Update in the schedule!

Hey Guys! Welcome or welcome back to my blog!

So, as y’all probably know I have two ongoing series at the moment- The Human Book Club and the blogger interviews. I, right now, post two blogger interviews in one week, and just one human club issue. However, I’ve decided, that since some of the issues in the human book club require immediate attention, I’ll be posting a human book club issue every Tuesday and Friday, instead of just Sundays, and the blogger interviews will now be published only on Saturdays. I will be posting two of them in one day, so that I can post bookish stuff on other days.

Also, The Human Club Stories will be posted in the order they came, so you’ll have to keep an eye out if you have sent something on there.

Here’s the list of the remaining blogger interviews and how they’re going to be posted. If any of you have an issue with the new schedule, please let me know via email.

23rd October: Pannaga @State of Craze and Esha @Felix Felicitated

30th October: Sep @Bookishly Yours and Kori @Writer Girls Book Reviews

6th November: Lotus @Pages of Starlight and Isha @Paperbacktomes

13th November: Ashmita @the fictional journal and Evin @A Curly Rue’s Ramblings

20th November: Rabhya @Rab’s Bookish Planet and Amelia @Politics, Books and Me

Also, please note that most of my posts for October, November and December will be scheduled, since my exams are approaching. So, I’ll be sorta inactive in the community, and might be responding to comments late as well. I don’t want to stop blog hopping but stupid exams, I swear.

Also, do contribute in The Human Book Club thing, if you haven’t already!

16 thoughts on “Update in the schedule!

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  1. Hey Riddhi, Hope you’re doing well! Somya (Writing Soul)here ! I’ve read many of your posts and I like all your write ups and blogs and lately I’m thinking of taking a blogger interview with you!

    Umm.I’m new to blogging (I think you k this 😂) but therefore, firstly I wanted to know about your answer to my question I.e. if you wanna be the part of this blogger interview and then the second , on what platform Is this possible!?😂

    I’ll be eagerly waiting for your reply! ADIOS!!!🖤❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Somya!
      You can contact me via email if you wanna be part of the blogger interviews!
      I don’t get what you mean by being part of this blogger interview and then the second?
      But yeah, you need to email me and we’ll fix something up


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