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Blogger Interview with Naemi!

Hey Guys! Welcome or welcome back to my blog!

Today, I will be interviewing one of my favourite bloggers, the super-awesome, super-sweet- Naemi @A Book Owl’s Corner!

*Round of applause*

So, show her some love guys!

And now, without further ado, let’s get on with the interview!

R- Tell my readers a bit about yourself and your blog. Why do you blog about the topic you blog about?

N- Hey guys! My name is Naemi, and I’m the blogger behind A Book Owl’s Corner – which, in case the name doesn’t make it obvious, is dedicated to books and everything surrounding them!

I’ve always loved to read and write, so I guess it was only natural that I’d eventually want a platform to share all of my bookish opinions, stories, and other randomly weird thoughts… It’s just so nice to have a community that gets excited about the things that mean a lot to me, and besides, I also like having a place where I can have all of my thoughts on record. Sometimes, I really like going back to old posts and seeing what was going on in my life at the time, what I was reading, and what my writing was like. Sure, it can be very cringe-inducing, but it’s also interesting! 

R- Yes, I too end up reading my old posts (more often the comments than the actual posts). What about your blog, or blogging in general, you most and least love? 

N- One of the best things about blogging is the people it’s allowed me to meet! I absolutely love discussing things with you guys in the comments and hearing your thoughts on whatever bookish topic I decided to talk about that day. 

As for the blogging process itself, I actually love editing! Staring at a blank page and trying to come up with something – usually on a deadline, because I tend to procrastinate writing my posts until about two days before they’re meant to go up 😅 – isn’t the greatest, but working with words that are already on the page? It’s fun! Tweaking everything until it sounds right is one of my favorite things to do, and I genuinely don’t understand people who say they hate editing. 

However, what I hate is trying to perfect the look of a post. Seriously, I suck at graphics, and I always tell myself I’m too busy to properly learn how to design them. At some point, A Book Owl’s Corner definitely needs a makeover, but right now, I’m just too lazy to do it… 

And I also really hate how much time blogging forces me to spend online! Where is that machine that just transfers a post from my head onto my blog, fully formed? 

R- I end up procastinating stuff too! Well, I have not procastinated my posts this month- in fact I finished them up in September, because I knew October would be heavy on the workload! What would be your perfect day? Plan it out from waking up to bedtime. 

N- Gosh, the pressure! How can I fit everything I could possibly want to do into one day? But I guess here is one possible version: 

6:30 A.M.: I wake up early enough to watch the sun rise over the ocean through my bay window. From bed, obviously. I am not getting up for this. Then I read a couple of chapters in whichever book I’m currently devouring, pet one of the cats who is sure to have joined me and go back to sleep. [Yes, I don’t live anywhere near an ocean and don’t have a bay window either, but since we’re going for my perfect day here, we’re just gonna go ahead and ignore that!] 

8:30 A.M.: I get up, brush my teeth, shower, and have breakfast with my family next to the beach. Since this is my perfect day, I won’t even have to wait for them and bear the burden of being the only person in the family who gets up before ten o’clock on weekends. The breakfast will consist of a soft-boiled egg, bread rolls, butter, red currant jam, and, because I’m extra, American blueberry-pancakes with lots of maple syrup. 

10 A.M.: After we’ve digested breakfast for a bit, my family and I will go for a nice seaside walk by the beach. And end it with a swim to cool off, obviously! 

1 P.M.: We eat a quick snack for lunch. Maybe baguette with some kind of hummus to go along with it? This will, obviously, be accompanied by a discussion about some weird topic that is way more fascinating than it should be. Like the fact that in some countries, you can turn your deceased loved ones’ ashes into diamonds and then wear them as jewelry. **Shudders and kindly asks all relatives to refrain from doing this** 

2 P.M.: Everyone goes off to do their own thing. I go to the beach and read a bit more, write a little, and maybe practice some violin and piano if I’m feeling in the mood for it. At three o’clock, we have a short cake break – the cake having been prepared by brother #2, who is the best baker in the family. And at four o’clock, dear brother #1, who is the best cook in the family, will start preparing samosas and some Indian dish for dinner. Maybe Chicken 65? 

6 P.M.: Dinner! Afterwards, we will go out and have a bonfire at the beach, with lots of guitar playing and singing. A few friends head over and join in. Once it gets too cold, we’ll head inside for board games. Like our family version of Just One, which we totally don’t play the way it’s meant to be played. 

10 P.M.: Time for sibling movie night! We can always sleep in tomorrow. Since everyone says we’ve already watched Jurassic Park too many times, we’ll probably end up binging our favorite Star Trek episodes. 

12 P.M.: Bedtime! And thus ends this obviously perfect day.

(Can you tell I was a little hungry while writing this? 😁) 

R- Ah, all of that sounds so wonderful!!! Seems like you gave it a lot of thought! And yes, you evidently seem hungry while writing this- with all the mention of food, there is. What’s your favorite thing you own and why? 

N- I mean, technically, I guess there are my four cats, but they’re very independent and I doubt they’d take well to their human being presumptuous enough to assume that she owns them. 

So I’m choosing my violin for this question! It’s a family heirloom and a much better instrument than I ever would have been able to afford if I hadn’t inherited it, and plus, it has a lion’s head instead of a scroll, which I think is super cool! To be honest would probably be the first thing I’d save if our house was on fire, even before my books… 

R- Wait, you have four cats?! Oh my! And I want to learn the violin someday (I want to learn all instruments, lol) Where do you hope to be 5-7 years from now? 

