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The Rory’s Stories Tag!

Hey everyone! Welcome or welcome back to my blog!

So, my dear friend Simran @Far From Perfect made this- the Rory’s Stories tag, and she tagged me! She did one of these things for a Weird Wednesday post of hers, and well then she made it into a tag! Go give her a follow, because she posts some awesome content!

WE ARE ALL MULES HERE ARE THE RULES (I am not a mule, but okay)

  1. Mention the original creator of the tag i.e., Far from perfect and leave a link to the original post
  2. Use the tag – Rory’s stories tag
  3. You must keep all the headings I have used or atleast come up with weird ones of your own cuz the post HAS to be weird
  4. The story HAS to be weird (I am saying this again people spin the most weird stories)
  5. Thank the person who has tagged you and mention them
  6. Make/use a weird featured image
  8. Put all the story combinations in your post and then choose one to make a story on and highlight the words which indicate the image you have used, for eg if the image is alien and you have interpreted it as ET then highlight the word ET
  9. Also put the game rules in your post so everyone understands how to play
  10. Tag people

This may bring me fame here are the rules for the game

Begin with ‘Once Upon a Time’ and tell a story that links together all 9 face-up images. Start with the first image to grab your attention. Use three cubes for the beginning, three for the middle, and three for the end of the story. There is one rule: there are no wrong answers.

Stop thinking of captions here are your options

This is cause for jubilation here is my combination

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 20220104_174321.jpg
I am gonna go horizontally.

This is my pride and glory let’s begin my story.

Once upon a time, there was a guy named Dave who had a hand. Well, he had two hands, but one was a prosthetic hand. He always carried his phone and his wallet with his ID card with him. One day he was going to go to a Mystery Room with his friends- it was a place to solve puzzles and stuff. He was supposed to carry a torch, and so he did. But he forgot his phone and his wallet! He tried to reenter his house, which he had already sealed with a lock, but he had forgotten to carry the opening device for the lock! He knew the device was under one of his multitudinous flower pots, but he had forgotten which one. He panicked. His friends assured him that it was fine, and that they would come back and search for it. He gave in, but was still a little panicky.
20 minutes later
“Hey, this place is cool!” exclaimed Dave. They had reached Mystery Rooms, and were soon ushered into a room they had to escape. The first puzzle was an abacus. None of them knew how to solve an abacus. “See if I had my phone, we could have solved this.” Dave said, sulking. “You wouldn’t be allowed to bring it in here, silly!” Nina, one of Dave’s friends said. She also ended up solving the abacus using sheer logic. “Yay!” All the friends exclaimed.
In the next part of the escape room, they had to solve three riddles that were posed by a talking fish in a graveyard. The three riddles would lead them to the three keys they needed to escape the mystery room.

The first riddle was:

 I have memories, but none of my own,
Whatever’s on my inside is what is shown.
If I’m ever different it’s because you changed me,
I feel like a decoration, here for you to arrange me.

“It’s a photo frame!” Dave said, figuring it out the fastest. They found one of the keys hidden behind a photo frame on the wall.

The second riddle is:

 I have a name that’s not mine,
and no one cares about me in their prime.
People cry at my sight,
and lie by me all day and night.

“It’s a tombstone!” And they lifted the tombstone’s rock- which was pumice, and found the second key.

The third riddle:

You put me in dry but then I get wet.
The longer I stay in, the stronger it will get.

“Ooh, this is difficult.” They then saw a teacup sitting in the corner, and yelled together- “It’s a teabag!” and found the third key, and escaped!

By the time they all got out, it was evening. All of Dave’s friends helped him look for his opening device a.k.a key, and then they all bid each other good bye and went home.

That…. was a weird story, but then it was supposed to be weird so….


Did you see my bag? (What bag are you talking about?) Here are the people that I tag:

  1. Harini @Book Spiral
  2. Devangi @Just Penning Down My Thoughts
  3. Nikitha @NIKSZINE
  4. Jahnavi @Love13Reading
  5. Stara @The Pool of Thoughts
  6. Naemi @A Book Owl’s Corner
  7. Khushi and Kunjal @Duo Disseminators
  8. YOU!!

Of course, no pressure!

So, um, what did you think of my weird story? I know it was weird and not that weird at the same time, but eh. Let me know in the comments!


24 thoughts on “The Rory’s Stories Tag!

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  1. RIDHS I LOVEEEE YOU. Thanks for doing the tag and did you come up with original riddles cuz you is a GENIUS is if you did. I LOVED the story and Dave’s friends seem much more better at mystery rooms than us😂

    Liked by 1 person

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