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Reacting to your relatable/popular bookish opinions! | Part I

Hey Guys! Welcome or welcome back to my blog!

So, back in September, I asked y’all to share some relatable things you experience as a reader. And well, here I’ll be reacting to them!

Aanya @The Sassy Slytherclaw

I really find it annoying when I’m listening to music along with reading.

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I actually don’t, and on the contrary, I read only when I’m listening to music, lol.

Simran @Far From Perfect

Well for me it’s that I have many pretty bookmarks but somehow I still end up using pieces of paper or cards or other random stuff as bookmarks.

No GIFs | Tenor

Somehow, that doesn’t happen to me! I know it’s pretty common, but I have those magnetic bookmarks, and it’s really hard to lose them, so….

Another has to be that I hate when people ask me what I’m reading when I’m immersed in the book its hella annoying and I know most of us don’t even bother replying and just show the book cover

Big Yes GIFs | Tenor

That is so annoying! I mean, you don’t have to make small talk, it’s completely fine! We are completely fine with the awkward silence, don’t worry!
What’s worse is that for some reason people love to talk to me when I am reading. Like I am sitting quietly, doing nothing, no one wants to talk to me. I pick a book, bam! Everyone’s like oh, what you doing, oh how are you. And I am like where were you two minutes ago, and why are you here now?!

Rant over.

Naomi @Climate and Cats

That feeling when I finish a book that’s part of a series that isn’t finished and it ends on a cliffhanger… humph!

Ugh Yes GIFs | Tenor

And that is precisely why I don’t read series until they are completely- at least ones like these, you know?

Dhriti @The Tomboy’s Diary

When someone dirties my book, once my annoying little cousin tore my book. I could have killed him then and there.

That'S Brutal, I Like It - Brutal GIF - Brutal Brooklyn Nine Nine Brookly -  Discover & Share GIFs

Tearing books is a big no-no.

When someone says what happens at the end of the book when I am still reading. But it’s okay when I do it. 

Uhh What #ReactionGifs

That’s… kinda mean. I mean, I always threaten to spoil stuff for people, but I don’t think I ever do spoil them? Like I know the pain, and I don’t want to inflict it on other people. But then that’s just me. You do you!

Naemi @A Book Owl’s Corner

Also, I love smelling any books I have newly acquired, just not in public where someone might see.

Haha Yes GIFs | Tenor

I mean, do I even need to say anything?

Akshita @Anthology of my Thoughts

Whenever someone says technology makes you ignorant all I think in my head is like I’ll ignore you just the same when I am reading and you try to talk to me.

Thats Brutal GIFs | Tenor

I mean the sassiness *chef’s kiss*

But I know right! I mean, at least us, readers aren’t ignorant because of technology! We know more books because of technology hence making us less ignorant!

I hate it when people keep books just for decoration

Oh My God Yes GIF - Oh My God Yes Omg - Discover & Share GIFs

Like what is with that?! If you don’t read, fine by me. If you don’t read but keep books which could have been very well used by amazing readers- not fine by me!

Jahnavi @Love13Reading

I find it annoying when I am so engrossed in a story and I suddenly find out that a page is missing in the book.

Of GIFs | Tenor

Thankfully, that has never happened to me! And I hope it never happens to me!

I hate to read the last book in a series first and I also hate it when people spoil the story for me.

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I mean, I see people who read the last book in the series first, or start with the last page of a book, and I am like- what? why? what? why?
And don’t even get me started on spoilers! I hate hate hate the people, and I hold a grudge forever and ever. And then, *rubs hands evilly*, when they never see the spoiler coming- bam! I shoot them with it. Ahh, vengeance is a dish best served sweet. *bursts into evil laughter* *realises she has shown her true evil side*
Ahem, moving on, and wiping everyone’s memories.

Those are all the entries I am reacting to today, and (hopefully) I’ll be back soon with the rest! Let me know which ones you relate to in the comments down below!


43 thoughts on “Reacting to your relatable/popular bookish opinions! | Part I

Add yours

  1. “Tearing books is a big no-no.”

    i hope oreo would understand that. he ate the first 10 pages of two of my books from my bookshelf 😭

    anyywayy – iloved this post – and yes, i do find it distracting to listen to music while reading. its like, i can only focus on one thing at a time – reading, or lisening to music

    (excuse the typose)

    Liked by 3 people

  2. Hahaha, I pretty much found all of these extremely relatable!
    Though I am still utterly in awe of how anyone could listen to music while reading 🤯 Don’t you get distracted? Like, sometimes purely instrument music works for me, but even then, my brain will inevitability detach its attention from the book and start analyzing melodies, until I’m humming along and completely forgot I was supposed to be reading 😂

    Liked by 3 people

  3. Oh, I do like to listen to music while reading, but I always get a lot of comments on how it is supposed to interrupt with reading 😅. And I always use scraps of paper for bookmarks. I also like to use movie/theater tickets, but at the moment, I find it a bit sad as it is all closed…

    Liked by 3 people

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