N- In a happy relationship, possibly married with a kid on the way, and teaching! Also, I’d like to have written at least one manuscript that I feel is good enough to get published and be in the process of querying that. And can I please be at a C2-level in Russian and French? 

R- Ooh, that sounds wonderful! And I believe in you, you’ll be at a C-2 level in Russian and French! Which celeb would you want as your other BFF and why? 

N- Umm, none, really? I’m very happy with the best friends I’ve got! Though I guess having a celebrity as a friend would have perks like them being amazingly rich, which would mean you could travel to cool places like Iceland together! 😍 Although I’d also hate if they were constantly being recognized and bombarded by fans and paparazzi… 

Though since I have to choose, maybe Eliza Taylor? She seems to have a great sense of humor, and with her being married to Bob Morley, I’d get them as package-deal friends. I’m sure we’d have a lot of fun together! 

R- Ah, sounds interesting! If you could travel in 1. any era 2. any place, when and what would that be? 

N- I don’t know! Maybe to 16th-century London to watch a Shakespeare play? Or to some period on future Earth, just to see what things look like then? Or about seven years back to meet up with past-Naemi and tell her about all the things future-Naemi will regret not having done during her time at university? 

R- Ooh, yeah I’d visit my future/past self too! What do you do when no one else is around? 

N- Evil dark deeds that no one will ever know about… 🤫

Also, write. I can’t stand the feeling of being watched or people looking over my shoulder when I’m trying to formulate my ideas into coherent sentences, so I usually do it whenever I’m alone. 

R- Oh, my, I am scared! If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be? 

N- Samosas. They’re excellent and very filling, so I don’t see myself ever getting tired of them. 

R- Ooh nice! And well, they can have different fillings too- like just the other day, I saw a pizza flavoured samosa! So, that’s another plus point! If you were going to get a tattoo, where and what would it be? 

N- The entire premise of this question is already unrealistic because I would never, not in a million years, get a tattoo. No offense if you’re a fan of them – feel free to get as many as you want – but they’re just not for me! 

If I were forced to get one, though, and it had to be bigger than a small dot nobody could see, I guess I would pick a really simple stylized owl. I love owls, in case you couldn’t already tell! 😊 And I guess I’d put it between my shoulder blades, because symmetry, and because nobody could see it as long as I have a shirt on. 

R- Ah, I see, an owl’s an excellent choice! What is something you wish more people knew about you? 

N- I don’t know… 😅 If I think people should know something about me, I usually don’t mind sharing it. 

The difficulty is convincing me that people should even know things about me. I am ridiculously bad at talking about my own feelings to other people, so I sometimes wish that people who knew me in real life would pick up on the nuances in my mood and cut me some slack when I’m feeling overwhelmed or sad, instead of assuming everything must be fine. 

R- Ah, you aren’t alone there, I suck at sharing my feelings too. What do you think you will go to jail for? 

N- Reading pirated books on the internet for free. How am I supposed to tell whether something is a genuine e-book or and illegal copy? 
Putting my trust in the wrong person and then being framed by them. I’m usually a very law-abiding and morally conscious citizen, so I don’t really think I’d purposefully do something that could land me in jail. Like, killing someone? I don’t see myself ever doing that, unless it was in a car accident or something, and then you don’t get arrested… But stupidly trusting a person and then being stabbed in the back? I’d definitely be dumb enough to accidentally get involved in criminal activity! 😂😂 

R- About the book thing- I KNOW RIGHT! I mean, it’s sorta annoying- every time I find out it’s illegal I am like- oh, I hope no one reports me, lol! Dogs or Cats? 

N- Cats!!!!!! 😻😻😻😻😻 (You’ll come around one day, Riddhi. I’ll just have to keep working at it.)

R- I see (No, I won’t – doggo supremacy max) What was your experience of doing a guest post on my blog? Any feedback for my blog? 

N- It was so awful that I somehow ended up doing it a second time! 😉

R- *gasps dramatically* I am hurt Naemi!

N- Also, obviously you were going to ask for feedback, but there just isn’t anything left to say that I haven’t already said before! Your blog is awesome, Riddhi, and I love how you go out of your way to make everyone in our community feel included and welcome! 

R- Thank you so much for your kind words Naemi, and thanks for doing the interview! It was a pleasure having you here, just like before!!

What did y’all think of Naemi’s answers? I for one, loved them (except the cat one, of course!) Let me know in the comments!

P.S.- Do click here to know more about the human book club! It’s honestly one of my favourite ideas I’ve had in a while, and I would love it if you all could contribute!


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  1. Of course you would take offense to the cat answer 😂 Also, I’m not too sure what to think of pizza samosas, but I want to try them for sure! 🤩
    Thanks again for such a great interview, Riddhi! I’ll go ahead and reblog it now before disappearing back into my hiatus hidey-hole 😅

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  2. Reblogged this on A Book Owl's Corner and commented:
    Hi guys!
    No, I’m not back so soon after saying I was going on hiatus 😅 My thesis still has me in its grasp, don’t you worry… This post is a throwback to August, back when I still had a somewhat reasonable amount of spare time on my hands. Riddhi @Whispering Stories somehow managed to convince me to do another one of these interviews, and this is the result! I hope you enjoy reading, and that this at least partially makes up for you not hearing from me for a while 😉

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      1. Dogs are affectionate, amusing, and devoted. They make excellent friends and may also help you cope with stress. Dogs are naturally inquisitive. They guard the house. They are brave, have a sense of humour and are literally the best pet you could get

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