Discussion Post | 3 Book Series I love but probably won’t anymore if I read them again

Hey Guys! Welcome or welcome back to my blog!

So, continuing the 3 bookish something something discussion post series, today I’ll be talking about 3 book series I love but probably won’t if I reread them! Let’s go!

1. Throne of Glass- I feel like I have read a much more diverse collection of books after reading Throne of Glass, and while I enjoyed the plot the first time- I didn’t like Aelin or Rowan so much the first time. In fact, I loathed Rowan. However, if I reread it and remember the details again, I feel like I might just end up hating the series. The books aren’t that diverse either, and I feel the writing style might irk me a little

2. The Selection- Okay, this is a huge probably, since part of me feels that I might dislike it if I reread it because of excessive drama and Aspen, who I didn’t like much the first time either. I didn’t like America much in the beginning, but she grew on me as I read the book. The reason I might still like it is definitely Maxon!

3. To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before- I love this series, okay? It’s sweet and sorta funny, and the characters aren’t half bad. But I feel that I might be annoyed by the childlike writing style, and Lara Jean as well. Like, sure, the books are diverse, but they lack depth. Like the plot isn’t too unique, so it depends a lot on characters like almost every YA contemporary romance. If they end up annoying me, especially the MC, I won’t like the book, right?

And that’s all for today! Which of these series do you love/hate? Let me know in the comments!

22 thoughts on “Discussion Post | 3 Book Series I love but probably won’t anymore if I read them again

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  1. omg yes i agree with the to all the boys i’ve loved before–it’s so accurate. it used to be my fave series but it isn’t anymore just because of all the reasons you stated above😭😌

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  2. I haven’t read any of these books but I did see the To All The Boys I Loved Before films and they were cute but I didn’t like any character or the story enough to read the books haha Even if the book is ver plot-driven and the plot is amazing, I still want characters I like so I agree with you, if you reread the book and don’t like the characters, you will no longer like the book which is annoying for you since you did actually like it

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  3. Hahaha, having read all of these, I have opinions! 😁 First of all, I’m not going to pretend I’m not feeling slightly gleeful about #1 – someone finally understands me!!!! And I absolutely detest Rowan (and Aelin, too, for that matter), so seeing you complain about him made my day! 🤣
    As for The Selection – I never thought it was a particularly great series plotwise, but I still find the first three books highly enjoyable, even now. They’re perfect for stressful exam times when you just need something cheesy to take your mind off things 😉
    And To All The Boys – I never counted the series among my absolute favorites, so my attachment isn’t super strong, but I still like them and think they’re good! Lara Jean is such a relatable character and those books just have so many cute sibling moments 🥰
    Still, I think it’s perfectly natural for reading tastes to change, so I really liked this discussion, Riddhi!

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    1. Yess, i really don’t see the hype around him or Aelin! Like Aedio, Chaol and Lysandra are so much better!
      Ah, yess that’s true!
      Yeah, the series isn’t my favourite either (I just like Peter Kavinsky), I consider it good as well, but I am not sure if I will if i reread it!

      Thank you so much Naemi, thanks for reading!

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  4. Yes I share the same thoughts, some series from my past I am not so sure I would like any more, like beautiful creatures. I am tempted to reread but I don’t think I would like it anymore sadly. Throne of Glass does have a nostalgic piece of my heart but I’m not sure I could reread it either. Like you, I hated it Rowan and didn’t care for Aelin much in the end so I think I would just pick it about now and I don’t need that.

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