Reacting to Bookish Memes | Take 6

Hey everybody! Welcome or welcome back to my blog!

Today I will be sharing and reacting to some of my favourite bookish memes, not from Pinterest, but from Instagram! My Pinterest’s glitching a lot these days and I figured I would switch the media!

Number 1:


How is this so accurate?! I mean, characters about to trust the villain, characters about to do the wrong thing- causes for anxiety are so many, while reading! But, what do I do, when I am anxious? Read, of course!

Number 2:

Okay, so get this- once during an exam I finished thirteen books, and we had ten subjects back then. I mean, like, huh?! Why can’t our textbooks be as interesting as our reading books?! Why, oh, why?!

Number 3:

Slide 1: Okay, for all my non-Indian readers, the picture says- You know that there’s a murder written in my fate, right?– It’s basically a threat. It’s a classic Hera Pheri meme, and well, not gonna lie, accurate too!

Slide 2: In the second slide, the guy’s asking the other person to basically shut up.

Slide 3: The third slide says that the author says to the reader’s favourite character, that he’ll kick him out (basically kill him and break our hearts)

Slide 4: In this slide, the guy basically says something very complex in Hindi. The meme implies that after reading a classic, our language becomes complex and we are flaunting the new words we have learnt.

Slide 5: The fifth slide basically says that since hardcovers are so expensive and yet irresistible, so I’ll just sell a kidney and an eye to buy them, lol.

Slide 6: Okay, these are literally having me laugh so hard! This one literally translates to the character (in the picture) begging the other person to not listen to the third person a.k.a the villain.

Slide 7: In the last slide, the person’s basically like, I don’t want to read this anymoree! Except in Hindi, and like, in words that don’t literally translate to that, but imply that.

Number 4:

I mean, yes, when I complete a good book, I feel like being completely incognito, and my personality completely changes. You know, my personality is a mixture of a bunch of book characters…. Interesting….

Number 5:

Okay, this is so true! I mean, I suck at introducing myself, but you ask me anything about books, my conversational skills become exemplary! I mean, I run a book blog, you can see what I am talking about, right?

Number 6:

YES. I mean, I technically don’t get pocket money, but I definitely see myself buying bookshelves with my first salary. Why shouldn’t I? Saving? Pffft, we’ll save our entire lives. Reading? We’ll read our entire lives too, but, but… Ah, I don’t have to explain myself! Buying book stuff>>>> Saving!

Number 7:

This is literally me! I got nine books, not even a month ago (And I haven’t even read them all), yet, today my mum asked me if I wanted books, and I was like, how many can I order? And I ended up ordering… ahem… *hides in a corner and mumbles twenty*

And that’s all I have for you today! I hope you enjoyed these memes as much as I did! Comment your favourite one down!!

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  1. Loved this concept! The 5th one happens to be my favourite lol. The textbook vs reading book comparison is so painfully real ๐Ÿ˜ต WHY CANโ€™T SCHOOL BOOKS BE AS INTERESTINT??!!!
    Enjoyed this post! ๐Ÿ˜€

    Liked by 1 person

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