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The 12 Reading Challenge! | I need your help!

Hey Guys! Welcome or welcome back to my blog!

Can you believe it’s the last day of 2021. Ngl, I am relieved, and I can believe it.

So, anyway, Kristin @Kristin Kraves Books is doing this challenge where she’ll read 12 books recommended by 12 friends in 12 months, and she asked for recommendations on her blog! And I thought why don’t I do the same?

So, well, hit me up with your recs in the comments down below! I know the number will probably exceed 12, so I’ll make chits and pick 12 books out of them! My preferred genres are contemporaries and mysteries, but well, if you have exceptional books in other genres as well, do let me know in the comments! Also, please don’t mention any series- stand alones only!!

Also, this challenge was created by shadowbooker over on Instagram!

P.S.- Ngl, I am kinda scared about this, I hate reading recommendations by other people- because if I pick a book and don’t like it, that’s on me. But if someone else picks a book for me and I don’t like it, that’s on them, and I don’t like it when it’s on them.


61 thoughts on “The 12 Reading Challenge! | I need your help!

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  1. One Of Us Is Lying and One Of Is Next…..they are a part of trilogy and the third book is coming in 2023….if you haven’t read it yet, I’ll prolly recommend it
    And alsoooooo The Gallagher Girls series😭

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  2. For contemporary, I’d say “What Katy Did”. It’s a children’s book too, but I found it amazing, though it’s upto you. And I can have a recommendation for crime fiction if you’d like to read it, “The Prisoner of Birth” by Jeffrey Archer. Choose your pick 😉

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  3. The Stranger in The Mirror and The Sky is Falling by Sidney Sheldon, and Rosemary’s Baby by Ira Levin. So far, that’s all I got

    I know the 3rd one is kind of on the horror side, I figured you might like it

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  4. Eliza and Her Monsters! I already told you you should read this, so I’m just going to use this opportunity to push it at you again 😁 I really think you’re going to relate to it a lot, especially since the internet is a big part of your life and since you liked Fangirl so much!

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  5. Mine by Robert R. McCammon haha
    But also, The Devil, the Banshee and Me, it’s a middle-grade book and it was very fun to read, at least I thought so, by Lucy Falcone

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  6. 1. The Elephant Chaser’s Daughter by Shilpa Raj (a little bit heavy and dark, but probably something that I’d blindly recommend to everyone in existence)
    2. Gun Island by Amitav Ghosh
    3. The End And Other Beginnings by Veronica Roth
    4. The Bridge Home by Padma Venkatraman
    5. Holes by Louis Sachar
    6. Villains by V.E. Schwab (it’s a duo, I k n o w you said standalones only but they’re almost the saaaame IT’S SO AWESOME)

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  7. I can see you have many lovely suggestions but if by chance you are still at a loss as to what to read, I definitely recommend Crooked House by Agatha Christie. Its a classic mystery so I wouldn’t be surprised if you had read it already but if by chance you haven’t, I definitely recommend it!

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