for the tag! I’ve already done this one, but think it’s so cool that I could certainly see myself doing another round at some point – you know me, though, it might take a while 🤣
    And I agree with so many of your answers! I actually put The Selection down for that same exact question 😁 And lots of gushing about Fangirl and Harry Potter is never misplaced.

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    1. Nehu , what Shakespeare do you study …??!!!!?
      Cuz I’ve never heard of such words in the short stories 😇

      May be I get familiar to it after doing the merchant of Venice 😇

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