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Answering Your Questions! | Part II

Hey Guys! Welcome or welcome back to my blog!

So, when we hit 900 followers, I asked y’all to ask me some questions, and the response was overwhelming! Thank you so much, and without further ado, let’s get into the answers!

Click here to check out part 1!

Moi’s Questions:

  1. Is there any post you regret writing/sharing? What is it?
    Not really. I mean, are there posts I wished I wrote better? Sure. Would I change them going back in time? No. It was a learning, you know?
  2. What does your ideal day look like?
    Hmmm…. Well, for one thing, I wouldn’t want to get out of bed. I would stay in bed all day, get food served to me, blog a little, read a little, watch a movie or two, look for new books, call up my friends, yeah that’s it. Boring, but that’s how I like it.
  3. What’s the earliest memory you can remember related to reading?
    Surfing books in the school library.
  4. If you could only listen to one song your whole life, what would it be? (No wiggling out of this one!)
    A long mashup of all my favourite songs. (Ha, I wiggled out of it!)
  5. Your perfect outfit?
    Well, it has got to have some winterwear. Like if it were formals, I would love a sweater vest with a shirt, or maybe a full sleeved sweater with a shirt, over jeans. In casuals, an oversized hoodie, for sure.

Ash’s Questions:

  1. A book you find yourself recommending to everyone?
    Well, All the Places I’ve Cried by Holly Bourne, for every teen for sure.
  2. Blog post you’re most proud of (besides human book club)?
    Well, honestly, human book club isn’t the blog post I am most proud of. Is it something I am proud of? Sure. But I am proud of this post on sexual harassment I did.
  3. What got you into blogging?
    The lockdown, basically.
  4. Who would you like to swap places with, for a day?
    I honestly wouldn’t swap places with anyone. This statement and thought made me happy, haha.
  5. Which book do you wish you had read earlier?
    You prolly hate me by now for giving such dry answers, but here’s another one for you, haha.
    There’s literally no book I wish I had read earlier, because I really love my reading arc. It’s perfect for me, honestly.

Simran’s Questions:

  1. Was there an hbc post which made you think and reflect on yourself and helped you grow?
    Um, I think on some level, all of them have, since all of them had me thinking back to experiences I have had. There were a few which I could like relate to, and made me realise that I need to work on myself, but I really don’t want to share them here.
  2. What’s the one general advice you wanna give to anyone having a tough time?
    Keep Calm and send your problem to the Human Book Club.
    No, no, I am just kidding. So, well, I know it’s hard, but time heals almost all wounds. It has healed most of mine, so well, yeah. Hang in there, because this too shall pass. Think of it as a test that the universe is putting you through so that you become stronger and come back harder. Talk to the people you love, or more importantly, the people who love you. If it’s very serious, talk to a therapist- that’s not a bad thing. We have doctors for hearts, lungs and whatnot, therapists are just doctors for your mind and soul.
  3. What would you say to your 9th grader self?
    Ugh, 9th grader me was so bad. Seriously guys, not exaggerating, she was a dumbass and she makes me cringe everytime I think about her.
    Hmmm… advice. Well, I don’t know. I would say, don’t do you-know-what, but then that was an experience too, so, I don’t know. Maybe I would say, don’t be so stupid and don’t get so attached? In school, after studies, friends>>>everything else? Idk.
  4. What would you like to say to people who are confused about their sexuality since you are a BIcon?
    Oh, dear lord, you flatter me. I would say that you don’t have to do it now. Figuring out your sexuality takes time, it’s not something you decide at once. It legit took me like 4 years (although a lot of that time I was like, eh, I am straight), so well, yeah. Just take a chill pill, sit back, and let your heart do the work for you. Your sexuality is a part of who you are, sure, but it’s not who you are. There are other aspects as to who you are, and while high school is the ideal time to figure it out, it is not THE time to do it.
    There’s also this Kinsey scale test thing, which is supposed to be pretty accurate, so you can take that too. I personally haven’t ever taken it, but like I read about it in a book, so yeah.
  5. What is the one question you were hoping someone would ask and then answer that question?
    Hmmm… I think all the questions have been covered, haha.

Luna’s Questions:

  1. Your favourite post idea that you came up with?
    Oh, there are so many! Um, the Types of Followers post I did, the bookish quizzes series, the Human Book Club, Bookish Character tinder among so many more!
  2. What’s one of your favourite books/book series?
    Welll, Fangirl’s one of my favourite books!
  3. Which book have you reread the most?
    Harry Potter- I have reread them like 7-8 times prolly.
  4. Do you usually buy books, or get them from a library or something?
    I love buying books! Well, actually getting them from a library would be more economical, but A. There was one good library in my city, and that closed during COVID and B. I love books that are mine, and not someone else’s.
  5. If you could change your name, what would it be?

Anoushka’s Questions:

  1. Hogwarts or camp half blood?? Where do you most want to go??
    Neither! I would die 5 minutes in!
  2. Which book character do you most connect with and in what ways?
    I would say I am a mixture of Cath and Aza from Fangirl and Turtles All the Way Down. I do not have as much social anxiety as Cath does, but lately, I definitely have developed some. Like, I was out with three of my friends one day, and I was so awkward and weird, and I literally felt a little claustrophobic. And the next day, I went out with just one of those three friends, I felt normal. So, idk, maybe it was just a bad day or something. Except that, I want me a Levi. And you could say my blog is my kinda-secret obsession haha.
    As for Aza, I don’t have OCD, but there were certain thoughts she had, and those are some thoughts I have had too.
  3. Choose one superpower you’d want for the rest of your life.
    Telepathy, hands down. I want to know what the other person is thinking!
  4. How did you come up the idea for the Human book club?? (and side note, both the idea and the name, I LOVE IT)
    Well, I was actually seeing this web series, and there was the same concept in it, except the fact that it was IRL. And well, I thought I should do something like this! And I did! There are actually a bunch of actual human book clubs in India- IRL. Ooh, it would be so cool if mine is the first online one. (and side not, thank you!)
  5. What do you love most about the world in general?
    How calm it seems despite how chaotic it is.

Akshita’s Questions:

  1. Would you rather never listen to Taylor or never listen to Why Don’t We?
    You. Are. One. Evil. Person. *thinks of a loophole* AHA! You have not mentioned which Taylor you are talking about- you could be talking about Taylor Hanson for all I know! He exists- check here a list of 16 Taylors who are musicians. Hence I will never listen to Taylor Hanson. Also, yes, I did not remove the Swift, she just wrote Taylor, here’s proof.

2. Favourite book of the year?
Hmmmm…. it’s probably Places I’ve Cried in Public or Cinder or The Silent Patient or The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo. Hmmm… idk.

And that’s it for this post! I hope you enjoyed reading it, and if you still have questions, let me know in the comments below!


14 thoughts on “Answering Your Questions! | Part II

Add yours

    1. Thanks Srishti!

      1. My biggest strength as a writer… hmmm, I’d have to say that the fact that I can express my feelings and opinions. Poetry has been a big strength for me, honestly, and so has book blogging- voicing my bookish opinion makes me super happy.

      2. Honestly, every book has some impact on me in a way I don’t even realise sometimes, so I am not really sure which book I should name here.

      3. As for aliens, yes. So many galaxies, and not a single other coincidence of the formation of a planet where life exists? That’s very improbable.
      Ghosts- I don’t want to, but well, there’s evidence that points that way, and as a girl of science, well…. I don’t know.

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