Swiping Left or Right for Book Characters! | Book Character Tinder | Part II

Hey everybody! Welcome or welcome back to my blog!

So, I am back with Part II of Book Character Tinder, and I hope you are up for a long haul since one person has sent in a super long list of characters (Not that I am complaining).

Also, I won’t be covering the characters I have already covered in Part I. Link’s here! The characters that have already been covered are: Voldemort, Bella, Kronos, Jem, Mal, Nikolai, Marshall, Kaz, Roma, Jesper, Alex and Connor Bailey, Jayfeather, Luna, Hermione and Ron.

Let’s go already!

Zoe’s Recommendations

Note to Zoe: Yes, I succumbed to your request, and made time to complete this post, hope you like it!

1. Leo Valdez: (Also suggested by Pannaga, Jan and Ray)
-mechanic, handyman
-can make anyone laugh
-energetic and happy-go-lucky

YES, YES, YES A THOUSAND TIMES YES! I love Leo with all of my heart, he is such a sweetheart honestly.

2. Percy Jackson:
-already loves you—as a good friend! 
-very protective
-will cheer you up when you’re down

I can’t imagine Percy with anybody but Annabeth so, no. I mean, had he and Annabeth not been together, I would definitely have gone out with him.

3. Jason Grace
-oop he’s dead

Well, even if he weren’t dead, I wouldn’t have gone out with him because he’s just…. weirdly perfect, I guess? Whatever it is I do not like him very much.

4. Keefe Sencen: (Also recommended by Aanya , Rayna and Addie)
-very handsome… and knows it 
-flirty, though he would NEVER cheat
-literally a blonde Leo Valdez, except cannot fix anything but your broken heart

I am not sure if I should swipe right as a lot of people are in love with him, but he does seem like a pretty good guy. Well, guess I will just swipe right, hehe.

5. Fitz Vacker: (Also recommended by Aanya)
-rich rich boy
-really cute
-has no other good qualities… unless you like the abusive type

Um, no.

6. Tam Song:
-will stalk your bullies and destroy them… Yandere style

Wellllllllllllll…………… I don’t know, honestly.

7. Peeta Mellark:
-baker, and always gives fresh bread and goodies to you 

No, I do not like Peeta Mellark. #katniss&gale4ever.

8. Annabeth Chase:
-family reunions in every state
-you will love her friends or else

Again, I ship Percabeth too hard, otherwise I would have loved to go out with Annabeth.

9. Thalia Grace:
-loves plants now
-drags you along on her hunting expeditions
-buys you everything you could ever need

To be honest, no. She’s just not my type I guess?

10. Sophie Foster:
-clumsy, cannot walk on flat ground in flats
-not afraid to speak her mind

Hmmm…. Well, I do like people who are sorta clumsy, since they are such cuties!! And well, honesty is also guaranteed here. So, I might just give Sophie a chance!

11. Biana Vacker: (Also recommended by Aanya)
-very pretty, and humble
-loooooves to shop
-fashion shows all day every day

Well, I am not that much of a fashion person, I literally throw on whatever I see first, and Biana seems like a complete fashion person, so we just aren’t compatible. So, no.

12. Linh Song:
-very sweet
-loves every creature on the face of this earth with every ounce of her heart
-drags you to meet her wonderful friends

Yes, maybe?

13. Katniss Everdeen:
-will kill for you
-already killed for you
-hunts all day every day
-you will learn how to use a bow and arrow

No. Katniss is awesome and everything, but just no.

Phew! Those were Zoe’s characters!

Ritz’s Recommendations

1. Jacin Clay (TLC):
– broody, can be grumpy
– is a sweetheart inside
– loyal


2. Adrian Everheart (Renegades):
– sweet
– loves to draw
– superhero!

Um, I think I might just date him, because he can draw, and might make me a portrait🤭🤭

Rachel’s Recommendations:

1. Will Herondale (Infernal Devices)
-likes reading
-afraid to love because he is cursed
-has too many secrets

So, I am not into readers, since they tend to be introverts, and I need someone to drag me out of the house, because otherwise, I won’t get enough sunlight and I’ll die. Plus, the secrets thing won’t work for me. So, no.

2. Tyler Jones (Aurora Cycle)
– goldenboy
– perfect leader
– but then breaks every rule in the galaxy

I have a feeling that Tyler just might make me laugh a lot. So, maybe, I will give him a shot?

3. Matthias (Six Of Crows)
-gentle giant
-oh-so righteous

Hate me if you will, but I do NOT like Matthias. I hate the way he treats Nina, who’s actually so smart. So, no.

Maeve’s Recommendations:

1. Charlotte Holmes (from Charlotte Holmes)
– a genius
– has a bit of a temper … just a bit
– Very witty
– Absolutely no social skills but a great person

Yes, I think I might really enjoy Charlotte’s company, honestly.

2. Inej (from Six Of Crows)
-Unafraid to speak her opinions
-Mentally incredibly strong (and physically)
-Quiet but always listening and watching

YESH. I LOVE INEJ. But, Inej and Kaz are #goals, so I don’t know…..

3. Alex (from Red White And Royal Blue)
– bisexual
– passionate
– intelligent
– quick with a comeback

Oh, yes, definitely, I would love to date Alex.

4. Yahaira (from Clap When You Land)
-Chess prodigy
-Occasionally does things without thinking
-Excellent friend and sister
-Can’t remember her exact sexuality but she has a girlfriend in the books

I think I might just date Yahaira! Or maybe just friends, since she is a good friend……

Alright, those are all the characters I will be selecting/not selecting to be my date today! Stay tuned, I will be back with part three soon (hopefully!) Meanwhile, if you still haven’t contributed to the characters, click here!
Which character was your favourite from all these? Let me know in the comments!

23 thoughts on “Swiping Left or Right for Book Characters! | Book Character Tinder | Part II

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  1. I like reading this book character tinder quite a lot! Aalso, I actually just got into a fight with one of my friends about Gale or Peeta. So anywaaay, I totally agree, I don’t know WHY I don’t like Peeta, but he’s just…. weird.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Okay, so from what I’ve gathered from this post and the previous one, I think we have the exact same type – which is really cool but also kinda weird haha. I mean, same, I also need someone who will take me out of the house and force me to interact with other human beings because otherwise, I will just lock myself in my house and forget humanity exists. Also, somebody with the social skills I lack. And somebody funny.

    And Alex just fits perfectly here. If he and Henry weren’t literally perfect together and made for each other, I would date him in a heartbeat.

    Anyways, this was such a great post! I love reading these dating app posts with book characters! Waiting for part 3!!

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Actually, I didn’t really like Matthias with Nina either. Matthias as a person, ok. I know he was working through a lot of cultural baggage. But I think it would have taken a lot of time for that relationship to be truly healthy. Of course, maybe I’m biased because I read about Nina and Hanne first. Got the series mixed up. 😅

    Liked by 1 person

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