Human Book Club Story #3 | Insecurities

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For those of you who are new to my blog, this is sort of a project wherein there is a sort of human book club, where you can just share your problems/traits/anecdotes or just rant. Basically, like books tell us stories, I expect humans to tell stories. Of course, it’s completely anonymous- I can’t even see your emails, so don’t worry about that either! Click here if you wish to submit something. Please do, it might be good to get things off your chest, and I or anyone else won’t even know who you are!

Also, since most of you wish to be anonymous, I will be titling my post as the main theme of the issue. So, keep an eye out for my posts, especially if you don’t follow me!

Secondly, I would like to thank everybody who sent in entries. I will be trying to solve your issues, or just try to comfort you.

I’ll post a story every Tuesday and Friday as long as I have entries! So if you enjoy reading these posts or find them helpful, please send in your anecdotes/traits/problems!

Disclaimer: I am not a qualified professional, I am just someone who likes helping people, and that’s what I am trying to do here! I also don’t mean to offend anyone, so forgive me if I say something wrong.

Today’s story isn’t exactly a story- it’s a rant, about insecurities.

I’m just so insecure about myself and everything about my body and everything about myself and my self esteem is really low.
I mean sometimes I feel like why am I even living in this world when I’m just useless.
I have a hard time trusting people and I always doubt everything. I even have a hard time believing that someone loves me ( not necessarily in a romantic way but generally also).
I always feel like people are just gonna get tired of me eventually and leave me which is why I never open up either. And if someone does like me I fear that they’ll stop liking me after some time. I’m so done with everything and all these insecurities and overthinking and all I don’t know what to do anymore.

To be honest, I have had all these thoughts at some point in the past two years.

During the pandemic, I put on a lot of weight- about 10 kilograms. I am slowly working to bring my weight back to normal, but of course it’s difficult. Besides, I am not very pretty either, objectively speaking. I have hair on my face, and on my body, and since I don’t really like hair removal methods, I end up having a beard and mustache most of the time. I also have acne and acne scars. So, I have had body image issues. But in the end I figured, that if I have a good brain and a good heart, none of this really matters. Because having a good brain will help me earn money, and everyone knows that money does help with beautification. So, I would recommend you to focus on having a good brain and a good heart rather than having a good body and a pretty face but nothing on the inside.

AND NO ONE IS USELESS, OKAY? Everyone’s born for a reason, and you are too.

As for trust issues, hon, I have a Ph.D in trust issues, okay? I literally don’t trust anyone, sometimes even my family and people I have been friends with for my entire life! It is okay to have trust issues. But you still need to open up to some people. It’s difficult, I know. I don’t even open up to people most of the time, but try and find that one person who has your back no matter what.

And you must have some friends and your family must be with you as well, right? If you ever feel like they don’t love you, just talk to them. Ask them on their faces why they love you. Honestly, I have. There were points in my life, when I was very low, and I honestly loathed myself. Thankfully, I had a system of good people around me, who reminded me why I am a good person, and why they love me.

As for people getting tired of you- If someone does get tired of you and leaves you, it’s their loss, not yours! You are an amazing person, and while it may hurt when they leave you, it’s for the best. You don’t need fake people like them in your life anyway. If someone does get tired of you and leaves, they were never really there for you anyway.

Also, here are a few things I do when I have negative thoughts:

  1. Work my butt off- This helps me distract me from, well, me
  2. Work on a hobby- I tend to read or blog whenever I am low
  3. Write- Okay, this helps so much. Ever since I have started writing poetry, I feel better every time some thing bad happens. Poetry may not be everyone’s cup of tea, so you could try journalling, or something maybe?
  4. Sleeping- This is like the ultimate mantra. Everytime I wake up from a nap, I feel infinitely better.

Well, I hope this helps you! Also, guys share what you do to deal with negative thoughts in the comments, please!

24 thoughts on “Human Book Club Story #3 | Insecurities

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  1. I think all of us go through a lot of bad days where we just tend to hate ourselves and when those days happen I just remind myself that it’s just the bad day speaking and talk to my friends and do things that make me happy

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  2. This is so relatable. It doesn’t matter where you are on the ‘beauty spectrum’ you’re still bound to feel insecure. And I think it’s much much real for us girls. Great advice Ridh! That going up to people and asking them why they love me, I’ve done it. It’s so therapeutic!

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  3. Honesty, your outer beauty doesn’t matter to anyone with an ‘honest’ heart
    If people leave you for those insecurities, good riddance
    Just know we’ll always be there for you<3
    Your inner beauty is what truly matters
    You can look like shit but if you have a heart of gold you're my bff♥

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  4. I SO loved reading your response. I feel like everyone deals with insecurities in some way or another, to different scales and it has to be something we all learn to deal with. Like you mentioned, focusing on things you can love about yourself, it isn’t also going to be easy but it is always important. I love how you said ‘no one is useless’ so true. I loved this entire paragraph too ” someone does get tired of you and leaves you, it’s their loss, not yours! You are an amazing person, and while it may hurt when they leave you, it’s for the best. You don’t need fake people like them in your life anyway.”– 100%, always true. Thank you for posting this, I think both speaking out about insecurities and your response will help people. 💕💕💕

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  5. I also had similar thoughts when I began high school, probably between 9th and 10th, and honestly, it was the worst feeling I’ve ever had. I would cry for no reason when I was alone. But I soon found a way out because of the people around me and of course, music helped much more than anything. I slowly learned to love myself and understood that if someone leaves me it’s not my loss. And look at me now, even if there’s a ton of stress or problems I’m happy for my life since I love myself.
    Loved reading your response, Riddhi!

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  6. Almost everyone goes through those thoughts. I have and it just makes you feel terrible. I know that those thoughts don’t come from God and we just need to spend some time alone and pray or think to make them go away!
    You both are very brave for sharing! I know that must be hard. But yes. A good job and a good attitude helps way better than outside looks!

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  7. Very true, Riddhi. No one is useless. We may not know what greater purpose our lives will ultimately have, but even the seemingly little moments can have a big impact. Just a smile or an off-hand comment might change someone’s day for the better.

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