Reacting to your unpopular bookish opinions! | Part II

Hey guys! Welcome or welcome back to my blog!

So, in early September, I asked all of you to comment your unpopular bookish opinions, and I got a very good response! Thank you for that, first off. And secondly, let’s get to reading and reacting to them! Here’s part one of the post if you want to read it!

1. When reading this post, please keep in mind that everyone is entitled to their own opinions
2. No hate in the comments please!
3. The unpopular opinions are in italics and my reactions in normal font. I mean no offense.
4. If I have covered an opinion in the previous post, I won’t cover it again.

Let’s begin!

Rayna @Ray’s Realm

1. Heroes of Olympus is better than Percy Jackson

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While PJO is the OG series, Heroes of Olympus is better!! Like I thought I wouldn’t like it because of Jason, but I actually did, all thanks to Leo!

2. The Trials of Apollo IS good

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Yes! It’s so funny, and while Apollo can be a bit of an asshat, you have to admit, the haikus are amazing. And Meg’s cool too, plus Leo appears in the books, so yep, they are good!

3. Dog-earing pages isn’t terrible

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Look, as long as it’s not in someone else’s book, it’s fine. It’s your book, you can treat it however you want, and for me that’s that. I don’t think dog-earing is that big of a deal.

Nehal @Quirky Pages

1. I like romance as a subplot.

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I mean, I, uh, disagree. I love romance as the main plot, but like the book should not be so much into romance, that it become erotica.

2. I don’t like books with detailed descriptions of scenery and the world building. I also don’t like, that in contemporary stories, authors usually go way on the descriptive side of boring, very random convos between characters I couldn’t care less about, like the mc gets a phone call from her brother and they talk about the randomest things.

Uhh What #ReactionGifs

I don’t like descriptive stuff either, but that MC gets a phone call thing- I don’t mind that so much. Like, especially if the brother-sister bond is sorta strong and stuff. In theory, I don’t like the idea so much, but in practice I do.

3. I don’t like metaphorical and imagery kinda writing style in books.

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I don’t think I have read all that many books with metaphorical imagery kinda writing, so I don’t know what to say. I do love metaphors in poems though.

Okay, wait, is Animal Farm technically a book with metaphorical writing? Because, if so, I love that novel!

4. I have nothing against classics but it’s very rare for me to be able to fisnish them, they just feel so old and have such a descriptive style of writing.

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I mean, I get what you are saying. Like I don’t read classics all that much either. I would much rather read a retelling- for example, I recently bought a retelling of Jane Eyre, and I am so excited to get to it!

5. Roasters to lovers is better than enemies/friends to lovers (by roasters I mean the two keep insulting each other and fighting and they may or may not be friends).

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I mean, it just comes down to how well the trope is written.

6. Standalones are better than series.

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YES. I mean, at least when you have a bunch of commitments, standalones are much much better than series.

Pannaga @State of Craze

Leo, as Leo said, is totally worth more than 2 or 3 Franks

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To be honest, Frank was supposed to pull off that awkward but cute vibe, and he really couldn’t. Like I don’t know why, but I don’t like his character development.

Whereas Leo…. we all know how amazing Leo is.

Aashi @Words on Fleek

Okay, so Aashi actually gave a lot of opinions, but I haven’t read most of them, so I’ll be reacting to the ones related to the ones I have read.

1.  The first two Harry Potter movies were cliche and felt like their acting was not up to the point…and I also didn’t cry over…Sirius

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I mean, I honestly do not get what was cliched in the movies, because that implies that the books were cliched too, and while it was inevitable that Harry would face Voldemort, it wasn’t obvious that the villain was Professor Quirell.

As for Sirius’ death, I didn’t cry either, but I was so so so hurt, and so so so sad. I mean, Sirius was my favourite character! It’s a pity he died.

2. To all the boys I’ve loved before sucks!

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Bbbut, Peter Kavinsky! He… he is so good and nice and charming!

3. Percy Jackson > Harry Potter

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Um, I mean, I don’t know really. Like, Harry Potter’s THE book, and Percy Jackson is a fantastic book. I mean, I honestly don’t know.

Aanya @The Sassy Slytherclaw

1. I like chaol (he’s okayish)

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To be honest, of all the guys who were Celeana’s love interests, I like Chaol the best. In fact he’s the best character in all of ToG.

2. I love the throne of glass first 2 books even though people hate them

Huh. I actually have nothing to say on the subject.

