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Hey guys! Welcome or welcome back to my blog!

So, I had little to no time to write a post this time, so I went down at the bottom of my drafts, and I was astonished by what I found! I have a bunch of perfectly good drafts sitting there patiently, from last September! I wasn’t tagged for any of these, but I decided I would post them as and when I want to (read: whenever I have no time to write a post)

Also, I am in a slump, so some of these might not apply, but it still is a general overview. Also I added the people I tagged today, for those of you wondering. And that’s it, I guess. Let’s begin!

  • How many books do you read at once?
    One. When I was younger, I used to read multiple books at a time but now I get barely enough time to read one book, let alone several. If I read several books, I won’t be able to remember where I left them and so I find it best to stick to one book.
I Have Aged Phenomenally GIF | Gfycat
Not by much but yes I have aged phenomenally leading to a dramatic decrease in the books I read.
  • How do you decide when to switch between multiple reads?
    When I used to read multiple books, I would switch between them at random.🤷‍♀️

  • Do you ever switch bookmarks partway through a book?
    Not really.

  • What time of the day do you read the most?
    I usually read for around half an hour before sleeping. I also tend to read during mealtimes especially if I am not eating with my family.

  • How long do you read in one session?
    It depends on the time I have for reading. Now that I am in the 12th grade, I rarely have any time to spare for anything. However, one session is at least 15 mins long. If I had had my way, I would
    have read for the entire day, I swear.
I Can Do This All Day GIFs | Tenor
  • Do you read hardcovers with the dust jacket off?
    I normally don’t tend to do that as I find the dust jacket to be…. elegant. They are part of the reason I love hardcovers. I don’t really mind reading with the dust jacket off but the book seems more complete to me with the dust jacket on.

  • What position do you mainly use to read?
    I normally read lying down with my headphones on. It is such a blissful feeling… I just love it🖤

  • Do you take your current read everywhere you go?
    Yes. Yes I do. One never knows when you will require a book to evade people. I am stuck at home right now, otherwise I used to take a book everywhere.
  • How often do you update your Goodreads progress?
    I update my Goodreads as and when I finish books. I just started doing this this year.

So, this was my Currently Reading Book Tag! I hope you have fun reading this! I’ve tagged a few people to do this but please don’t feel pressured to if you don’t feel like it or don’t do tags.

I tag:

  1. Georgia from Lost in Neverland
  2. Emily @Frappes and Fiction
  3. Sofii @A Book. A Thought
  4. Aanya @Soaring Firebolt
  5. Isha @Paperback Tomes

Feel free to answer these questions in the comments! Do not forget to leave a link to your Currently Reading Book Tag!

29 thoughts on “The Currently Reading Book Tag

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  1. Great post! I cannot seem to keep a single bookmark safe. I swear I had one the day before, but i cannot find it now even after searching the entire house (or not, because I’m too lazy lol). So I don’t really use them. But then again, I don’t even really need to, because I mostly read eBooks. I read so many books at once sometimes the stories all get jumbled up in my head and I can’t remember which one was which lol. Loved your post!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. If only I had perfectly good drafts in my folder. I’m pretty sure there’s just one completely blank one in there, with the title ‘o.’ 🙂
    Oh, I don’t even use bookmarks anymore. I never remember to put them back in when I’m done reading. So I lose them. And thus, after five years of using one bookmark per reading session, my bookmark-using life has come to an end. ✨
    I don’t even know what this comment is. 😀

    Liked by 2 people

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