Creating musical memes!

Hey everyone! Welcome or welcome back to my blog!

So, a few days ago, I made a post on bookish memes that I created. While a part II of that is in works, I thought, why don’t I make a collection of musical memes! All of you do enjoy the music content I post, so well, I hope you enjoy these too! A few of them are Taylor Swift themed, because well, I’m a Swiftie at heart, hehe. Anyway, I hope you enjoy these!

Again, I used Canva to make these, and a couple of the memes do have watermarks, because I don’t have Canva Pro.

They not this*
The lady in the blue shirt be like: She can literally harm your ears, wth!

And those were all the memes I created! I hope you liked them! Let me know you favourite ones in the comments and also let me know if there’s a particular topic you want me to make memes on!

P.S.- For the next few days, I might be posting a lot because, well, I want to, and well, blogging soothes me, and that’s what I need right now. So, yeah.

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  1. Sad songs….I live for them…like my spotify is just sad songs, life sucks, saddest songs to cry to…blah blah blah. for the ‘what I do at night’ mine would be ‘think’ and then ‘think but in yellow’ 😂 lovely memes Riddhi. [do make more of these whenever you want to…i love thisssss]

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