Discussion Post | 7 Things Bookworms Are Tired of Hearing

Hey Guys! Welcome or welcome back to my blog!

So, I was like having this super weird train of thought where my brain took me from a soap opera someone was watching to this topic (don’t ask, it’s pretty normal), and I thought it was a pretty good idea!

  1. Why do you always have your nose buried in a book? Come, talk to people.
    Be honest, how many times has someone older than you has said this to you. Well, it’s multiple times for me, honestly! They don’t seem to understand I am reading the book because I don’t want to talk to people.

    And then ironically, they say this..
  2. Why do you always have your nose buried in your phone? You should read some more.
    How do you know I am not reading? Literally, how?
  3. What are you reading? Oh, what’s it about?
    Okay, you can drop the pretense, both of us know you aren’t interested. Go away, and let me read.
  4. You are reading a romance novel? *makes a judgy face*
    YES, I AM READING A ROMANCE NOVEL. I mean, it’s my choice what I want to read. I am entitled to read whatever I want. I like reading about happily ever afters so I’ll read them! Boo!
  5. Oh, you are an avid reader? Have you read XYZ book? You haven’t? Huh.
    I am an avid reader, not an all book knowing reader. If you want to recommend a book to me, sure go ahead. Don’t judge me for not having read it!
  6. You don’t read non-fiction? Then what’s the point of reading at all?
    EXCUSE ME?! Do you not realise I read to escape this world? Sure, I don’t mind reading the occasional non-fiction novel, but reading just non-fiction? Nuh-uh
  7. Oh, you like to read? *mutters ‘what a nerd’*
    Not everyone who reads is a nerd! Well, I am a nerd, but doesn’t mean everyone is! I have a couple of friends who read, but are most definitely not nerds! Stop generalising us and putting us into the same category!

And that’s all for today! Did you relate to this? Let me know in the comments some other things you, as a bookworm, are tired of hearing!

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  1. #3 and #5! 90% of the time, they aren’t interested and are just making small talk (and I hate small talk). Even if they are interested, that goes under “interrupting me while reading” which is a huge pet peeve 🤦🏻‍♀️ and for #5, there are millions of books and so many genres, and people enjoy reading different things, so why is it weird that I haven’t read XYZ? Great post!

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  2. Haha one that I get sometimes (not often, but it happens) is when I’m reading in school (like before a class starts or something not literally while we’re learning) a kid will be like, ‘what are you reading? Ooh are you read smut why would you read that in school,’ without even looking at what im reading. Like no that is not what almost all books are. Why would you just assume that when you see im reading a book, what the heck.

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  3. Oh my god the first one, I completely agree with it hahahah!! I get that comment way to often and it’s so so annoying like why would I talk with you if I have nothing to say?! Just let me read in peace!!Anyways this was such a fun post to read 👍🏼👍🏼

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  4. Soooo true!! 🙌🏻
    I’m tired of listening to the #1 and #2. Just because I’m on phone doesn’t mean I’m not reading!! Duh!!
    Loved your reply for the last question. Great post as always : )

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  5. You just read every reader’s heart! The worst part is when someone tells me why do you read fiction it’s all fantasy read non fiction and reading fiction is just as good as not reading anything! People don’t understand that everyone has their own preference. Even though they don’t read and when they will say few books which are famous in the world, and then you say that you haven’t read it so they judge us!
    I loved this post Riddhi!

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    1. Haha, I know right! It’s like you are a dumbo if you don’t read non-fiction!
      And yeah, I get it! I haven’t read so many popular books, and then when I say that, people think that I haven’t read books at all, when that’s literally not true!
      Thanks, glad you enjoyed Rabhya : )

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  6. The worst thing I think I ever heard as a reader is: “Oh, you read fantasy? I could never. I would much more rather read non-fiction, you know, something actually real that will help me.” Like, shut the f up, Karen! Yes, I read fantasy! It’s an amazing genre and it offers me escapism and it usually is very complex and makes me think. You don’t have to act so mega pretentious!!

    And the “you must be a nerd” thing. First of all, being a nerd is great – I am one, I know. But reading is just another mean of entertainment – like tv shows and podcasts. It shouldn’t just be immediately connected to nerds. It’s annoying.

    This was a great post, Riddhi!

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  7. Omg just all of these😩✋🏻
    When people ask what I am reading, they don’t even know the book so why bother? The only books they probably know are Harry Potter and Wimpy kid.
    Omg the nerd one—
    Honestly, these kids think ‘nerd’ is some insult or something. But at the end of the day, they will probably end up being your boss HOW ABOUT THAT?!

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  8. Heyy Riddhi, I’ve just been browsing around your blog and I’d just like to say that I am loving your content!!

    Also this list is so relatable!! Replace ‘non fic’ with ‘classics’ and those are all the bookish assumptions I’ve faced 😂😂
    #4 is so annoying ah.

    Hoping to see you around 🙂

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  9. Ah, I’ve had some of these lines thrown my way many times. When I told people I read Romance, they immediately make that judgy face. It’s not like I’m forcing them or asking them to read, so I want them to chill. If anyone asks me any particluar book they’ve read and I haven’t I just say that there are gazillion books out there and I can’t read every single one of them. Lovely post, Riddhi!

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  10. Oh the first one. 😑 I read in offline school a lot (when there is offline school), and there’s this one boy (who’s younger than me.) who’s a l w a y s asking that.
    Just let me read in peace.

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