Akshita @Anthology of Akshita’s Thoughts

1. Leo Valdez>Percy Jackson

GIF - Well, now you got me thinking GIF - Viral Viral Videos

I mean, on one hand we have blue/ the guy who kissed Annabeth underwater/the guy who fell into Tartarus on purpose for the girl he loves. On the other hand we have Leo who is totally underrated/ incredibly amazing/ went back for Calypso, albeit it was nearly impossible. I mean, I really don’t know who to choose.

2. The Midnight Library is actually awesome and not boring

Agreed hell yes excited GIF on GIFER - by Mikinos

I AGREE 100%!!! Like, it’s such a good way of tackling with the issue of suicide. It was just amazing.

Harini @Book Spiral

I find haters to lovers trope overrated and irritating. The only original one was Pride and Prejudice

Whaaat GIFs | Tenor

Bbbut, hhhoww?? I- I mean, it’s such an amazing trope and like, I mean, it is just so good, and always works, and is just so amazing. Like when it is not well written, it might not work but when well written, it is so good!!! What do you not like about it??

And with that, this two-part series comes to an end! I hope you enjoyed this, and let me know some of your unpopular opinions in the comments

42 thoughts on “Reacting to your unpopular bookish opinions! | Part II

Add yours

  1. First of all, thank you for including me in this post and I really enjoyed reading your response to all.
    I totally agree with you about haters-to-lovers trope being amazing & fun. I used to absolutely DEVOUR Wattpad stories with similar vibe. I guess I find it overrated now since I feel like I have read too many of them? And also it has definitely been a few years since I read those so feel like my taste has shifted from it. But hey, if you or anyone else enjoy/love it then more power to you ♥️

    Liked by 1 person

  2. this is such an awesome series, and i loved reading all these opinions!!
    i can’t say i agree that heroes of olympus is better than percy jackson, but trials of apollo is AMAZING and the series as a whole is so underrated!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Yeah, I definitely think Chaol was the best character in ToG, in fact, a lot of SJM love interests I typically don’t like that much !!
    I definitely agree that sometimes it depends more on how a trope is written than what the actual trope is for it to be good.
    I think romance can work as a subplot if it is between two side characters, but for the main character, I think if they are having a romance it needs a fair amount of page time or else I probably won’t get invested and see it as slightly pointless in the nicest way. But I daresay some authors would still be able to pull it off.
    This was such a fun post. I loved reading it !! 💕

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I mean, the original Percy Jackson series is totally better than Heroes of Olympus, and Percy is also cooler than Leo, but we do agree on a lot of other stuff 😁 Like, yes, Chaol was the best love interest Celeana ever had! And who says The Midnight Library is boring? 😨
    And I agree with Nehal that roasters to lovers are great! 😊 But maybe not better than enemies to lovers…

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Series work best when it’s a trilogy or a duology – I kinda hate it when authors try to add more and more books to series. Also, imo the PJO series is better that. HoO and ToA, but to each their own lol😊 I actually didn’t cry at any point of the HP series, books or movies haha. I agree about frank! He was so underused, I wished we had more of his story and character development!

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  6. aaahh I meant their acting was cliche
    look up the You’re a Wizard, Harry scene…their acting in that was asjkndkjsajdjsksdjknjka

    YOU LIKE PETER?!?!?!!??!
    he didn’t even care for Lara in the first book :0

    idk wat to tell… Hp felt over hyped as I read is again and again

    I lovedddd reading this post<3

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wellll, technically I like Noah centineo a lot, and well, he played Peter, and I mean, yeah it’s cliched nothing special, but it’s just one of those books for me- aaah idk

      Yesss I get it! I do an annual reread of the books, and this year I haven’t yet, and I dont feel like doing it!

      Thanks Aashi! Glad you enjoyed!

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  7. I can’t resist a post with gifs.

    World-building can be really great, if the world is intriguing and if it’s well-done. I don’t like worldbuilding when the descriptions are of boring, everyday things, or when it’s actually UNDERDONE, to where I feel I haven’t really gotten a good look at the place before we’re moving on.

    Enemies/roasters to lovers is great in fiction, but alarm bells go off whenever I hear someone in real life say, “At first I hated him, but then we started dating.” It always makes me wonder if maybe there really was something wrong with the guy’s character, which the gal chose to overlook once the hormones kicked in, and which will cause her trouble later. This can work the other way too of course.

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