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Award | The Sunshine Blogger Award #6, #7, #8, #9 and #10

Hey Guys! Welcome or welcome back to my blog!

I was tagged to do The Sunshine Blogger Award by five amazing blogger Amrutha @Amrutha’s Book Land, Georgia @Lost in Neverland, Rabhya @Rab’s Bookish Planet, Cari @Book Bliss and Anna @Anna’s Styles. They have amazing blogs, so go show them some love! Also, to all of you who nominated me aeons ago, sorry for getting to it so late!


  • Thank the blogger who nominated you and link to there post.
  • Answer the 11 questions asked of you.
  • Nominate 11 new bloggers and ask 11 new questions.
  • List the rules and showcase the logo in your post.

Amrutha’s questions:

  1. Cats or Dogs?
  2. Kpop or english music?
    English music
  3. Apple or Samsung?
  4. Hot coffee or cold coffee?
    Cold coffee
  5. Summer or Winter?
  6. Youtube or tik tok?
  7. Sun or Rain?
  8. Fiction or non fiction?
  9. Ebooks or physical books?
    Physical Books
  10. Facebook or Instagram?
  11. Blog or Youtube channel?

Georgia’s questions:

1. How often do you give a book 5 stars?

I actually rarely give a book five stars. I have pretty high standards, and I think I have just given three books five stars this year.

2. What draws you to a book?

Can I say I sorta judge a book by its cover? I mean the cover should be aesthetically pleasing- I literally judge people on the basis of their aesthetic, so a book’s no big deal. But the synopsis is the dealbreaker or dealmaker.

3. Who is your favourite book character?

Leo Valdez, Annabeth Chase, Hermione Granger, Peter Kavinsky- oh wait you mean one? Nah, I can’t choose one.

4. Which book character do you hate with a passion?

I dislike Aelin from Throne of Glass very much, I mean, I just don’t like her! Also, Dolores Umbridge, duh.

5. Do you prefer books that are character-driven or plot-driven?

I actually prefer both, but one that has a good plot, but not very nice characters will keep me occupied too, I think…

6. Do you have a comfort book?

I actually end up reading Kasie West whenever I need a book to hold me up.

7. Do your reading habits change with the seasons?

Not really, no.

8. What’s a book that made you sob?

I have never cried over a book. I have felt extremely sad, of course, but I haven’t cried uncontrollably.

9. What’s a book that you would recommend to everyone?

Um, I am not really sure, but I think I would recommend The Places I’ve Cried in Public to everyone. It’s about emotional abuse and how we sometimes go through it without even knowing we are facing it, and it’s just amazing

10. Do you like to read in silence or do you listen to music?

I listen to music. That way, I can get lost in my own world, and people don’t disturb me…. well, some people don’t.

11. What’s your favourite genre?

Unpopularly enough, I enjoy contemporary a lot!

Anna’s Questions:

1. What was the most embarrassing moment of your life?

I have done pretty embarrassing stuff, but I literally cannot remember anything that I would categorize as my most embarrassing moment.

2. Do you have an extreme passion for anything?

Can I say reading, blogging and listening to music?

3. Did you ever feel like giving up on blogging?

I actually did. This was back in June 2020, and while I am not follower oriented, it does give a nice boost when people like your content… and nobody did back then. I was also super busy, and blogging felt a bit like a waste of time. I also didn’t really interact with the community, nor did I post very good content, so I felt like giving up. But, I am so glad I didn’t! So, so, so, glad!

4. Who is your best author?

Kasie West, Karen M. McManus and Rick Riordan.

5. Which do you prefer? Tiktok or Wattpad?

I have never used Tiktok, and it’s banned in India, so I am gonna go with Wattpad.

6. Have you ever questioned any idea, belief or concept? When was that? What happened after that?

Does questioning why I have to learn physics with hundreds of assumptions count? Does learning calculus, when you have a calculator count? If so, yes, I have- everyday.

7. Have you ever hated on someone you loved before?

I don’t think so.

8. What is your best moment as a blogger?

Um, every long comment, or whenever a new follower, who is actually active on my blog, is a happy moment for me as a blogger. As for best moment, I possibly couldn’t decide there are so many!

9. Is gravity real or an illusion?


10. What’s your view on racism?

It’s a serious issue, which despite getting a lot of attention recently, isn’t getting any better. Also, when people think racism- they immediately go to Black people, but Asians, Latinx and so many other people from different races are discriminated against too, and that just doesn’t get enough attention!

Rabhya’s Questions:

1. Describe yourself in three words.

Crazy Bookish Weirdo

2. What inspired you to start your blog?

My love for books, and my mother.

3. Music album that you jam 24/7?

I don’t think there’s any one album like that, honestly.

4. Tea or Coffee?


5. Do you have any hidden talents?

Blogging was my hidden talent, but it’s pretty public now, lol.

6. What is your dream place to travel to?

Um, New York, Paris, London, New Zealand.

7. A book that impacted your life?

I don’t think there is any one book that impacted my life, all of them have in some way.

8. What are you most grateful for today?


9. Your favourite social media platform?

Does WordPress count?

10. What would be your dream room be like?

Okay, so it’ll have to be huge, honestly.

And it must have like one of those large French windows, with sunlight filtering through. The walls will be painted either blue or white. There should be a large bookshelf on one side of the room, opposite to the window. The bed should be pretty too, a little vintage. And there should be a stool, with the music sheet stand thing, a place where I can play my guitar. There should be a mini-fridge with all of my favourite snacks. And a hammock. I want hammock.

11. Would you rather eat desserts or savoury for the rest of your life?

I love sweets, but I love spice more! So, savoury it is!

Cari’s Questions:

1. What’s your dream job?

Well, I would love to author a best selling novel, some day! Maybe like J.K. Rowling (I don’t support here views, but Harry Potter is not a bad children’s book) or Rick Riordan.

2. If you could go anywhere in the world for free, where would you go?

So, technically I could get a ticket to a place for free? I pick a ticket for a world cruise, haha, loophole.

3. How many countries have you been to?

I haven’t really travelled out of my native country.

4. What’s your favorite body of water?

…. I don’t have a preference for one.

5. What’s your favorite animal?

I like dolphins and owls.

6. Where do you see yourself in ten years?

Living in a flat (or an apartment, as Americans call it) alone, but happily, with a well-paying job. I’ll hopefully still be in touch with the people who are my best friends right now. I hope to be blogging, and I hope to have finished up a draft of my first book. As for the love life area, I don’t know, the idea of marriage never really appealed to me, so well, I don’t know about that.

7. What’s your least favorite thing to do?

Funnily my favourite and least favourite thing to do is sleep. I hate how if humans like ants didn’t sleep, could have been so much more productive. I wish I were an ant sometimes.

8. What’s the thing that interests you most in life?

I don’t know.

9. What’s your fondest childhood memory?

Aaah, I don’t know honestly. Spending those hours browsing children’s books maybe?

10. What was your favorite vacation, and when did you go on it?

My family and I went to Uttarakhand (a state in India) once, and I remember reading the entire Anne of Green Gables series on the trip. And I read an entire book with the snow covered peaks of Himalayas in front of me. Ah, those days.

Wow, I am such a big nerd.

11. What talent would you want to have if you could?

The talent of not being socially awkward.

Thanks Amrutha, Rabhya, Anna, Cari and Georgia for the nomination! I am not nominating anyone, because I have already done it plenty of times! Let me know your best moment as a blogger in the comments below!


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