Reacting to Bookish Memes! | Take 5

Hey guys! Welcome or welcome back to my blog!

Today I will be doing yet another take of reacting to bookish memes since it’s been a bad day and a not-so-good week overall. My brain is pissed as hell (I WAS SPOILED FOR A BOOK I WAS WAITING TO READ UNTIL I WAS OUT OF MY SLUMP), and I would love nothing more than a few memes to calm me down. So, here we go.

Number 1:

drama gifs Page 29 | WiffleGif

This. Is. The. Absolute. Worst. The book has so much potential and then bam! The author puts a terrible ending in. One example that comes to my mind in this scenario is The Upside of Falling by Alex Light (I think that’s the author’s name, I am not sure). The book was so good, but in the end the protagonist goes and throws books in a lake! THE AUDACITY, I MEAN.
And then Crooked Kingdom. Like the book was so good, and the last chapter was also good, but that *death* was so unnecessary, I mean, come on! They could all have gotten out alive!

Number 2:

GIF - GIF excited, Jim Carrey, tee hee GIF - Viral Viral Videos

Especially if they are in for heartbreak! You are like, oh someone else who’s gonna go through my ordeal! And if they are someone close to you, then oh, the temptation to spoil them is so hard to resist. And you just can’t wait to get into the details of the book and discuss them with them!

Number 3:

Or even worse, I could be addicted to my phone, since phones are the cause of every teenager’s every illness (even if it’s dengue or something, parents will be like “Yeah be on your phone all day- this is the result of that.) or every bad grade. So, yes, they are lucky I am addicted to reading.

Number 4:

Okay, this is literally me right now. I had bought like 6 books already, and yet when yesterday when I was ordering a textbook, I was like, wait, I should order 3 more, shouldn’t I? I mean, it’s been a while since I got new books, so why not?

P.S.- Once they all arrive and get past quarantine, you’ll be getting my first ever book haul post!

Number 5:

Do I even need to explain myself? Wait, there is one change I will make- waiting for my Hogwarts letter/ waiting for Grover to come take me to Camp Half-Blood in place of Fanfiction fits better, since I don’t read fanfiction, so….

Number 6:

Can this BE more accurate? I mean characters dissing at each other means they are probably gonna end up together, when I don’t understand something, I will either read it again or move on, since I am too lazy to fetch a dictionary, when favourite character dies… welll, we all know what happens.

Angry at author, is so so so so common. Disapproving character’s life choices is not that common, since I would have been doing worse if I were them, and shocking plot twist is💯💯💯💯💯

Number 7 (This one’s a tiktok, which isn’t visible on the reader but is visible on the site):

Okay, this tiktok hit hard, okay? I mean it’s so true!!! We are either buying, raging, crying or shipping hard!!!!

Number 8:

OMG YES THIS SO TRUE JSFHDITNCES! Like, readers have such stressful lives. We experience heartbreak everyday, our fictional crushes not knowing we exist, let alone loving us back. We see our favourite characters dying. We see characters making stupid decisions/ not getting together with their The One person, and can’t do anything about it.

So stressful, I swear.

And those are all the memes today! Which one’s your favourite? Do you read fanfiction? Let me know in the comments!

32 thoughts on “Reacting to Bookish Memes! | Take 5

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  1. Oh, the accuracy of all of these, but especially number 5! Though for me, the fanfiction part of the chart will be a little bit bigger, I’m currently trying not to reread The Hobbit and LOTR or rewatch them (since I just did that) so I’ve been practically addicted to Hobbit fanfiction with Everyone Lives AU…I haven’t been reading any actual books and I think I have a problem…

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  2. Ah….the accuracy of such memes: especially the 1st and the last one 😂

    Why yes I’m a fellow fanfiction addict! Can I just say that I enjoy re-reading the same stories over and over again and not get bored of some of them. It’s one among my top guilty pleasures 😜

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  3. With fiction characters, it’s either MARRY ME or MARRY EACH OTHER. I think Maxon (The Selection) deserves someone better than America like idk Me. Cardan Cardan Cardan Cardan Cardan Cardan Cardan Cardan and then my heart randomly goes KANEJ♥️♥️♥️ #Perssasius Jackson #dam #sarcasm at its peak Feysand is toxic and bullshit. Nesta is better. Alis had less role but she had a better personality than Feyre.

    Wow. This was what my brain could think after reading the reaction. And those memes are so accurate lol😂 I don’t actually read fan fiction and I don’t buy much books because I’m broke *cries* (MuM PlEaSe) but other than that it’s *chef’s kiss*

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  4. Please explain the Middle Aged Actors.

    Also, Riddhi, if you can bear to add yet one more book to your haul/TBR, The Long Guest now exists in electronic form and I am happy to get it to you as an ARC if you are interested. No promises that I won’t be making the face from Meme #2, though.

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    1. Welll, Tom Felton, whose not exactly Middle Aged, but well he’s older than me…. Similarly Noah Centineo, so well

      Also, Jennifer, I would love to read it, but as I have been constantly saying in my posts, I am in a slump…. If you could bear to wait a month or two for a review, then you can send it to me!


  5. Once again, relatable. But one thing I disagree with. I don’t wanna go to Hogwarts, nor camp half-blood. I still love both series. Now, even more. But I think the reason I like them so damn much is because I can’t ever have them.

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  6. Oh, that first one, yes, absolutely yes! Some of my worst book-hate (and TV-show-hate) is reserved for the ones that started out great and then ruined it all with a terrible ending. And unnecessary deaths are one of the top culprits for those terrible endings!

    Ha, #8. Yeah, it’s amazing how much time we fans invest into caring about characters who will never know we’re cheering them on and agonizing over their decisions for them. Or maybe they do, somehow, in some parallel universe that we’re glimpsing through the pages. At least that’s what I like to think. 😊

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