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Book Tag | The Feelings Tag #2

Hey guys! Welcome or welcome back to my blog! It’s been a couple of weeks since I did a tag, so I decided to do one! I was tagged by Madeline @The Bookish Mutant, who, by the way has a wonderful blog, which you should most definitely check out! Thanks for tagging me Madeline!

This tag was created over at Krisha’s Cosy Corner.


  • Thank the blogger who nominated you and give a link to the blog.
  • Answer the 5 feelings given to you.
  • Write the reason in 5 to 6 lines of why does that particular book come under that feeling.
  • Nominate between 5-12 other bloggers.
  • Give your nominees 5 feelings too.
  • Notify your nominees once you’ve uploaded your post.

I feel like I am super out of sync with books at the moment, so I am just gonna open Goodreads and be back

*realizes no one would have realised she had Goodreads open, even if she hadn’t mentioned it*

Answering the feelings Madeline gave:

  • A book with a character that made you angry:
    For this book I pick Fix Her Up by Tessa Bailey, since the love interest of this book- Travis Ford made me super angry, and actually made me want to puke, because he is such a major A-hole. Like, he rarely ever asks the MC what she wants and asserts his dominance all the time! And I don’t know parts of me feel like he is sort of a misogynist? I don’t know, I get a vibe.
  • A book with the perfect setting for you to daydream about
    I am going to be super basic here and go with Harry Potter.
42844155. sy475
  • A book that made you feel better after a long slump
    I am going to go with The Marriage Code by Brooke Burroughs here, since, I am in the middle of a slump right now, and it actually made me feel better and made me feel I could defeat this monstrous slump (which I haven’t been able to do yet.)
56021035. sx318
  • A book that you couldn’t stop thinking about for weeks after reading it
    Cinder’s the obvious choice here! Well, actually the entirety of Lunar Chronicles is the correct answer.
  • A book that made you want to punch a wall
    I am going to go with The Yearbook here because of the huge amount of toxicity. Don’t get me wrong, it ain’t a bad book, it’s just too much.
55152533. sy475

Feelings for the people I tag:

  1. A book you did the mistake of reading during a slump
  2. A book that was way too deep for you to enjoy.
  3. A book that is super unrealistic, and unreasonable, but you love it all the same
  4. A book that made you feel whole.
  5. A book character you feel a strong connection to

People I tag:

  1. Birdie @Birdie’s Booktopia
  2. Cherelle @A Bolt Out of a Book
  3. Sarah @Suits of Stories
  4. Sep @Bookishly Yours
  5. Hundreds and Thousands of Books
  6. YOU!!!!

And that’s it for today! What is a book that made you feel better in a slump? Let me know in the comments, and you might just revive my reading life!


14 thoughts on “Book Tag | The Feelings Tag #2

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  1. Brilliant post! Thanks for the nomination 😊 I hate it when love interests are misogynistic (ew) and I’ve actually been excited to read the yearbook for a while (I quite liked her other books?) but I’m interested to see what I think about it after your review ha

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hmm, I kind of feel like just the title Fix Her Up is a bit misogynistic. I mean, women aren’t DIY projects. Sure, it’s probably possible to spin that theme in a way that isn’t so bad, but I’m guessing your vibe was spot on in this case.

    Liked by 1 person

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