Discussion Post | 3 YA-Appropriate Romance Books that should be Popular

Hey everyone!

So, today, continuing the 3 Book Discussion Post series, I will be talking about 3 Young Adult Romances that I feel are supremely underrated. Now, these books necessarily do not have YA characters, I just feel like these are appropriate for teens like me who do not like a lot of smut.

1. Excuse Me While I Ugly Cry by Joya Goffney

This book is about a Black teenager, who faces a bunch of issues in high school- race and not-race related. Like it deals with a lot of high school issues as well, and while it is not my favourite book, I definitely feel like it should have more hype. Besides, despite being a sorta romance novel, it doesn’t focus a lot on the area, even though the plot thickens with the chemistry increasing between the MC and the love interest.

2. The Secret Recipe of Moving On by Karen Bischer

This is such a typical YA story, but then it’s fun and sweet in its own way. I am pretty sure you can guess from the name, what happens, but just in case not, boy breaks up with girl, girl shattered, girl meets second boy, girl likes him+ additional drama. As I said, it’s fun and sweet in its own way, but I liked it. It might not be everyone’s type of book, so keep that in mind if you read it.

3. The Match by Sarah Adams

This is one of my favourite novels. It has a dog, people! And the novel touches so many good…. ugh I can’t find the word! It touches so many… aspects of a person’s life, that it is good. It is light and fun to read as well, and I loved the writing style! It’s a good book people, and I recommend you give it a go!

That’s all for today! Sorry for not making my posts good, it’s just been crazy busy lately!! Hope you enjoyed this post and drop some books you think fall into this category in the comments!

P.S.- For those of you wondering how did I not mention Kasie West here, I just feel like I talk about her too much anyway.

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  1. I’ve never heard of any of these! The Match especially sounds interesting – add a cute animal to a story, and I’m a goner! 🥰 (Oh, btw, have you read Morgan Matson’s The Unexpected Everything? From what you said here, I think you’d like it 😉)

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